Father Dowling Mysteries - Season 2

ABC (ended 1991)




Episode Guide

  • The Passionate Painter Mystery

    Suffering for the sake of one's art is one thing, but this temperamental artist's talent might soon be hidden beneath a sad addiction to drugs and alcohol. And that's just the start of his problems. He's just discovered that someone is also trying to kill him.

  • The Legacy Mystery
    The Legacy Mystery
    Episode 12

    Father Dowling and Sister Stephanie find themselves embroiled in a series of art thefts when an icon is stolen from St. Michael's. A mystery thief is methodically stealing art treasures that once belonged to the wealthy Cabot family. Father Dowling has an inkling the thief might be the surviving son, Jonathan Cabot. The only question is why would a rich businessman take the risk of stealing the paintings when he could easily afford to buy them outright? And Cabot has ironclad alibis for each theft.

  • The Solid Gold Headache Mystery

    Sister Steve knows better than to look a gift horse in the mouth, but why would anyone name her as administrator of a six million dollar trust fund? And if you think she is puzzled, the family of the dearly departed are very upset. In fact, they are willing to do just about anything to keep Sister Steve away from the fund. And to show they are serious, they kidnap Marie. They have offered to let her go as soon as someone comes up with six million dollars.

  • The Confidence Mystery

    A con-man has his eye on a valuable church receptacle that Father Prestwick is taking to Romania. He'll stop at nothing to get his hands on the monstrance, even if he has to permanently inconvenience Father Prestwick. It's up to Father Dowling and Sister Steve to put a cap on the con.

  • The Perfect Couple Mystery

    Father Dowling and Sister Steve find themselves smack dab in the middle of a top secret security investigation when one of the parishioners is suspected of stealing confidential documents. The case revolves around a spy who really isn't a spy, a mistress who never was and a cheating husband who didn't. Add to the mix a FBI headquarters that never existed and you've got a case that's about as clear as Irish Stew.

  • The Falling Angel Mystery

    An "angel" visits Father Dowling and Sister Steve at the parish and delivers a stern warning that big trouble is hiding just around the next corner. One of the parishioners is about to be "charged" with the "crime" of guilt by association when it is revealed that his late father was connected with the underworld.

  • The Blind Man's Bluff Mystery

    Sister Steve has always been a trusting soul. It's part of her job, of course. So it is no surprise when she opens her heart to a blind man who seems to be in need of assistance. But she soon discovers that she has become an unwitting accomplice in a scheme to blackmail a prominent parishioner.

  • The Ghost Of A Chance Mystery

    Father Dowling is more than a little skeptical when a young woman insists that her house is haunted. He agrees to investigate just the same after Sister Steve confesses that she has also seen some of the unexplained "happenings." Father Dowling concludes that something is indeed amiss, but is it the work of a person or a spirit?

  • The Woman Scorned Mystery
    Is Father Dowling serving up a stew of lechery, larceny and murder? No, it's the work of his evil twin brother, Blaine, who is trying to lure lonely matrons into a phony investment scheme. Father Dowling is forced to masquerade as the wicked brother in a last-ditch effort to prove his innocence and pin the rap on the woman's real killer.moreless
  • The Stone Killer Mystery

    Someone is using Father Dowling for target practice and the marksman appears to be an angry ex-con the Father testified against eight years ago. Full police protection is offered but he refuses believing that he cannot run the parish with a police presence.

  • The Sanctuary Mystery

    Sister, Father and a brother find themselves in a life and death situation when Sister Steve's younger brother, Mark, finds himself in the middle of a street gang battle. Someone ends up dead and Mark is the one charged with murder. He points the finger at the real killer, Police Captain Edward Hayton, and then finds himself leading candidate in the role of next potential victim. Father Dowling throws his hat into the ring and finds a case that involves not only murder, but smugglers trafficking in precious gems.

  • The Exotic Dancer Mystery

    Sister Steve heads undercover as a crooked card dealer at a high stakes poker game. It turns out the game is really nothing more than a ploy to cover up a robbery. Meanwhile, Father Dowling has his work cut out for him. He has to expose the crime, solve the murder of the exotic dancer and rescue Sister Steve before the card sharks find out her true identity.

  • The Visiting Priest Mystery

    Father Dowling and Sister Steve are visited by a fake priest. It turns out "Father" Damon is actually a hit man sent to kill someone. As Frank and Steve search to find evidence of his true identity and his the identity intended victim, the fake Father ingratiates himself in the parish. But not everyone is fooled.