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  • Why can't all TV be this much fun?!

    Fastlane is some of the most fun you can have watching TV. And I don't mean it's just funny, I mean FUN. It's got humor, action, drama, and style. The whole thing is just one big explosion of entertainment. The acting is pretty good. The two leads really nail it and work so well together, and who doesn't like Tiffani Thiessen? Even the guest stars shine (OK, maybe not Tommy Lee), a credit to the directing and showrunning. The overall story and individual episodes are all well done. I wasn't sure I was going to like this show when I first stumbled across it, and now I'm shocked it only went one season! Do yourself a favor and live your TV life in the Fastane!
  • Miami Vice meets Grand Theft Auto

    Its really sad Fastlane just made one season. I loved it!

    Ppl can say its a Miami Vice copy. I can say its Miami Vice upgrade for this century.

    Great photography, wonderful ladies, great cars, modern scenes and great chemistry between the actors.

    Im an unconditional Miami Vice fan, but Fastlane can make Miami Vice looks like a simple cop and robbers series.

    But everything has a price. Expensive production killed the show. Lets be honest: with such high costs, this is not for tv, but for theatres.

  • fastlane

    brilliant show! i wish there were more seasons because the show had a lot of potential. i'm sure a lot of money went into this show with all the expensive cars, weapons, and damages.
  • van a napd officer and deaqon a nypd narcontics officer are cops who work for billie to bring down criminals.

    the show isnt like law and order or csi.

    the show has alot of action.there are some martial arts scenes here and there,lots of car chases and shoot outs.

    the acting and chemistry between peter,bill,and tiffani is so can tell they all get along which makes their acting really good.

    van and deaqon comes together because of a murder that happens to someone close to van and deaqon.they start working together and soon starts working for lapd lieutenant billie(tiffani thiessen).

    billie gives them full access to the candystore which is basically a warehouse that has lots of cars,guns and lots of equiment the team us.

    van(peter facinelli)and deaqon(bill bellamy) can blend in with the criminals they are trying to bring down but at the same time follow the law.

    peter and bill have great chemistry which is a plus since most of the scenes are with them 2.

    with the show action scenes,the show does have drama and lots of comedy which is provide by billie(tiffani) who thinks van and deaqon are gay and a

    the show as great action,great acting,the actors all have great chemistry,and the plot of the show is very good.

    this would have been a 10 but fox cancel it and fastlane ended on a cliffhanger which sucks.
  • Fun, funny, fast-paced, entertaining. you need to bring it Back.This shows pack a lot of action and entertainment. I was sad it got cancelled.

    Van Ray and Deaqon Hayes are two mismatched cops teamed together by shady vixen police lieutenant, Wilhelmina "Billie" Chambers, in a secretive undercover division of the LAPD. Operating with the motto "Everything we seize, we keep. Everything we keep, we use," their base of operations is the "Candy Store" - a warehouse containing a fortune in confiscated cars, clothes, weapons and everything else needed to blend into the seedy criminal underworld of Los Angeles. Given criminal covers, the officers use all of the resources at their disposal to apprehend dangerous miscreants while walking the line between cop and criminal.
  • Fun, funny, fast-paced, entertaining. Two bad-ass male cops trained to act like criminals, under the charge of one bad ass female cop. Some cheese, but lots of fun.

    This shows pack a lot of action and entertainment. It's young and hip, the characters are fun and out to have a good time. It makes light of situations that would be heavy and intense in other cop dramas. The chemistry between the three leads is there and creates half of the excitement. The action sequences are fast paced and often big. Nothing is too heavy, which can be a good thing-- if you're looking for a fun show that you can tune into at any time out of boredom or whatnot this could be it. Unfortunately, I don't know what channel you could find it on now. Reruns used to be shown on a channel that I'm drawing a blank on, but I haven't seen them in a while. The show is not that good to cry for its return, but it could have lasted longer than it did.
  • That show rocked!!!

    This was a great show that was pulled after one season. It was like a 2000's version of Miami Vice but with cooler people. The using of Los Angeles as a backdrop was a good choice, because most of the drama cop shows are set around New York. The action was fast paced, and the music was updated weekly. Tiffany, Bill, And Peter were cast superbly, and the scripts were well written. It's a shame that Fox pulled this show. They didn't give it time to gather a following. If I remember correct, they kept switching the nights it was on, which is a major factor in trying to keep viewers. The show ended with a cliff hanger that made you think that it was coming back. If you can catch this show on video, or on cable anywhere, you will not be disappointed.
  • Such a great show!

    I was so addicted to Fastlane a couple of years back that I stayed up until midnight every wednesday to watch it. For some insane reason, that was when it was scheduled in my country. I had school the next day but it didn't matter. I couldn't miss an episode.

    I would have loved to see the story continue in a second season but the show got cancelled because of the high production costs. I think it was well worth the money. It looked and sounded great! Someone should have listened to the fans and kept this show alive! Oh well, I guess we'll always have the reruns.
  • We need a Fastlane movie!

    Sadly, I don't think FOX or any other station will bring this show back. It was such a good series that was just on at the wrong day and time. If they were smart, thay'd make it into a movie. I think they'd be surprised on how well it would do.
  • this was a great show and they never had a follow up on billy being kidnap. please please please bring this show back with the same cast or look alikes.

    the show was very good and needs to come back.i thought the writers were really good making and creating all of the episodes.i like how they came up with the candy store and also how they chose the cast members.i wanna know what happening with the cast members and what was the reason the show was and my family would really really like if this show was back on the air on some network.we also were very upset we didnt get to see how billy was kid napped being that she was very very well trained to take care of herself.
  • Awsome show that ended way to soon. A real shame.

    This was a great show. They had it all. The cars, the actors, the music, the style. Everyting except the budget apparently. A real shame. This is, or should I say was, my favorite TV series, and was for many others as well. It had pleny of potential to someday become a movie. But it would be pretty difficult to top any of the shows. They should have at least have had a finale for the last two episodes. Maybe one day someone will have a couple million dollars just laying around and be inspired to make a couple of more shows. Or atleast bring it to DVD so some of us won\'t have to download it from P2P sites.
  • i love this show!

    Fastlane is one of my favorite shows and i wish that they would have another season of it. every episode was like a mini movie and i was just hooked. i also loved all the cars in the candy store. my favorite character was Billie, because she was the boss. and van and deaq had to follow her orders. i still watch this show on the G4 channel. i especially like the last couple of episodes of the series. it was really cool. but i wish that G4 would show fastlane on the weekdays too, and not just on Sunday.
  • Very cool show

    Watching the premire of Fastlane tonight I became hooked on the show easily. The visuals look like a big budget action which is considerable since the pliot cost 30 millon to make. Bill Bellamly and Peter Fanchilli have good chemristiy and the show seems like it's gonna some cool storylines. Tiffani Thissen who plays the fellas boss is still sexier than all hell and McG directed this plot in the vein of Charlies Angels his debut film. The opening action sequence had nice visuals and good cinematography. Fiannly the show has another sexy chick in the form of Jennifer Skye.
  • FASTLANE Genre: Action / Crime / Thriller Plot Outline: Two undercover cops take down the highest and lowest criminals in Los Angeles. Tagline: Fasten your seat belt and get ready for FASTLANE

    This is one of the best shows ever made!
    It has parts from all different types of shows and films it has some Miami Vice, some Fast and the Furious and some Lethal Weapon which equals the best show ever made it has everything. There is a great on screen connection between the characters
    Van (Peter Facinelli) and Deaq (Bill Bellamy) not to mention a fit leading lady Billie chambers (Tiffani Thiessen)
    This show features everything from fast cars, bikes and dike’s although only one season was made (Be Warned Ends on a cliffhanger)
    This season has lots to offer lots of completely different plot lines all typical to the action crime genre such as Drug dealing, Gun running and Cop killing this mixture is an instant overdose and any action fan will want to see it!

    fastlane is a great show and it was wrong to get cancelled!but since it flopped in america it stopped them from making a second series even thought it could have done well in the u.k if it had been given a chance with a good airing time as when it first came out it was on sky one which not every one gets not to mention be changed from 9pm on a saturday until 1am on a sunday then 2am then 3am i mean F**k people need some sleep but i still waited upto see it alot of the time with a big hangover and in need of sleep but its not somthing you could tape and watch later it was that good. So buy it now! look on the internet theirs lots of dvds available.
  • My opinion about this show

    So... Fastlane... One word... One season... But it's absolutely enough that it would be amazing tv show... Nice cars, nice people... Nice girls for men, nice boys for women.
    It is funny serial... Very modern... but without aliens or destroy of the Earth...
    Why should you watch this show? The answer is very simple... Because you would be very stupid if you do not do that.
    I wanted this show never ends... but...
    Anyway... I still have a faith that FOX will be bring it back for fans, just like me...
    Because of this show I saw man of my dreams Van Ray - Peter Facinelli, he is the most beautiful man I ever seen...
    Who wants that this show will go on?
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    This show was a great while it was on. The story lines could have been a little more original and they could of had better and more experienced actors on the show.Bill Bellamy was always portrayed as a chicken or outsider because he never really had a steady part in the show. Peter Facinelli has no business being in a movie let alone a show with level three actors who can\\\'t carry his bad acting. Tiffani Amber Thiessen in fact is more of a dramatic actress than a demanding and stiff actress. The role she portrayed in Fastlane was outhere for her but would have been good for Joy Bryant or Michelle Rodriguez. But feel free to make your own decision about Fastlane and the Actors.
  • A truly great show that should have been a hit.

    Fastlane was an awesome show. It mixed action, drama, wit and humor. It contained a little bit of everything, and there was something for everyone. It should have been a hit, and it started out really strong. But then Fox ended it after a 22 episode season 1, on a cliffhanger, and fans will never know the fate of their favorite characters. Fastlane was supposed to come back, but somehow got lost in the shuffle. If you are looking for a great show to watch, but don't want to watch one that's eight or ten seasons long, this would be the one to pick.

    Billie (Tiffany Theisen) is the boss. She runs a special police unit who's only goal is to get the most elusive criminals in LA. The only way to infaltrate those inner circles is by having police officers that are believable criminals. She sets up "The Candy Store", which is her headquarters, and also where her men can pick up anything they might need -- a quarter million dollars, or the fastest car on the market. The Candy Store basis is that in a bust, they seize everything they can, and they use everything they seize. So instead of the normal police where they auction off cars, instead her guys use them to get into those elite circles, by doing whatever necessary. They can flash around in their great looking suits and they're top of the line sports cars. Billie enlists Van, a former cop (who's partner was killed) and Deaq, a former gang member who's brother was Van's partner. These guys get themselves into some sticky, yet hilarious situations.

    This is a must see for everyone!
  • The movie is coming...

    The greatest show in television history (cancelled only for it\'s incredible budget) will hit the big screen August 2007.

    For more details or to show your support, email

    Spread the word.

    Tell your friends.

    Fastlane the Movie has a regulatory review system that monitors and records incoming and outgoing communications, including attachments.
  • Too great of a show to be on for one season.

    Fastlane one the greatest shows to be on tv. It sucks that we never got to see a decent end to the show. Even though the show only lasted for one season it was great. Fastlane is like the movie Bad Boys, Blue Streak, the Fast and the Furious, and Starsky and Hutch rolled up into one.

    The show is about two police officers Deaq and Van who go undercover to capture crimelords, drug dealers, etc... They get recruited by Billy. Their headquaters is called the candy store. Their motto is "whatever we seize we keep and whatever we sieze we use". Deaq and Van are, according to billy, 49% criminal and 51% cop.
  • good show but it was alittle over done

    this was a great show on fox but ever since that i forgot how good it was and srarted to think it was bad. But since I Saw it on G4 a it's a good show and i sit and just let things happen in front of me. A great show especial when you come home from school or work you come home turn on the tv and tune to G4' with some chiness food and enjoy. The show works better for me in an afternoon when everything eles on tv sucks, just turn to this show and just watch the hour fly bye with great visuales.
  • I love this show!

    Sweet rides, and hot gals, plus action action action! with a splash of some drama. With a combination like this how could any guy not like this show? When ever thhis show comes on G$ now i stop what I'm doing just to watch it. And on top of it all it had some great music in as well.
  • With all it's flash how could you go wrong

    This show was an eyecatcher. I was flipping through the channels when I came across it the first time. I was hooked.

    It sux it cost the studio so much to make each episode because this show deserved to go on. I am just hoping they release it on dvd so I can watch it whenever.

    Everyone in the show did an amazing job, I think everything about the show was flawless. I really wish they could bring back the show but with how much the studio lost making it I highly doubt it will ever happen.

    Couldn't they find a way to cut the costs some so we could watch it again??

  • Awesome show

    This show I loved. It was too cool. That show made me want to be undercover cop. How they did all that stuff was so tight, with all the exploding, and gun fights, and physical fightsand the cars. My favorite episode was when they robbed that bank. I would of never thought of that.And both of the guys were soooooooo HOT. I loved this show so much I alomst cried when I heard that it was going off.
  • Best show nobody ever effin' saw! The glitz, the glamour and talk of Tiffany Amber in the buff, ya gotta love it!

    One day I had the opportunity to check out a new show that was already being dubbed Miami Vice for the Mtv Generation, that and my friend had already told me the premise back in 1991 (yes it was a concept they had already tried) so I was excited! Unfortunately to no avail, the powers that be apparently wouldn't know good television if their mother's told them, "Hey! That's good tv!" The best music incredible action and my favorite piece, each episode started in the middle of the action inorder to get you going right away before they told you the back story, good stuff. Only time I can remember singing Snoop Dogg, "From top y'all!"
  • Awesome Awesome Show

    I missed it the first time around,(I feel guilty for contributing to the cancellation to the show), but I finally was able to watch the whole series on g4, and I hate to say, Bring this show back. I must know what happens to Van Deaque and Billie. I MUST!!!!!!!!
  • Fastlane was the pimpest show ever! They had hot ladies, fly rides, and non-stop action mixed with good comedy. Fastlane should defintely be brought back for more seasons. They just have to find a way make this show for less without severely compromising

    The good chemistry of the cast really showed and added to the show. Van and Deeq played very interesting roles. The idea of being that deep undercover and keeping what they take and using what they take was an awesome idea for the show. The always had sweet rides, good wardrobe, and good chemistry. The writers did a great job because there was awesome action and the storyline was great as well. Also, the comedy in the story was a good idea. That along with the good action made for an interseting and irresistable show. They just need to find a way to decrease the cost of production if they want to bring the show back which would probably still be a success because of the loyal fans.
  • A nonstop adrenaline rush. The show is best described as "Miami Vice" combined with the look of "The Fast and the Furious", meshed together with the comedy style of the "Bad Boys" films. The most entertaining show on television, even as just reruns. SOMEO

    This show is a classic cop show even with only a single season. It stole every formula, and made them work one more time. It needs to be brought back, because as always lame ass FOX canceled another show with massive potential. The best cop show since NBC's "Miami Vice".
  • High Octane Entertainment!

    Fast Cars, Great Production, Loud Music, Hot Chicks, Best Cop Show Ever! Bring it back! Where the HELL is the DVD Set??? I can believe FOX cancelled such a cool show, wait yes I can, least they could do is release in on DVD, I just found out Fastlane has been re-airing on CourtTV and G4TV.
  • two L.A. cops do cop things there names Van and Deuq

    This show should be back on so lets start begging fox or g4 to make new episodes

    Ready on your marks get set and... go

    Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please bring Fastlane back.

    Ok now that i got that out of my system we can remember the good times with our L.A.P.D. with Billie being lesbian or when Van teaching the rookie cop or when they chased thous 3 biker chix.

    A great show and it should be back on so lets start begging again...

    Please please please...
  • Good music, good action, good stories, what more could one want?

    Fastlane is just another in the many series that fell to a ratings driven station in FOX. FOX failed to market and place the show in a decent timeslot to maximize the demographic the show was made for the 18-35 crowd. Instead they placed it on Fridays when that exact crowd has better things to do rather than being in front of a television.

    The show itself was a great experience. While the acting wasn't the strong point of the show, the music, action and stories made for a great time while watching. They kept you guessing and you never knew what was going to happen next.

    While Fastlane may not make a come back it is worth catching the episodes as they are a fun time.
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