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Fat March

ABC (ended 2008)


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Fat March
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ABC's weight loss reality competition pits twelve overweight contestants against each other for a cash prize of $1.2 million and an ultimate goal of better health. Beginning in Boston for the Boston Marathon, this series ends in Washington, DC as the contestants and two fitness trainers walk over 570 miles over nine states. The more people who cross the finish line, the more money each contestant walks away with. With a more healthy lifestyle as the end result, everyone wins. Based on Great Britain's Channel Four series, Too Big to Walk.
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  • I am still disappointed in the show.

    Even though someone disagreed with my first review, I still think that they are trying to torture these people. Those that are well over 300 lbs have the worst of it. I cannot believe that anyone watching this show would apply for it next year. It is one thing to take you out of your comfort zone and it is another thing to push them till they are injured. They keep harping that they aren't like the show where they live in a mansion. At least on that show, you know what you are getting and the prize doesn't change each week. It is something that they can count on. There is nothing that they can count on in this show, now that they not only have to go the distance, they also have to do it in a certain amount of time. I believe that the incentive to continue is getting less and less each week. Now they are down to only 60 thou and there are at least 2 or 3 that are still on the chopping block. I thought this would be a good weight loss show like the others, but sadly I was disappointed.moreless
  • I think your show is encouraging and uplifting...it's not easy to lose weight.....i would love the opportunity to be a part of somethig as awesome as this....i think all the contestants are amazingmoreless

    awesome awesome awesome......unless you have been where they are you cannot fully understand how big of a step these people are taking....how difficut for america to see you how you don`t even wanna see yourself..they get on a scale in front of america....how many of you out there would do that....one of the first thing you lose as you gain weight is self esteem and second is self worth....i just wanna say you are giving us at home hope...and maybe the courage to do what you are doing....don`t stop trying to help the people who truly need and want it. I would love to be in any one of your shoes....walking with you.moreless
  • More FAT!

    Yet another show featuring fat people hyperventilating, sweating profusely and looking like they are ready to keel over from a heart attack like the cannon ball shaped hypnotist in the cult classic "Office Space", in a quest for $1.2 million in prize money. This show is along the lines of Biggest Loser, Celebrity "FAT" Club and Shaq's BIG Challenge and others Ive forgotten about. Whats next.... the FAT Channel? ..... .......... ......... ......... ........ ......... ....... .......... ....... .....

    Most people, myself included, need to lose a few pounds but watching shows like this is pretty dull. If I had to pick one to watch it would be Celebrity FAT (-its really FIT) Club since they have at least one psychopath in the cast who makes the show marginally interesting if theres nothing else on TV at the time. As for this show? NEXT.......... Watching even 5 minutes of it last night was plenty....moreless
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