Fate/Stay Night

TV Tokyo (ended 2006)





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  • This show is about magicians and their servants, epic heros, trying to obtain the holy grail in the "Holy Grail War" The main characters are Emiya Shirou, Sabre- king Arthur, Archer-future shirou, Tohsaka, and a few other magicians and servants.

    This is one of my personal favorites. I really wish that they'd give us another season of this show. I personally liked how the show was always creative and full of action, but still had a really complicated love aspect to it. It's really sad that not only sabre and shirou didn't end up together but she went and died. I wasn't happy about that. There were a lot of really good twists and turns in the plot. Specifically how (spoiler here) Archer is the future shirou. That was a good one. You can tell because during his fight with berserker he calls Illya by her name and throws says things that Shirou will learn later on, like how berserker has multiple lives, and that he can manifest weapons, like shirou can. All in all this is a great anime. One of the best.