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  • Season 1
    • Big Fat Dog
      Big Fat Dog
      Episode 27
      When Fat Dog eats a glowing rock that the meteor coughed up, he starts growing to gargantuan proportions. Little Costumed Buddy calls the veterinarian for critical advice, but Fat Dog eats the phone. It’s ringing and ringing from the inside. Little Costumed Buddy and Piranha Mae must brave a dangerous and fantastic voyage through Fat Dog’s innards in order to answer the phone and save their pal. Can they make it in time? Don’t hang up … the answer is just on the other end of the line ...moreless
    • Don't Hold Your Breath
      Little Costumed Buddy is bored and decides to sleuth out crime happening in Neighborhood X. Not only does our hero find some crime, he inadvertently creates it! Taking LCB’s idea, Doc Rectangle steals all the air from Neighborhood X and then sells it back huge profits. With time and air running out, Little Costumed Buddy and Fat Dog must save Neighborhood X from the evil, air-grubbing hands of Doc Rectangle. Will our heroes prevail? Tune in, cross your fingers, and most certainly hold your breath!moreless
    • Fat Dog Strikes Back
      When the Bald Moose Lodge hits Neighborhood X in their miniature cars and silly hats, Fat Dog starts acting funny. He’s hiding something. He’s worried about these guys. But, LCB sees the Bald Moose Brethren doing good around town and is sucked into their world. Then, Fat Dog’s greatest fear comes true. The evil leader of the Bald Moose Lodge shows up. Fat Dog must face him or lose Little Costumed Buddy forever.moreless
    • Superboots
      Episode 24
      A relentless and widespread promotional campaign for the latest crazed footwear, Superboots, hits Neighborhood X. Since the ads promise ‘to make you run faster and be better,’ LCB and Fat Dog decide to find jobs so that LCB can buy a pair. But Doc Rectangle has his own fiendish ideas about what he could do with this extra power. The race is on to acquire the last pair of Superboots.moreless
    • Heart of Fat Dog
      Heart of Fat Dog
      Episode 23
      Fat Dog influences Little Costumed Buddy and friends to put their money into a living piggy bank for safekeeping. But, when the piggy bank runs away (and after Fat Dog stops laughing), Fat Dog feels guilty and goes off to find the pig.When Fat Dog doesn’t return by the next morning, LCB is worried sick. He, Onion Boy and Piranha Mae set off on an adventure to find Fat Dog.moreless
    • Gone Today, Gone Tomorrow
      Power outages send Little Costumed Buddy outside to play in the sunlight … what a pain. When the power lines crackle next door and next door to that, Little Costumed Buddy begins to suspect foul play. He consults the Squad Patrol Handbook and he and Fat Dog set out to get to the bottom of the mysterious power drain. Finally, they discover Doc Rectangle up to an evil scheme to destroy the world with his Obliterator 2000. Our heroes must foil his evil plan.moreless
    • An Onion a Day
      An Onion a Day
      Episode 21
      When on a field trip to the Museum Of Unnatural History, Onion Boy is wrongly accused of breaking a valuable dinosaur skull. He’s glibly told to simply go next door to the Land of The Dinosaurs and pick up a new one. Fat Dog and Little Costumed Buddy accompany him. Onion Boy causes quite a stir with his head full of oniony goodness and is arrested forthwith. Fat Dog and Little Costumed Buddy must use their wits to procure the freedom of their friend from the pompous (and very hungry) dinosaurs.moreless
    • Going the Distance
      Going the Distance
      Episode 20
      Little Costumed Buddy is having problems finishing the projects he starts. Fat Dog prescribes a vacation from his busy schedule on a thrilling expedition across Neighborhood X! Fat Dog dons his pith helmet and leads our hero and Piranha Mae from one unfinished endeavor to another.
    • Power Play
      Power Play
      Episode 19
      Little Costumed Buddy figures he’s worthless as a hero without any super powers, so Fat Dog takes him on a quest to the Secret Hidden Fortress of the Crime Fighter's League, who is poised to award a new superpower to a deserving hero!
    • Et Tu Fat Dog
      Et Tu Fat Dog
      Episode 18
      Little Costumed Buddy takes Fat Dog for a birthday meal at their local restaurant but they soon find that they are the after-dinner entertainment.
    • Forgotten Fat Dog
      Forgotten Fat Dog
      Episode 17
      Fat Dog feels threatened when Little Costumed Buddy's grandfather brings him another dog.
    • Bright Side of the Moon
      When Little Costumed Buddy gets bored Fat Dog suggests that they explore the moon.
    • Mom's Mistake
      Mom's Mistake
      Episode 15
      Fat Dog and Little Costumed Buddy have to save the world from flooding when Mom Rectangle leaves her bath running.
    • The Day Fat Dog Stood Still
      When aliens arrive in Neighbourhood X looking to test the worthiness and intelligence of Earthlings they pick Fat Dog as their subject.
    • The Good, the Bad and the Lazy
      Fat Dog asks for Piranha Mae's help in getting Little Costumed Buddy to fulfil his dream and become a member of the Squad Patrol.
    • Bizarre tales of one dog and his man
      Fat Dog Mendoza and Little Costumed Buddy become involved in more adventures in Neighbourhood X.
    • Substitute Fat Dog
      Substitute Fat Dog
      Episode 11
      When Little Costumed Buddy's teacher falls ill, Fat Dog becomes the class' substitute teacher - taking them on a journey to the North Pole.
    • Sunken Heroes
      Sunken Heroes
      Episode 10
      Little Costumed Buddy and Fat Dog rescue three superheroes that have been trapped in a Spanish galleon for over a hundred years.
    • Curses Fat Dog
      Curses Fat Dog
      Episode 9
      Fat Dog and Little Costumed Buddy find older versions of themselves trapped in the garage and vow to break the curse that has imprisoned them.
    • The Ghosts of Lane 13
      After another humiliating bowling defeat Fat Dog and Little Costumed Buddy go in search of a legendary bowling genius.
    • Sell, Sell, Sell!!!
      Little Costumed Buddy begs Fat Dog to help him to get his 'Sales Merit Badge' for his Squad Patrol.
    • World Destruction Weekend!!!
      Fat Dog and Little Costumed Buddy compete in Neighbourhood X's most popular game show to save the world from destruction.
    • Hot Dog Mendoza
      Hot Dog Mendoza
      Episode 5
      Fat Dog and Little Costumed Buddy become famous when they accidentally complete the greatest tractor stunt of all time.
    • Exposing Fat Dog!
      Fat Dog goes on the run as a fugitive when he is accused of committing a crime.
    • Built Free
      Built Free
      Episode 3
      When Little Costumed Buddy finds a robot baby, Fat Dog persuades him to keep it.
    • Citizen 'X'
      Citizen 'X'
      Episode 2
      Fat Dog and Little Costumed Buddy try to persuade Old Man X from moving the Himalayan Mountains into his backyard and destroying large parts of the neighbourhood, but thanks to Cruddy Mcfearson it seems that Little Costume Buddy's house will soon be destroyed. Thanks to some clever thinking, Fat Dog trades Old Man X's childhood snowsled for the deed to the mountains, and Cruddy Mcfearson is delt with by the local residents.moreless
    • Four Feet Deep
      Four Feet Deep
      Episode 1
      Piranha Mae is called to rescue Little Costume Buddy and Fat Dog when Little Costume Buddy's action figure falls to the centre of the Earth, and the two go in after it. Whilst down there, they find a man who wears shoes on his hands, who is angry at his old superhero friends for eating his crisps, and wants revenge.moreless
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