Fashion Star

Friday 8:00 PM on NBC Premiered Mar 13, 2012 Between Seasons





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  • Bring this show back

    I LOVED this show. Has it been cancelled? Much better than Project Runway--no drama
  • fashion star

    I have a question for fashion star. When will women of average size see fashion? You have great fashion on the run way but when the models are size 3 or smaller. It is hard for the average woman to see herself walking down the street wearing some of these fashions.... It would be nice to see more sizes... they do have models that are bigger and very pretty. Just saying
  • Boring

    I'm sure this was fun to watch live, but on tv it is terrible. Just proves that some shows should not be on tv.
  • Warning fashion designer fans: "Fashion Star" is a horrible concept.

    It's overglitzed, for one thing. The too-frequent, annoying flashing lights on stage have to be for the purpose of hiding the production flaws. Perhaps I'm used to getting down to the nitty-gritty & the fascination of watching the behind-the-scenes work & interaction of the designers that "Project Runway" does so well.

    Speaking of production flaws, there's just too much going on & not enough focus on the designers. I have nothing against Nicole Ritchie, Jessica Simpson, or John Varvatos, but their roles as fashion advisors is unnecessary & I consider the time given to them could have been better spent on watching the designers creating their art.

    I don't care for the big production of the buyers' segment. I appreciate the significance of giving the designers a contract, but can't it be done in a quick, cut & dried way? Again, this is more time that could be given to the designers.

    I've seen the first two episodes of "Fashion Star" & I won't be watching it again. For those who want to stick with it, I have two thoughts: DVR each episode so that you can bypass all the annoying fluff (& the abundance of commercials that undoubtedly pay for the celebrities' participation) & keep in mind that the more people who watch, the higher the ratings, sending a message that this is the kind of format you wouldn't mind seeing over & over. If this show is successful, we'll be seeing more of it.

    Watch "Project Runway" instead & see the difference. (Starts on April 3, 2012.)