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  • Fun, funny, fast-paced, entertaining. Two bad-ass male cops trained to act like criminals, under the charge of one bad ass female cop. Some cheese, but lots of fun.

    This shows pack a lot of action and entertainment. It's young and hip, the characters are fun and out to have a good time. It makes light of situations that would be heavy and intense in other cop dramas. The chemistry between the three leads is there and creates half of the excitement. The action sequences are fast paced and often big. Nothing is too heavy, which can be a good thing-- if you're looking for a fun show that you can tune into at any time out of boredom or whatnot this could be it. Unfortunately, I don't know what channel you could find it on now. Reruns used to be shown on a channel that I'm drawing a blank on, but I haven't seen them in a while. The show is not that good to cry for its return, but it could have lasted longer than it did.