Fashionably Late with Stacy London

Friday 10:00 PM on TLC Premiered Nov 23, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • Fun, Quirky, Fast Paced

    Stacy London is a HOOT. I just adore the premise of this show. I love the way it's a little Friday night Girl Party. Albeit a glamorous one. (I'm wishing she would do a Glam Jamma party, that would be fun.) I really enjoy that she has the 'drink of the night' and that her studio is really relaxed and fun. It seems to me that she makes everyone so comfortable even when she pokes at them about a part of their wardrobe. Another thing I really like about the show is that she keeps it fashion concious. She doesn't stray into gossip or too much into the private lives of her guests. In addition, she has a lot of fun little items that she pokes into each episode. I am really enjoying the energy of this show and I do hope it sticks around for a while.