Fashion House

Season 1 Episode 44

Women On Verge

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Oct 24, 2006 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

Luke is frustrated by Michelle's lie. She tries to explain, but he leaves, telling her they have trust issues and maybe they should take a break. Lance and Rodney are watching outside, and Rodney is clearly frustrated when Lance makes it clear that he's trying to break Michelle and Luke up. Michael visits Maria with Tania's pictures and tries to soften the blow, but Maria is outraged at how strung out Tania looks and says Tania is "not the Face of Gianni." Sophia nags William about his relationship with Nikki and only gives up when William mentions their new dastardly plans for Maria. Doris is clearly in agony, trying to recuperate at home, and Gloria insists they need to take her back to the hospital. Michelle stews over her mistake with Luke, but Nikki tries to distract her by asking her to go to Catalina Island with her and William. Michelle doesn't want to be a third wheel, but Nikki insists. Lance and Maria meet over dinner to celebrate the turmoil they've instigated between Michelle and Luke. An insistent Lexi calls a very hungover Tania to tell her that Maria wants to see her the following morning. The doctor informs Doris that she has Stage 4 stomach cancer. She offers aggressive chemotherapy, which might be difficult for Doris given her age and past medical history, or they can simply treat the pain and let her die peacefully. Gloria insists that they fight it, but Doris resists. Luke meets with Michael to discuss what Michelle did, but Michael tries to give her the benefit of the doubt. Michael changes the subject to Tania and blames himself for going through with the shoot at Tania's insistence. Tania goes out partying again the night before her meeting with Maria. At the meeting, she comes in looking trashed. Maria shows her her pictures, and Tania tries to blame Michael. Maria tells her she has a problem with drugs and needs to get help, but Tania throws a fit and tells her that she doesn't have to fire her because she's quitting. On her way out, she runs into John Cotter and tells him that Maria just fired her as the face of Gianni. She flips out and starts demanding that he get her drugs, and he's only able to get her to leave by promising to meet her at Gate later that night. Next, Tania storms into Michael's studio and starts smacking him and blaming him for sabotaging her in the face of Gianni campaign. Michael heads to Luke's studio and convinces him that, despite Luke's nasty break-up with Tania, they need to step in and try to help her. Sophia and William storm into Maria's office to remind her that her time is up to pay William back on the money she owes him or else they own Gianni. Gloria meets with Eddie to tell him how bad Doris is and that she's refusing to fight the cancer, then she presses him to carry out the hit on Michelle that she's repeatedly asked him for. He tells her that he's hired the best hit man around and that Michelle will be dead soon.

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