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Friday 10:30 PM on E! Premiered Sep 10, 2010 In Season


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  • Disgusted

    I think Kelly Osbourne is a hypocrite. Before she lost weight she was kind and understanding of women with extra weight and normal bodies. Hearing comments like "If my tits looked like that I'd never shown them to anyone ", because they sag like every other woman on the planet... you disgust me!!! Everyone I'd not supposed to be a size 2.
  • Just no

    I have 5 seconds to be mean... 5. Joan is just annoying as heck. She is rude and racist. 4. Introducing new crew and their backgrounds for half the show is not the point of the show... Right? Work on that. Nobody cares 3. Do you see the outfits the crew members wear? Hello!! Fix that before you start talking about others looks. 2. I honestly think half of the outfits they make fun of, are absolutely beautiful. 1. This show is so pointless due to your crew wearing horrible outfits to begin with and to be talking about another girls " tatas" for the rest of the other half of the show. Sorry to say.
  • Joan off the show

    I love fashion police n have from the beginning I love every single person on it but Joan rivers, sorry to say but I can't stand her n she makes me not even able to watch the show no matter how much I want too. I have a sarcastic sense of humor but she's not funny, she's absolutely annoying. I believe she should get off the show n your ratings would go up. Never been annoyed so much by one person...

    I will have to see the fashions in the magazines because I can't stand Joan Rivers

    filthy mouth and vulgarity any longer.
  • horrible

    Today was my first time watching this show to get good ideas on fashion tips and what the celebrities are wearing. Joan Rivers has made two racial comments so far on this show. i will never watch her show again. you do not have to make racial comments to get better ratings for your show.
  • Looks like there is another terrible E! show

    Fashion is something I don't even care about. I mean,why is today's society all about fashion? I don't even care about looking good. However,E! thought it was a great idea to have celebrities judge people's fashion,and as a result,we end up with Fashion Police. I just want to know who thought this was a great idea. I mean,I think this is just a bigger piece of junk than the stupid Godzilla remake. The celebrities try to be funny,but fail and end up making a fool out of themselves,especially Joan Rivers. Joan Rivers has got to be one of the worst,and I mean,WORST,comedians of all time. She is always being a jerk,and her insults are just bad. She's right up there with Kathy Griffin. And why is it bad to dress up badly in public? Don't these idiots know that people can wear whatever they want? Overall,this was a poor attempt to make fashion popular,and it will never be for me. I just hope this gets canceled real soon.
  • Do we honestly need this at all?

    Having never been a big fan of fashion, and never caring what clothes are in and what's out, I wasn't expecting a lot, but this is horrendous and ridiculous. Fashion Police follows hosts Joan Rivers, Kelly Osbourne, Giuliana Rancic and fashion expert George Kotsiopoulos. They go around and get after people of what they wear. Why do we need a show based on judging people on what they wear? Is there some law I am not aware of that says that people can't wear what they want to? It's a free country, and last time I checked people could wear what they want to. I hated the hosts they are all annoying and mock people for having the wrong fashion clothes and try to be funny, but fails to do so. This show not only deserves to get canceled, but the hosts need to be arrested for impersonating the police, and stripping people of their rights of what to wear. If you are really interested in fashion, go see America's Next Top Model instead, not this.
  • Besides Keeping Up with the Idiots and Stupid in the City,this is another one.

    Oh my god,what is this?E! is really sucking now.E News and The Soup are good shows,but really?Is this necessarly?It's basically three women and a guy judging people's dresses they wear.And they always have to bash them.I hate Joan Rivers!She is such an inconciderent jerk face.All she does is bash on people's dresses and tries to be funny when she isn't.She's like an old Kathy Griffin.I give this an F.Score:
    Humor:Who would laugh at this?
    Voices:Terrible.For example Joan did one on a dress Whoopi Goldberg wore and said she liked it.Then,she said "Is my nose growing?".YOU'RE NOT PINNOCHIO,DUMMY!!!

    I don't see why we can watch this when we can watch other stuff.Joan is so much of a jerk that she's the new GoDaddy girl.Why?
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