Fast Inc.

Monday 10:30 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered Jun 05, 2006 Between Seasons


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  • Muscle Car's; Resoration, Customization - A Guilty Pleasure

    Awsome Show, Has Great Potential. Soon to be a hit, only handicap about it is it's on at 10pm. People that have work and need sleep have to miss it. It's a fun show, with lots of twists. You never know what's going to happen. If you like Pimp My Ride or Trick My Truck, you'll be into this show! Lots of action, and adventure. Love how the aquire cars for clients and make them into "forbidden fruit". They sure do TRY their best to fufill their promises, which gives them even more points. They really care about the cilents, not just the money.
  • i just watched the first episode and it seems like a pretty good show.

    although, it's not something really getting you stuck to the tv set, but it seems like a decent pseudo-reality show. i'm talking pseudo, because i kinda doubt the "reality" of all the reality shows out there. this one is no exception, at least from my point of view.
    the first episode kinda gets your head around what it's gonna be. tracking down cars, buying, selling - all that happens on the phone and off the camera. but the part with the dude on the desert, who won't sell his dead son's el camino for $300 - but will exchange for a case of beer - priceless.
    and the compton part - "if i were you, i'd get out of here before it gets really dark". godd stuff. i'm waiting for the next episodes to verify my score...