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  • rivers is a terrible host

    Also cho is disgusting in her remarks. Everyone else is great.
  • Fashion Police is over

    There is simply no replacement for Joan Rivers. She was the show.
  • Really?

    I hated Joan but she at least made it interesting .I hate that fake blonde and Guliana. Guliana disgusts me and that fake blonde woman is just no.... I like the chinese girl a little and the guy. Melissa is alright I guess.
  • Frazzeled housewife

    Melissa Rivers tonight on Emmy Fashion Police Sept. 21, 2015 Looks a mess herself the tacky pony tail the clothes look like off a sales rack of a department store the pony tail shows how unattractive her face really is with hair pulled back. GOOD GRIEF Joan would never have been seen like this. UGLY ! ! !
  • love this show than ever

    I thought this last episode was the best episode ever!!! I was not sure how the show would go with Kathy Griffith cuz I really wasn't a fan of hers, but I have just really enjoyed it and I thought this last episode they finally pulled it all together it was so funny I could not stop laughing. Melissa I think Joan would be very happy with the way things are going and pleased that the show is going on I know that I am. I thought Kelly Osbourne offered very little to the show and I'm sure anyone can replace her. she was fired because she's encourage the statements to become something that they weren't meant to be and I don't blame them for firing her for her unprofessionalism
  • Cut this show!

    This sort of show is discouraging! Not to the celebrities themselves but also to the viewers. The comments and bad jokes said on this show can be taken real harshly on the male and females around the world that are self concious about what they look like already. If all the hosts on this show are going to continue to say things about celebrities in the same way Giuliana said about Zendaya then they might as well apologise everytime they say something bad. Theres no point in this show! Sitting there in their chairs for an hour talking about who wore this, why did she wear this and what not, they basically have so much time on their hands to talk about others. They have no lives!!! Like who gives a shit about what celebrities wear! They can wear anything they want! This show is down right good for nothing! Take it down
  • Get a grip people! Let's remember its supposed to be comedy.

    I think it was a mistake for Guiliana to apologize, but I understand she probably values her job as an entertainment commentator before her gig on Fashion police. She's a kind person, and of course, she doesn't want to offend, but this is a comedy show, where the contributors spend the entire hour criticizing people's personal taste. Joan and Kathy both built careers on being unapologetically funny. If Kelly can't brush off the comedy, she needs to leave the show. That would be a shame, given her knowledge and love of fashion, but she seems to get offended any time her friends are criticized. Yes, Zendaya is young, but she walks the red carpet in an adult setting, and dresses in adult clothing, so she should be reviewed as an adult, or stop watching the show. She's in a business built on image, this can't be the first she's been criticized.
  • Whoopi Isn't Barbara Walters either!

    Does that mean she shouldn't have a political opinion? She should be ashamed (especially as a comedian) for attacking Guiliana. Maybe it struck a nerve because her dreadlocks smell like pot too. Giuliana IS funny and is also a kind person. I'm sure that when Whoopi was learning her trade she [unapologetically] told jokes that didn't work, she didn't apologize. And "expert" Stacy London should know that hair IS part of fashion, hence the term Joan NEVER apologized for any joke EVER. And few knew and loved her as Giuliana did. They should all apologize for negative comments made about her on today's edition of The View. And do it to her face IF she accepts an invitation to the show. GO GIULIANA!
  • Competition would be good

    This show is as nasty, even nastier than when J Rivers hosted. I wish there would be an alternative fashion review show to watch, one less thornier and more fashion intelligent. And, Brad should host it !
  • SHOW going down the drain.

    I used to love the show. Kelly and Juliana are acting like idiots always laughing for no reasons. Kelly looks like a clown, and she his suppose to know what she his talking about. Her and Julia making fun of the gentleman on the show about (Louis Vuiton) they have no class and just the hair on Katy this week and last, what a waste.
  • Grammys


  • Purple rein is over

    Kathy is showing a lot of improvement this week. She is getting her sea-legs, I think she may be able to do this well with more grooming. Guiliana and Brad have it going on just fine but Kelly is mediocre and boring. Her comments go from wishy washy to borderline gross (the white gloves to deliver a calf on Amal's gloves was disgusting) to finding everything adorable, awesome and loving everyone. I think she aims for Avaunt Garde, Couture, or some kind of style, in her own outfits but it comes off as clownish. She doesn't offer anything meaningful. I always felt she was there because of her good friendship with Joan. She lacks skill and knowledge and just tags on to what another opinion is, or states the obvious. She interrupts a lot. It has been very difficult to get the show up and running. In only three weeks they have a made a lot of progress. I think it will fly but it will take a while Bring back George and have two guys, and the two women. Brad, George, Guiliana, and Kathy. That would be a good balance.

    WOW! What a big change in Kathy. She was really solid tonight. Her remarks were funny, and she was engaged in the show in just the right amount, not too much, not too little. She did a good job of leading. She showed she can handle the role. She was well prepared, and her remarks were humorous rather than tacky or silly. She did much better with letting the others finish what they were going to say. She was poised and much more professional. Love the new hair style. Brad and Guiliana were great. Kelly was loud and interrupting input, same old thing as always with her. So happy for Kathy and glad to see her do this.
  • Second Show a Lot Better!

    No one can replace Joan Rivers and I applaud that they aren't trying to do so. I think the second show was a lot smoother. Kathy Griffin seemed more relaxed and the jokes were LOL funny sometimes. I liked the guest--she was really funny. I think Guiliana is doing a great job but do wonder about the contributions of Kelly Osborne. She doesn't seem really present and seems kind of awkward (plus she's gained weight again--too bad--a pretty girl) . And I like the sex jokes better than Joan Rivers' bathroom jokes. Although I really, really miss Joan Rivers! My friends and I now put the show on our DVRs and watch on Friday night. I hope they are doing focus groups to make it even better.
  • The end

    The rithm of the show was terrible. If and disconnected.

    Besides Kathy was never despites the obvious opportunities, at the end Juliana in a very natural, professional and balanced way.

    I couldnt believe how much Joan's presence was needed, apparently she was also team leader.

    Kathy's remarks were loud, vulgar and didnt connect with the rest of the cast.

    Im afraid this is it for FP.
  • oh dear.

    Lets be blunt you will never replace joan rivers it simply isn't possible because the woman had this amazing ability at ad libbing. Kiera's dress alone would have provided her with 10 minutes of non stop material. Everything was just incredibly muted and I suspect this is KG's problem if she launches into a tirade people will assume she's just trying to copy Joan Rivers but that's the whole point of her place on the show a comedienne is there for that reason. Why did Kelly remain? she looked awkward no eye contact barely even raised a smile its coming back to Joan's wishes she wanted Fashion police to carry on after her but from the first show it looks like the show isn't ready to carry on.

    They decided on the return date for the show unless the show itself learns to carry on this will be a mistake. The material and the viewers are there its upto the shows producers/hosts to make sure its put together and presented in the right way that works on the foundations Joan left

  • Joan is screaming from the grave

    First George with Brad was a total nonstarter for me. Then set was horrible and Kathy (love your standup) is just out of her depth! Without a behind the scene story (like your standup) you have nothing to add. Brad totally sucks and watching Kelly and Anorexia without Joan was too gonna watch again - Joan's let her show rest in peace.
  • Fashion Police yuck

    Joan Rivers should be turning over in her grave. Kathy Griffin is one of the most disgusting women on the face of the earth, She's not funny. She was alone in her evaluation of the Golden Globes. The other reviewers were rolling their eyes. Tuned in once - won't again. So sad. I loved this show. Bad move on E's part to hire Griffin.
  • Kathy Griffith was too safe. What Joan Rivers would have said instead.

    Fashion Police was so boring that I only watched half of it this time. I really miss Joan rivers and Kathy Griffith is too agreeable. Here are my thoughts.

    Joan Rivers would have said... Julianne Moore's dress: "geez, her dress looks like someone poured silver paint all over her naked body and put feathers on the bottom. I mean doesn't the dress make her look naked?" Emma Stone: "Geez, this is too casual. So inappropriate for Golden Globe. it looks like she took a night club outfit and put a huge bow in the back. Definitely one of the worst Claire Danes: "she looks like a dead vampire straight out of a casket. Ai yai yai. What happened to her? Is there a new vampire movie that she is auditioning for?" Nina: "geez, did someone take a curtain and just drapped it around her? The dress is not fitting right, baggy in the middle, not tailored right? She should fire the person who created the A woman with a black suit and bikini top: "she looks like she is going to work and just put a bikini Woman wearing a turquois dress: "the dress looks cheap. It looks like she paid $100 for that Lupita: "she is half a flower pot. She is growing flowers from her Melanie Griffith was just too safe, too agreeable and afraid of taking risks.
  • A Two Headed Snark Just Isn't Going To Work

    The producers clearly don't have confidence in Kathy Griffith's comedic ability. Either that or Rancic's contract is too powerful. KG was promoted as the new host but GR did most of the talking. Sorry, but a little of GR goes a long way. If they don't start using KG at her snarky best and insist GR take a back seat, this show is doomed.
  • Pep talk Kathy!

    I wanted to love the new Fashion Police. I started watching it originally because of Joan Rivers. I came to enjoy the whole cast and how they interacted. I thought Kathy Griffith was a brilliant choice until I watched the Globe show. Kathy if you want to keep the fans be you. Be funny. Be irreverent. We don't expect you to be Joan. Hell no! We expected you and what we got was a muted version of "Kathy". I am making my best yuck, eye rolling Joan face here dear. I think what you need to do is ask yourself, what would Joan say? Exactly. Cut the crap and make them laugh Kathy!
  • Disgusted

    I think Kelly Osbourne is a hypocrite. Before she lost weight she was kind and understanding of women with extra weight and normal bodies. Hearing comments like "If my tits looked like that I'd never shown them to anyone ", because they sag like every other woman on the planet... you disgust me!!! Everyone I'd not supposed to be a size 2.
  • Just no

    I have 5 seconds to be mean... 5. Joan is just annoying as heck. She is rude and racist. 4. Introducing new crew and their backgrounds for half the show is not the point of the show... Right? Work on that. Nobody cares 3. Do you see the outfits the crew members wear? Hello!! Fix that before you start talking about others looks. 2. I honestly think half of the outfits they make fun of, are absolutely beautiful. 1. This show is so pointless due to your crew wearing horrible outfits to begin with and to be talking about another girls " tatas" for the rest of the other half of the show. Sorry to say.
  • Joan off the show

    I love fashion police n have from the beginning I love every single person on it but Joan rivers, sorry to say but I can't stand her n she makes me not even able to watch the show no matter how much I want too. I have a sarcastic sense of humor but she's not funny, she's absolutely annoying. I believe she should get off the show n your ratings would go up. Never been annoyed so much by one person...

    I will have to see the fashions in the magazines because I can't stand Joan Rivers

    filthy mouth and vulgarity any longer.
  • horrible

    Today was my first time watching this show to get good ideas on fashion tips and what the celebrities are wearing. Joan Rivers has made two racial comments so far on this show. i will never watch her show again. you do not have to make racial comments to get better ratings for your show.
  • Looks like there is another terrible E! show

    Fashion is something I don't even care about. I mean,why is today's society all about fashion? I don't even care about looking good. However,E! thought it was a great idea to have celebrities judge people's fashion,and as a result,we end up with Fashion Police. I just want to know who thought this was a great idea. I mean,I think this is just a bigger piece of junk than the stupid Godzilla remake. The celebrities try to be funny,but fail and end up making a fool out of themselves,especially Joan Rivers. Joan Rivers has got to be one of the worst,and I mean,WORST,comedians of all time. She is always being a jerk,and her insults are just bad. She's right up there with Kathy Griffin. And why is it bad to dress up badly in public? Don't these idiots know that people can wear whatever they want? Overall,this was a poor attempt to make fashion popular,and it will never be for me. I just hope this gets canceled real soon.
  • Do we honestly need this at all?

    Having never been a big fan of fashion, and never caring what clothes are in and what's out, I wasn't expecting a lot, but this is horrendous and ridiculous. Fashion Police follows hosts Joan Rivers, Kelly Osbourne, Giuliana Rancic and fashion expert George Kotsiopoulos. They go around and get after people of what they wear. Why do we need a show based on judging people on what they wear? Is there some law I am not aware of that says that people can't wear what they want to? It's a free country, and last time I checked people could wear what they want to. I hated the hosts they are all annoying and mock people for having the wrong fashion clothes and try to be funny, but fails to do so. This show not only deserves to get canceled, but the hosts need to be arrested for impersonating the police, and stripping people of their rights of what to wear. If you are really interested in fashion, go see America's Next Top Model instead, not this.
  • Besides Keeping Up with the Idiots and Stupid in the City,this is another one.

    Oh my god,what is this?E! is really sucking now.E News and The Soup are good shows,but really?Is this necessarly?It's basically three women and a guy judging people's dresses they wear.And they always have to bash them.I hate Joan Rivers!She is such an inconciderent jerk face.All she does is bash on people's dresses and tries to be funny when she isn't.She's like an old Kathy Griffin.I give this an F.Score:
    Humor:Who would laugh at this?
    Voices:Terrible.For example Joan did one on a dress Whoopi Goldberg wore and said she liked it.Then,she said "Is my nose growing?".YOU'RE NOT PINNOCHIO,DUMMY!!!

    I don't see why we can watch this when we can watch other stuff.Joan is so much of a jerk that she's the new GoDaddy girl.Why?