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    I read today that season one of FKB is due out in spring 2008. This show is dated and is unbelievably hokey. Near the end of practically every episode, that sappy music starts playing and you know someone is about to admit they've done something so terribly wrong but everyone is always so forgiving and says we still love you!!! Please, give me a break. Hand me a hanky, will ya? BOO HOO!!!

    Leave It To Beaver was a much better family show than this contrived crap, even Billy Gray has been quoted that he hates FKB and is ashamed he took part in it. Hugh Beaumont is a far superior TV dad compared to Robert Young's bellowing, frightful father figure. Leave It To Beaver, The Honeymooners classic 39, and Amos N Andy are the best sitcoms from the 50's. The rest of em don't measure up, and that includes I Love Lucy. What an overrated show that is. Unattractive Lucille Ball and that nasaly whine of hers. Mercy, is that awful. A few episodes are OK but overall the show is just not that funny.

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