Season 1 Episode 22

Iced (2)

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 2003 on FOX

Episode Recap

After part one of this episode, Dosed (1), Van is in his hospital bed and the caller, whom Billie identified as former Candy Store Operative Nick McKussick, the first person to work in the Candy Store, calls once again to inform the officers that he has poisoned a family and they must pick up a Serbian by the name of Anton Grol at the train station. They go to pick him up and they take him into custody, Nick calls again, saying he poisoned two other families as well and executes Grol with a sniper rifle. Without delay, the boys draw their guns and Nick tells them to back off. Billie says to stand down. Nick packs up and leaves. When they return to the Candy Store Bille tells the guys about how Nick tried to boost some Chinese cocaine and in the process breaks her ribs and Billie retaliates by breaking his hand. Just as she finishes telling the story, Nick calls again and asks them to open up. They do so and Nick informs them of a plan to exchange 6 billion dollars worth of illegal diamonds for the lives of the families. He also says that Grol and Jax were his old partners who got the idea for this. He asks for Van to go with him to the Chauteau Marmont, Van's home, to discuss the plan with Nick's cronie, Gabriella. Meanwhile, Billie and Deaq are reviewing the plan with each other. When Van returns to the Candy Store they review the whole plan, which involves Van going in from the back entrance, Billie going in through the front and Deaq going in through the side entrance taking with him a gas mask. Billie is let into a closet by Gabriella and sets up knockout gas. Van and Billie also have brought gas masks. Soon everyone is knocked out. As told earlier, the vault door for the diamonds opens up. They go in and steal the diamonds, meanwhile Roland Hill is looking for the diner that the families ate at that morning and finds out the name of the last family. He informs Billie and they roll the Ice. Nick tells them to go to a parking lot with the ice. Van opens the back of the truck and shifts into reverse into Nicks car and the Diamonds crush and kill him. The next day Van and Deaq appear at the Candy Store and are told that Billie is missing. Gabriella calls and says she has Billie and wants the diamonds back and hangs up. It goes to Gabriella's hideout and injects Billie with a dose of heroin, which Billie was once addicted to, and it fades out.