Fat Guy Stuck In Internet

Season 1 Episode 4

Scrote of Trials

Aired Unknown Jul 07, 2008 on Adult Swim

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    It started off with Gemberling in a desert with 23 suns and then gets attacked by a megabyte (was some funny stuff) then get gets rescued by two new characters to the series,Hardrive and Insult-O-Bot. With Hardrive's perverted mind and Insult-O-Bot's continuous insult "you're a homo they make a somewhat funny pair. Then at the same time bit is trapped and byte is getting tortured by the evil Ceo and Chains is sent out to find Gemberling. (this was a VERY funny scene) Gemberling and his new friends go to the Spacebar to find clues of where his friends might be. When there Gemberling sees Chains and they go at it, Chains runs as usual and Gemberling follows. Gemberling shoots down chains and he trys to save him from a quicksand pit, but chains doesn't want to give up his beer. Reluctantly Chains gives up his beer and his life is saved, now his is captured and must spill the beams about the location of Bit and Byte. Meanwhile in the evil Ceo's layer it might be too late for Gemberling, Byte has been transformed into the Ceo's evil follower. All in all this was a awesome episode and was very funny. I suggest if you havent seen it you do.
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