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  • Awful

    The worst series I have ever seen! Unfortunately, I can't give it a zero...
  • Yep Kirstie, youre still FAT!

    Ok, here is this show that lasted 7 episodes about a washed up ex-Cheers alumni who lost alot of weight but is still fat.


    One of the odd things about this page was there is some goofball with a screen name of 20697360768197610848997749257662-maria4ubaby that is farking up the screen. WTF???

    Ok, back to Kirstie. Other than that talking baby movie she hasnt done much of anything. So why did ANYONE think it was a good idea to create a show around this erstwhile blimp? This idea is only slightly better than the horrific spectacle of Anna Nicole Smiths show which is why Im giving it a 1.1 rather than a 1.0. Well to sum up this awful creation - its basically another nail in the coffin of Western Civilization.
  • Love it!

    Kirstie Alley is just the best! I love her to death! Too bad the show only had seven episodes, i would have loved to see more of it! Great guest stars, funny writing, I hope I'll see her in something new soon! Veronica's Closet was funny as hell and i was excited, when I heard she had something new coming out. I hoped for great characters like she had on Veronica's Closet and i am glad that i am able to say, that Fat Actress exceeded my expectations. There should be much much more shows like this on TV, because it is a great show to just watch and forget your worldly cares.
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  • Required taste

    Really the only reason this show is on is its celebrity apperances, Ellen degeneras style humor, fat jokes, Kristie Alley and again fat jokes and dieting. I was like why? Kristie is an Emmy winning actress now even though that was almost a decade ago still it counts and why is she exploiting herself? Also *Spoiler* in one epsiode featuring her Leah Remini (King of Queens) and some other familiar face she tries this riducoulous diet where she thinks tiny as in tiny people, tiny voice and living in a frickin playhouse. Also she has the worst assistants one a struggling actor and another a mole face girl who can be seen on Best week Ever. Also they use steriotype such as Black men lick thick woman which is kinda true but is still not really something you say in public. For a six part series it was okay and help time past so overall if you have showtime and don't have a problem laughing to corny jokes watch it.
  • Kinda Funny

    I have to admit. It was better than I thought it would be. A bit goofy and silly (The Pilot Espisode) but I enjoyed it when I was watching. I watch them but not a big fan of reality television but it held my attention. Trying to restart her carrer sounds like an another show :)
    I kinda hoped it wouldn't have been cancelled but wishes don't always come true.
  • Kirsten alley is doing a comedy show and i think its a great show!

    Some people dont like this show because they are saying its offensive but i dont see how it is! Can you? Kirsten alley is a good actress who isnt afraid to show how much weight she gained and for a celebrity thats tough! I like her show because i like shows/ppl that arent afraid to show the real side of them!
  • A almost reality TV show. With great visitors and hillarious Kirstie.

    So funny and great. She really knows how to make fun of herself. The support cast is awesome as well. I have never laughed so hard! I just rented the DVD from my video store and it has quickly become my favorite show. I bought the DVD already. Now I just need Veronica\'s Closet to come out of DVD.
  • Offensive, unfunny, Curb Your Enthusiasm ripoff.

    This is the most unfunny thing to stink the air since "Sex in the City". In this show Kirstie Alley tries to fan the dying flame of her career with this waste of Rachael Harris and Bryan Callen time. It seems like a very out of touch person greenlighted this and thought it would be a success. Racism is always funny! So is making fun of fat people!
  • Fat Actress stars Kirstie Alley, Rachael Harris and Bryan Callen, a television cable improv show that can be seen on cable's Showtime. The series features notable guest stars including John Travolta, Merv Griffith, Leah Remini, Connie Stevens, and many ot

    (c) By Lou Delgado, all rights reserved.

    Rachael Harris' latest work is on Showtime's Fat Actress starring with Kirstie Alley and Bryan Callen. The series features notable guest stars including John Travolta, Merv Griffith, Leah Remini, Connie Stevens, and many others.

    Our Rachael Harris is quite amazing in this series. She is funny, witty, at times very sexy, and her presence in the series is always apparent. It’s a television series worth watching to see her talents in action.

    My favorite moment is when Kirstie Alley's brother, who’s addicted to crack cocaine, crashes his sister's home and later confesses to Rachael's character, Kevyn Shecket, that he's had a long time drug problem. The episode is called "Crack for Good," and features the famed actress Connie Stevens, one the most beautiful women to appear on the silver screen, who does an outstanding job.

    Connie Stevens has clearly not lost her touch. Imagine the sex kitten of the 1960's doing crack. That's how over the top this ensemble show often seems.

    Rachael's best moment in "Crack for Good," is when she, on the prodding of Kirstie Alley's brother, smokes crack cocaine and goes rather wild. I've never seen Rachael so sexy, so erotic. She throws all caution to the wind and sleeps with Bryan Callen's character Eddie Falcon, pronounced Falconeeeee. The dialogue and the setting make this episode a scream.

    And the scene at the pool is also very erotic. Rachael, we did not know you had it in you, but clearly you do.

    At the end of "Crack for Good," as the credits are rolling on the screen, the actors are dancing freestyle. I just wish Rachael had been included in the closing end-credits and seen dancing. Come on Rachael, why not?

    Fans of Rachael Harris need to purchase this DVD, especially if you don’t subscribe to Showtime. The show features an incredible ensemble of actors, including the guest stars. Rachael Harris shines in every episode. As critic Roger Ebert might have put it, "Big thumbs up, way up."

    Finally, the DVD includes some hilarious deleted scenes. Why they were deleted is beyond me, but we are fortunate to see them in this excellent DVD purchase. They are very funny and a great addition. So enjoy this DVD. Not everybody subscribes to Showtime, so this is your opportunity to catch Rachael Harris and her cohorts making you laugh so hard you may soil your pants.
  • Fat Actress was a spoof of reality television, in a humours way Kirstie ALley made her way back to tv, and proved to the media that she still had what it took to act.

    The show was a great addition to tv, but unfortunetly it would have made a better sitcome that revolved around a fictional character. It was humorus, but it lacked a main story line. I gave this an 8.1 because it will be seen as a cult classic. Kirsite alley did a fantastic job, but unfortunetly the stories were weak.