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AIRED ON 5/30/2014

Season 2014 : Episode 23

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Legendary comedian and red carpet maven Joan Rivers hosts E!'s weekly fashion round-up. Joan is joined by co-hosts Kelly Osbourne, Giuliana Rancic and fashion expert George Kotsiopoulos as they look at the latest hits and misses from the red carpet to the runway. See E!'s "Fashion Police" go off on what people put on!

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  • Frazzeled housewife

    Melissa Rivers tonight on Emmy Fashion Police Sept. 21, 2015 Looks a mess herself the tacky pony tail the clothes look like off a sales rack of a department store the pony tail shows how unattractive her face really is with hair pulled back. GOOD GRIEF Joan would never have been seen like this. UGLY ! ! !
  • love this show than ever

    I thought this last episode was the best episode ever!!! I was not sure how the show would go with Kathy Griffith cuz I really wasn't a fan of hers, but I have just really enjoyed it and I thought this last episode they finally pulled it all together it was so funny I could not stop laughing. Melissa I think Joan would be very happy with the way things are going and pleased that the show is going on I know that I am. I thought Kelly Osbourne offered very little to the show and I'm sure anyone can replace her. she was fired because she's encourage the statements to become something that they weren't meant to be and I don't blame them for firing her for her unprofessionalismmoreless
  • Cut this show!

    This sort of show is discouraging! Not to the celebrities themselves but also to the viewers. The comments and bad jokes said on this show can be taken real harshly on the male and females around the world that are self concious about what they look like already. If all the hosts on this show are going to continue to say things about celebrities in the same way Giuliana said about Zendaya then they might as well apologise everytime they say something bad. Theres no point in this show! Sitting there in their chairs for an hour talking about who wore this, why did she wear this and what not, they basically have so much time on their hands to talk about others. They have no lives!!! Like who gives a shit about what celebrities wear! They can wear anything they want! This show is down right good for nothing! Take it downmoreless
  • Get a grip people! Let's remember its supposed to be comedy.

    I think it was a mistake for Guiliana to apologize, but I understand she probably values her job as an entertainment commentator before her gig on Fashion police. She's a kind person, and of course, she doesn't want to offend, but this is a comedy show, where the contributors spend the entire hour criticizing people's personal taste. Joan and Kathy both built careers on being unapologetically funny. If Kelly can't brush off the comedy, she needs to leave the show. That would be a shame, given her knowledge and love of fashion, but she seems to get offended any time her friends are criticized. Yes, Zendaya is young, but she walks the red carpet in an adult setting, and dresses in adult clothing, so she should be reviewed as an adult, or stop watching the show. She's in a business built on image, this can't be the first she's been criticized.moreless
  • Whoopi Isn't Barbara Walters either!

    Does that mean she shouldn't have a political opinion? She should be ashamed (especially as a comedian) for attacking Guiliana. Maybe it struck a nerve because her dreadlocks smell like pot too. Giuliana IS funny and is also a kind person. I'm sure that when Whoopi was learning her trade she [unapologetically] told jokes that didn't work, she didn't apologize. And "expert" Stacy London should know that hair IS part of fashion, hence the term Joan NEVER apologized for any joke EVER. And few knew and loved her as Giuliana did. They should all apologize for negative comments made about her on today's edition of The View. And do it to her face IF she accepts an invitation to the show. GO GIULIANA!moreless

    E! Puts Fashion Police on Hiatus After the Show Loses Half Its Hosting Staff

    The network says the series will return in September.


    Kathy Griffin Is Replacing Joan Rivers on Fashion Police

    The series returns in January with coverage of the Golden Globes.

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