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  • van a napd officer and deaqon a nypd narcontics officer are cops who work for billie to bring down criminals.

    the show isnt like law and order or csi.

    the show has alot of action.there are some martial arts scenes here and there,lots of car chases and shoot outs.

    the acting and chemistry between peter,bill,and tiffani is so can tell they all get along which makes their acting really good.

    van and deaqon comes together because of a murder that happens to someone close to van and deaqon.they start working together and soon starts working for lapd lieutenant billie(tiffani thiessen).

    billie gives them full access to the candystore which is basically a warehouse that has lots of cars,guns and lots of equiment the team us.

    van(peter facinelli)and deaqon(bill bellamy) can blend in with the criminals they are trying to bring down but at the same time follow the law.

    peter and bill have great chemistry which is a plus since most of the scenes are with them 2.

    with the show action scenes,the show does have drama and lots of comedy which is provide by billie(tiffani) who thinks van and deaqon are gay and a

    the show as great action,great acting,the actors all have great chemistry,and the plot of the show is very good.

    this would have been a 10 but fox cancel it and fastlane ended on a cliffhanger which sucks.