Fashion Police

Friday 10:30 PM on E! Premiered Sep 10, 2010 In Season


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  • Besides Keeping Up with the Idiots and Stupid in the City,this is another one.

    Oh my god,what is this?E! is really sucking now.E News and The Soup are good shows,but really?Is this necessarly?It's basically three women and a guy judging people's dresses they wear.And they always have to bash them.I hate Joan Rivers!She is such an inconciderent jerk face.All she does is bash on people's dresses and tries to be funny when she isn't.She's like an old Kathy Griffin.I give this an F.Score:
    Humor:Who would laugh at this?
    Voices:Terrible.For example Joan did one on a dress Whoopi Goldberg wore and said she liked it.Then,she said "Is my nose growing?".YOU'RE NOT PINNOCHIO,DUMMY!!!

    I don't see why we can watch this when we can watch other stuff.Joan is so much of a jerk that she's the new GoDaddy girl.Why?