Father Dowling Mysteries - Season 3

ABC (ended 1991)




Episode Guide

  • The Joyful Noise Mystery
    The local District Attorney's office is home to bullets and ballots as deadly rivals battle for power. One man is already dead and an innocent boy has been charged with murder. Father Dowling tries to expose the real killer before a political rally becomes a blood bath.
  • The Consulting Detective Mystery
    It is difficult to tell who is consulting with whom when Sherlock Holmes comes to the aid of Father Dowling. The pair prove to be an unbeatable team as they put their powers of deduction to the supreme test as eyewitnesses to multiple murders. There's only one hitch: No one other than Dowling can actually see Mr. Holmes!moreless
  • The Malibu Mystery
    The Malibu Mystery
    Episode 20
    Father Dowling is on the trail of a runaway teen who is taking a walk on the wild side of L.A.'s night life.
  • The Hard Boiled Mystery
    An author who used Dowling and Steve as characters in his murder mystery dies before its completion.
  • The Monkey Business Mystery
    Father Dowling and Sister Steve go out on a limb when they kidnap a chimp accused of murdering an animal activist. The killer-chimp will be put to sleep unless they can prove it has been framed.
  • The Mummy's Curse Mystery
    While visiting the Chicago Museum to take in a Pharaoh's burial chamber, Father Dowling and Sister Steve encounter an ancient Egyptian curse. Father Prestwick almost becomes a victim himself when he attempts to uncover the tomb's deadly secrets.
  • The Priest Killer Mystery
    When a rooftop sniper almost kills Father Dowling, Sister Steve goes undercover as a cab driver, hoping the flush out the would-be priest-killer.
  • The Moving Target Mystery
    A hired killer has a change of heart when he discovers that Father Dowling is his intended victim. He warns the priest that someone else is certain to accept the contract. Now it's up to Father Dowling to figure out who, and why, someone is out to get him.
  • The Prodigal Son Mystery
    A blast from the past rocks Father Dowling's world when a man he's never met shows up claiming to be his son. The man disappears before Father Dowling can question him. And then his would-be son is charged with murder.
  • The Missing Witness Mystery
    Sister Steve has disguised herself as a trashy lady-of-the-evening in order to track down a witness who can clear the name of a young businessman charged with murder. But was he really framed or is he actually guilty? Father Dowling is not certain.
  • The Substitute Sister Mystery
    Father Dowling and Sister Steve are caught in the middle of the battle of the bugs when warring exterminators do battle over franchise rights. The plot is further thickened by a nun who isn't, a hitman who is and a mobster who will do anything to rescue his daughter.
  • The Fugitive Priest Mystery
    Trouble is brewing for Father Dowling when his evil twin brother rolls into town. Blaine manages to frame his brother for a bank robbery, while protecting himself with a perfect alibi: He's been arrested for overdue parking tickets. With the help of Sister Steve, Father Dowling masquerades as his troublesome twin in order to track down his underworld associates.moreless
  • The Christmas Mystery
    There's a murder attempt on a woman who has left her son in the temporary care of St. Michael's and the search for the culprit leads to a department store on Christmas Eve.
  • The Vanishing Victim Mystery
    Father Dowling stumbles into a kidnapping plot when he befriends a young woman who is about to disappear. Fearing the worst, Sister Steve signs on as the family's new maid to try and find out what happened to the girl.
  • The Reasonable Doubt Mystery
    Father Dowling does his duty, jury duty, in a murder case that should have been open and shut. Father Dowling is not so sure and his claim of reasonable doubt ends in a deadlocked jury. While the DA angrily works toward a retrial, Father Dowling and Sister Steve conduct an investigation of their own, at the center of which is the testimony of an eyewitness who seems to keep company with some unusual sorts.moreless
  • The Murder Weekend Mystery
    It's man against machine when a hired killer uses computer technology to conceal his crime during a weekend retreat for mystery writers. A series of traps further complicate the investigation and one of them almost costs Sister Steve her life.
  • The Undercover Nun Mystery
    Sister Steve's return to her Mother's house to celebrate the convent's Silver Jubilee ceremonies should be a time of great joy for everyone. But shortly after arriving the Sister discovers a nun with a gun. Not quite what she expected. And her worst fears are indeed realized when another visiting nun is murdered.moreless
  • The Movie Mystery
    The Movie Mystery
    Episode 5
    Everyone is enjoying the slice of Hollywood as a movie crew uses St. Michael's as a location, until a series of unexplained, and life-threatening, accidents put a damper on the mood. Father Dowling and Sister Steve are enlisted to assist in the investigation while Father Prestwick decides to make his screen debut...as a stand in.moreless
  • The Showgirl Mystery
    A showy showgirl of a shady nightclub is surprised to discover that her late husband's estate consists of nothing but debts. Or is she the victim of a scam to deprive her out of a small fortune? The investigation reveals a motley crew of underworld characters as Father Dowling and Sister Steve go hunting for a suspect.moreless
  • The Devil In The Deep Blue Sea Mystery
    When most people look at Harry Deil they see one of the most powerful men in underworld crime. Father Dowling sees something else, something even more sinister: The devil. Now Father Dowling must beat him at his own game in order to save Sister Steve.
  • The Medical Mystery
    The local hospital is the scene of some 'extra' deaths when Father Dowling and Sister Steve uncover a string of mystery murders. Father Prestwick insists on helping out and almost becomes the next victim.
  • The Royal Mystery
    The Royal Mystery
    Episode 1
    It looks like a royal mess when Sister Steve find herself trapped in a Royal scandal. The Sister trades places with a frisky British noblewoman in order to infiltrate a trade delegation. Father Dowling has his hands full riding shotgun, trying to keep an eye open for the Sister's Royal killer.moreless