Fatal Vows



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  • Season 6
    • Bored to Death
      Episode 13
    • Sins of the Heart
      Episode 12
      Young, rich, and religious, John and Nikki Hillrich fall in love at college. It's a match made in heaven- but hell is not far off. When desire collides with faith, secret lives marked by sinful liaisons and menacing new friends shatter their perfect life.
    • Deceitful Secrets
      Episode 11
      Cecil and Larlane Brown have been together for years. But their secrets and lies, ignored and neglected for decades, threaten to turn their 50-year relationship into a bloody battleground.
    • 10/20/18
      When Darren and Elizabeth marry eight weeks after meeting, no one thinks it's a good idea.The couple just doesn't care. But when one partner is attacked, and a sniper is spotted across the way, it seems as if everyone was right.
    • 10/6/18
      It's a military match made in heaven for Roger and Margorie. But a tangled nest of financial secrets and twisted lies ruins the young couple's future. And while the rise of their careers and romance seems meteoric, the ensuing fall is deadly.
    • 9/29/18
      Stephanie and Daniel are young, in love, and happily balancing work and play. But before long, tensions are set off by disappointment, self-loathing, and a mutual affection for the bottle. And by the final curtain call, only one of them is left standing.
    • 9/22/18
      Corinne isn't a demanding woman—she just wants what many lonely people want: a second chance at love. And when she meets Calvin Stoudt she finally gets it. But a too-close roommate and a monstrous past turn this second chance into a deadly battleground.
    • 9/15/18
      Longtime married couple Dino and Clara run a successful bail bond company. But when Dino's long hours and a missing bail jumper make Clara both suspicious and nervous, a hidden secret is all it takes to make this bond come undone in the blink of an eye.
    • 9/8/18
      Most high school love ends in heartbreak, but not Richard and Jolena's romance. Years later, their love is rekindled—but one of them is married to someone else. Tempers flare, trust is betrayed and one in the triangle will end up dead.
    • The Bad Apple
      Episode 4
      Francis "Nicky" Nicolosi and his devout new wife Ellie are living out the perfect retirement. But when one is found dead in an apple orchard, police discover that there's more to this seemingly frail and religious couple than anyone imagined.
    • 8/25/18
      A gold-digging socialite and a wealthy real-estate mogul: Gary and Pam Triano's whirlwind romance results in marriage, shady business deals, betrayals and one very bitter custody battle, and leads to a climax that's nothing short of explosive.
    • 8/18/18
      Nurses Lara Crockett and Ricardo Muscolino meet on the night shift. He's ambitious and sets about creating a rich life for them and she's happy to go along. But his scheming eventually drives Lara into the arms of another man—with explosive results.
    • A Watery Grave
      Episode 1
      Jeff and Jeanine Glanda have a picture-perfect family until selfishness and a shameless affair mark the beginning of the end. As money troubles and the threat of divorce breed paranoia and hate, a plot is hatched in the dark heart of a twisted killer.
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