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wht is your idea for new episodes of fate stay night how should it be

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    my idea would be that in the episode 24 shiros order to destroy the grail would be a dream but the saber drinks from the holy grail because she loves shiro and gets another chance to live and shiro awakens in the lap of saber and discovers that actually sakura is his real sister and was borned just before shiros actual mother before dieing in fire gives birth to sakura and is adopted by shinjis family. a strange man make servent 10 riodo with unbelievable power and servent riodo kills his master and creates the 9 servent and his dream to conquer the world so servent 9 creates monsters by capturing humans and then soon saber, shiro,tohsaka rin , iilya battle the monsters and finally kill servant 9 and 10 and save the world . this thing can be divided into many episodes as they together kill many monsters

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