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Fashion Police

Friday 10:30 PM on E! Premiered Sep 10, 2010 In Season


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Fashion Police
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Show Summary

Legendary comedian and red carpet maven Joan Rivers hosts E!'s weekly fashion round-up. Joan is joined by co-hosts Kelly Osbourne, Giuliana Rancic and fashion expert George Kotsiopoulos as they look at the latest hits and misses from the red carpet to the runway. See E!'s "Fashion Police" go off on what people put on!

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  • Purple rein is over

    Kathy is showing a lot of improvement this week. She is getting her sea-legs, I think she may be able to do this well with more grooming. Guiliana and Brad have it going on just fine but Kelly is mediocre and boring. Her comments go from wishy washy to borderline gross (the white gloves to deliver a calf on Amal's gloves was disgusting) to finding everything adorable, awesome and loving everyone. I think she aims for Avaunt Garde, Couture, or some kind of style, in her own outfits but it comes off as clownish. She doesn't offer anything meaningful. I always felt she was there because of her good friendship with Joan. She lacks skill and knowledge and just tags on to what another opinion is, or states the obvious. She interrupts a lot. It has been very difficult to get the show up and running. In only three weeks they have a made a lot of progress. I think it will fly but it will take a while Bring back George and have two guys, and the two women. Brad, George, Guiliana, and Kathy. That would be a good balance.

    WOW! What a big change in Kathy. She was really solid tonight. Her remarks were funny, and she was engaged in the show in just the right amount, not too much, not too little. She did a good job of leading. She showed she can handle the role. She was well prepared, and her remarks were humorous rather than tacky or silly. She did much better with letting the others finish what they were going to say. She was poised and much more professional. Love the new hair style. Brad and Guiliana were great. Kelly was loud and interrupting input, same old thing as always with her. So happy for Kathy and glad to see her do this.moreless
  • Second Show a Lot Better!

    No one can replace Joan Rivers and I applaud that they aren't trying to do so. I think the second show was a lot smoother. Kathy Griffin seemed more relaxed and the jokes were LOL funny sometimes. I liked the guest--she was really funny. I think Guiliana is doing a great job but do wonder about the contributions of Kelly Osborne. She doesn't seem really present and seems kind of awkward (plus she's gained weight again--too bad--a pretty girl) . And I like the sex jokes better than Joan Rivers' bathroom jokes. Although I really, really miss Joan Rivers! My friends and I now put the show on our DVRs and watch on Friday night. I hope they are doing focus groups to make it even better.moreless
  • The end

    The rithm of the show was terrible. If and disconnected.

    Besides Kathy was never despites the obvious opportunities, at the end Juliana in a very natural, professional and balanced way.

    I couldnt believe how much Joan's presence was needed, apparently she was also team leader.

    Kathy's remarks were loud, vulgar and didnt connect with the rest of the cast.

    Im afraid this is it for FP.
  • oh dear.

    Lets be blunt you will never replace joan rivers it simply isn't possible because the woman had this amazing ability at ad libbing. Kiera's dress alone would have provided her with 10 minutes of non stop material. Everything was just incredibly muted and I suspect this is KG's problem if she launches into a tirade people will assume she's just trying to copy Joan Rivers but that's the whole point of her place on the show a comedienne is there for that reason. Why did Kelly remain? she looked awkward no eye contact barely even raised a smile its coming back to Joan's wishes she wanted Fashion police to carry on after her but from the first show it looks like the show isn't ready to carry on.

    They decided on the return date for the show unless the show itself learns to carry on this will be a mistake. The material and the viewers are there its upto the shows producers/hosts to make sure its put together and presented in the right way that works on the foundations Joan left

  • Joan is screaming from the grave

    First George with Brad was a total nonstarter for me. Then set was horrible and Kathy (love your standup) is just out of her depth! Without a behind the scene story (like your standup) you have nothing to add. Brad totally sucks and watching Kelly and Anorexia without Joan was too gonna watch again - Joan's let her show rest in peace.

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