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  • A solid and very enjoyable anime, although it is in need of a few extra episodes as the ending feels a little rushed.

    The show centres on Shirou Emiya a young sorcerer with very limited powers. One day however, Shirou accidentally gets involved in a dangerous situation and he summons a servant to save him. It turns out that Shirou has become involved in the Holy Grail War, a battle in which seven sorcerers each summon a servant (these servants are actually famous historical figures that must take on assumed names so that they do not expose their weaknesses to their enemy's for example Berserker is Hercules, Saber is Quinevere etc)and they fight to the death. When only one sorcerer remans they are granted the Holy Grail and thus may make any wish they dsire and have it come true.

    This is an excellent anime with some very cool fight scenes and some excellent animation. The only downside is that the last few episodes feel very rushed and could have done with being padded out over an extra few epeisodes. Despite this it is still excellent.
  • Fate/Stay Night is a story of a Holy Grail war, where Magi fight to obtain the power of the Holy Grail.

    The story is told, by a young Magi, Shirou Emiya, who has no experience and very little potential in magic, who is able to summon Saber as a servant. Unwillingly he now has to partake in the Holy Grail wars, with one of the biggest problems is he doesn't like violence as such and he wants to help the world, not fight over some power. He either fights or dies.

    Sounds interesting enough sure, and it is. Although it can get a bit boring at times, the story is well developed. The character designs (costumes) are done extremely well with detailed and clear outlooks on how they want their characters portrayed. They have done character personality well though Shirou Emiya really gets on my nerves, for refusing to fight and trying to be all heroic. In some regards his character isn't really believable. There is a vast range of servants with different abilities and strengths which gives Fate/Stay Night some awesome fight scenes throughout the series. Overall a good show that I would recommend you to watch.
  • This show is about magicians and their servants, epic heros, trying to obtain the holy grail in the "Holy Grail War" The main characters are Emiya Shirou, Sabre- king Arthur, Archer-future shirou, Tohsaka, and a few other magicians and servants.

    This is one of my personal favorites. I really wish that they'd give us another season of this show. I personally liked how the show was always creative and full of action, but still had a really complicated love aspect to it. It's really sad that not only sabre and shirou didn't end up together but she went and died. I wasn't happy about that. There were a lot of really good twists and turns in the plot. Specifically how (spoiler here) Archer is the future shirou. That was a good one. You can tell because during his fight with berserker he calls Illya by her name and throws says things that Shirou will learn later on, like how berserker has multiple lives, and that he can manifest weapons, like shirou can. All in all this is a great anime. One of the best.
  • I like this very much as I like myself.Well as soon as I can remember is that the servants are Saber,Archer,Berserker,Rider,Lancer,Gilgamesh,Caster and Assasin.And their masters are Shirou Emiya,Tohsaka Rin and I forget the other then Kiritsugu,that's

    I like this show especially episode 10 {laughs}.Its a secret why I like it any way I would not even believe that Saber would be in love with Shirou and I am confused why is she presenting KIng Arthur if she is a girl.And she is the strongest among the servants.And I like that too.She didn't got easy on Rider Berserker Assasin Lancer Gilgamesh
    .Know why I didn't mentioned Caster and Archer?.Its because Archer were killed by Berserker while Caster where killed by Gilgamesh.You know that in the 5 servants that Saber killed she didn't killed them all so easily.I like it so mich
  • For anyone who enjoys a good action series, this is worth a shot.

    I thought that Fate/Stay Night was actually a really good show. For the most part, the animation was excellent, and the music played out pretty nicely as well. Despite these things though, it did tend to feel a little slow at times, although that could just be me. The plot was fine: intriguing, exciting, and it kept me at the computer for several hours. The action in the show is pretty great, too, especially if you're a person who loves to see a special, flashy attack from various characters in a series. :) There are plenty of those to be had here, making each fight have a very climactic feel near the end of the battles, which, to me, is a good thing.
    Furthermore, all the characters have very in-depth personalities, which make them all that much more interesting and curious to observe.
    This show is definitely worth checking out.
  • Just a great show

    This is a great anime, is a hight quallity drawing and a great story , a bit too sad and a bit short , but it is really worth watching .
    The characters are really nice , I really couldn 't find out with whom Emiya would fall in love ( I fought he would end up with Rin ).
    The king Arthur and stuff was a bit too much, i guess would be better if Saber was a unknown hero , I really did not like the Arthuria thing or even Giglamesh.
    The rest is really nice , you should watch it .
    See ya !
  • A greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat show and my all time favourite.

    Now this is the show that really worth my time. When i first watched it , never thought that i would become so gripped by it. The plot was quite intelligent. The story become better and better by every episode. And the end was unexpected as well. Althought it was a bit sad too. But sad endings always leave a strong impact don't they. The 8th servent stuff was pretty cool too. I was pretty afraid when berserker died because he was supposed to be the strongest and i was worrying that the last remaining servent might not be strong enough. But gilgamesh turned out to be the strongest. So, according to me:
    Story- 9/10. It was pretty good.
    sound-8/10. The second opening and in between sound waa gr8.
  • There's only so far one can improve a hentai video game script before they need to give up and start a new series.

    I received ecstatic reviews from several friends about this series, but I found myself wondering just why I sat through the week or so it took to watch the whole thing. While there was plenty of action and no limit to the awkward hints at romance, the ending was dry and felt rather disconnected, as if the writers held an ending party while writing the final scenes.

    Sure, there was resolution to a degree, but there was nothing emotional connected to it. In a series such as this one, the viewer shouldn't be left thinking 'what's the point?' when they finish watching it. This series gets an 8.5/10, and that's with me being generous.
  • Two wishes and one chance to make it happen.

    This show has a great deal of history tied into it. First and foremost are the "servants," these people are actually legendary heroes or villains from the past, present, or even the future. On top of that these heroes exist in Greek, British and even Japanese mythology. The primary catch is figuring out who is who and from where they came from. The story line is well thought out and it did a spectacular job keeping my attention. For this storyline the creators actually combined elements from all three of the Manga storylines, and they did a beautiful job melding them together. I have found myself caring for the characters and wanting them to find their way. Needless to say I am itching for the final disc to see what happens! The animation is spectacular as well as the backdrops for the entire series. The fight scenes are well placed and occur when they are needed. During the fights the servants unleash their true power and some of their powers left me breathless. If you enjoyed Escaflowne you will enjoy this. Enjoy!
  • AWESOME anime!! xD

    Fate/stay night chronicles a two-week period in the life of Shiro Emiya, an amateur mechanic who attends school at Homurabara Gakuen in Fuyuki City. Ten years ago, Shiro was caught in a massive inferno that incinerated his parents and consumed a large portion of the city; as he was dying, an enigmatic man discovers and treats him. This man, Kiritsugu Emiya, decides to adopt him, though the two maintain a distant relationship because of Kiritsugu's frequent departures from Fuyuki City. One moonlit night, Kiritsugu and Shiro have a discussion outside of their home, and Shiro discovers a fact about his father that Kiritsugu had previously kept hidden. Through their conversation, Shiro learns of his foster father's failed life ambition to become a "Hero of Justice", a guardian of mankind who could protect the weak and innocent. Touched by Kiritsugu's conviction, Shiro affirms to his foster father that he intends to devote his life to achieving that distant ideal, much to Kiritsugu's chagrin. To do this, Shiro pleads with a begrudging Kiritsugu to teach him sorcery; but Shiro proves to be talentless in almost all the fundamental sorcerous disciplines. Kiritsugu warns his son that the life of a sorcerer is one that leads to destruction, but if he is truly set on benefiting people, he should apply his knowledge in secret and hone his craft in private. After Kiritsugu dies, Shiro becomes frustrated with his progress, for he feels inadequate about his good deeds through sorcery and is unsure of how to orient his future to contribute more. Unknown to Shiro, Fuyuki City is the setting for a secret and violent war among competing magi. For the past two centuries, seven sorcerers assemble and engage in a Battle Royale, each gambling his or her own life to obtain the Holy Grail, a legendary chalice capable of granting wishes. The past four Holy Grail Wars have typically occurred every sixty years, with the most recent concluding a decade ago, but the fifth war has eerily started prematurely. These sorcerers, better known as Masters, are aided by spiritual familiars known as Servants, who are the reincarnations of legendary souls from all across time. These resurrected Epic Spirits, possess superhuman characteristics and wield powerful artifacts or abilities called Noble Phantasms. A Noble Phantasm's hidden abilities may be released by invoking its true name, but casual brandishing of a Noble Phantasm is best avoided, for symbolic Noble Phantasms usually belie a Servant's identity, diminishing that Servant's competitive advantage. Specific legends may be summoned with the aid of catalysts, which are artifacts, ideas, or experiences similar or of value to the desired Servant. Only one Servant can be summoned in each war from one of seven classes: Saber, Archer, Lancer, Berserker, Rider, Assassin, and Caster. The Holy Grail is a spiritual artifact, so only astral entities, such as Servants, are capable of touching it; this restriction forces Master and Servant to cooperate with each other against rival pairs, even if a situation entails fighting to the death. Masters control Servants with three Command Mantra, which are crystallized miracles issued by the Holy Grail that manifest on a Master's hand. When activated, Command Mantra permit a Servant to accomplish an incredible feat, or alternatively provide Masters with the authority to issue an irrevocable and absolute order to a Servant. In the event of a Master's demise, a Servant may choose to bind him or herself to another Master; if a Servant is slain, a Master may ally with a wayward Servant or pursue sanctuary with the Holy Grail War's impartial supervisor, who is traditionally a delegate of the Roman Catholic Church. After cleaning his school's kyudo (archery) dojo late one night, Shiro stumbles upon two Servants, Archer and Lancer, battling in a courtyard. To avoid compromising the war's secrecy, Lancer hunts down and kills Shiro. For an unknown reason, Shirô's classmate, Rin Tosaka, uses an heirloom filled with concentrated Mana to resuscitate him. Shaken and dazed, Shirô stumbles back to his home, but is again attacked by Lancer. Shiro weakly defends himself but is soon overwhelmed by the powerful Servant and falls into his basement. Cornered, Shiro prepares for the worst; but before Lancer can inflict another fatal blow, a young woman outfitted in alabaster armor drives him away. She introduces herself to Shiro as Saber.
  • Hehe , nice anime. :) You'll like it!

    It is a clear 10. WTF? Can`t say to much or i will spoil all the fun. This is a story that i really wanted to hear , if you want to know the anime better even if you seen it you must look on wikipedia for more info. That way you may find out all details about it. This anime is a bout might and magic , about heroic battles. Wonderfull!! Tears come out of my eyes as i write this review , this was such a cool anime. :`]
    The anime may be a little bit annoying at the begining but in time the story flowers. Watch it , i promise it won`t be disapointing.
  • Heroes of the past are brought back into a contest for the Grail, a prize coveted by both Master and Servant alike.

    To fully understand Fate/Stay Night, one has to be knowledgeable of past legends. All heroes have had an ultimate goal, and a downfall. Fate/Stay Night brings together these legends and gives them the final solution: the Grail, an object that is said to answer the wishes of the one who possesses it. Incorporation of the modern world gives us the main character, a supposed random boy who just happens to have had a magician as a foster father. However, as the anime goes on, we learn of the relation between his servant, father, and his own fate. Pace is of an acceptable speed, and art is flashy and detailed. However, Fate/Stay Night sometimes gives half-answers, leaving us confused and asking if there is any more. Of course, the whole story is revealed through the other series and games involved with Fate/Stay Night. Overall, an anime recommended.
  • Everything about the show is extemely interesting and entertaining except the main star. If you can manage to get past his annoyance you'll love this show.

    I probably would have given this show a 10 if it wasn't for Shiro, the main character. Maybe up to 20 times I found myself wanting to stop watching this show because Shiro was so annoying and over and over would do something completely stupid. Really, if it wasn't for the fact that I liked all the other characters, especially Saber and Rin, I would not have gotten further than 5 episodes in.

    The art work is typical of the newer anime shows with sharp colors and lines and quality animation. The fight scenes are also all very well animated. I also liked the fact it was in wide screen format. There really wasn't anything about the animation or art work I didn't like.

    The characters are mostly well developed and the story continues developing them throughout, all except Shiro of course. How they could create a show with so many likeable characters but have the main character be so damn annoying is beyond reasoning.