Father Knows Best - Season 2

CBS (ended 1960)




Episode Guide

  • Betty's Graduation
    Episode 37
    As Kathy approaches her completion of Junior High, she grows anxious. She is scared that this is the end. Jim tries to reassure her that Betty felt this way last year, when she graduated High School. As graduation grows nearer no one can reconcile Kathy’s fears.
  • Adopted Daughter
    Episode 36
    Kathy is cleaning up and finds a receipt for $25 from the adoption center. She is sure that she has been adopted and is determined to get Jim and Margaret to confuss the truth to her.
  • 5/16/56
    Jim and Margaret are so tired of the family dynamics. The children will not stop tattling on each other. They offer a ten dollar review to the child that does not tattle for one week.
  • 5/9/56
    Kathy is al excited because if she can find five more herbs, her folder will be complete and she can get her promotion to tribe princess. She gets dad to give her a ride into the woods. She finds to herbs but unfortunately leaves the folder and all its contents in the woods. She does not realize it until she gets home. She is devastated. Once at home Bud and Betty have a big fight. Bud has refused to do a favor to help his sister. Will Dad show Bud how important it is to do a favor by going back and getting Kathy’s folder or will he teach Kathy a lesson about being responsible?moreless
  • Hero Father
    Episode 33
    All Star, Duke Snider, guest stars in this episode. Bud impresses his classmates when his father gets Duke Snider make a visit to Springfield.
  • 4/25/56
    Margaret is candid about some minor issues with her children. The members of the PTA interpret her remarks less than flattering. They think she can not control her own children.
  • 4/18/56
    Betty and her boyfriend are getting along wonderful until his father and Jim have a fight. After the fight, he refuses to see her ever again.
  • 4/11/56
    After a job fair, Betty decides she would like to be an engineer. The students are able to sign up for practical work experience to see if the vocation is right for them. Betty’s friends are opposed to her choice of professions because she is a girl. Unfortunately, her boss for the practical experience thinks a woman’s place is in the home. How will Betty resolve this situation?moreless
  • Bud, the Boxer
    Episode 29
    Eddie Jarvis is the school bully. He challenges Bud to a boxing match. Bud takes an embarrassing lost. Jim encourages Bud to join the boxing club. Bud is a quick study and soon becomes a star. The match against the champion, Eddie Jarvis, is made. Bud is excited about the match. Jim is proud. Margaret and Betty are furious that Bud is becoming the bully he once detested.moreless
  • Family Dines Out
    Episode 28
    Betty has a new friend, Elouise Sanford. Elouise is from an upper class family. Betty is concerned that she will not be able to keep the friendship unless Elouise thinks they are from the same class. Betty tells Elouise that of course she and her family are attending the opening of the Country Club. Jim is anger. How can they afford to attend? He finally agrees because he knows how much this means to Betty. Bud had just taken a job as a cook in a local restaurant. He got the job because he promised that he would be able to get them more customers. Jim had told Bud, he could count on him to help. The first day of his job is also the club’s opening. How will Jim handle the situation?moreless
  • Family Reunion
    Episode 27
    Margaret is all excited about her family reunion. Her excitement is not shared by the family. They have found all kinds of excuses to prevent them from going to her reunion.
  • 3/7/56
    Bud has a new friends that he has invited to stay over night at the Anderson Home. Unfortunately the friend has decided to make their home his new residency. What will the Anderson's do when they discover that he does not have a family.
  • 2/29/56
    In college Jim was spent so much time with his four college pals that they were known as the Four Musketeers. Charly Bradley, one of his college pals, is in town. Jim comes to realize that all three of his pals have become financially extremely successful. Jim starts feeling bad that his only claim to fame is selling insurance policies. He does not consider himself successfully. Jim starts to wrestling with his own conscious, what makes a man successful?moreless
  • 2/22/56
    Bud is given an assignment to write an essay about a great man from the War of Independence. Jim inspires Bud to write about an ancestor of theirs named Major Nathaniel Oliver Anderson. During his research Bud discovers that the Major is anything but a war hero. He turns to Betty for advice. How should he deal with the facts he has discovered about Major Anderson?moreless
  • 2/15/56
    Kathy is much younger than Bud and Betty. Though they love her they often do want to play with her. Kathy is tired of being left alone with her dolls to play. She wants to have a real baby sister to play with. Her best friend Susi is tired of dealing with a real baby sister. The girls decide to trade. The Andersons are quite surprised to come home to a baby in the house. When the go to return the child, Kathy insists that they can not because of a lesson the family has taught her: a trade is a trade and can not be canceled unless both parties agree.moreless
  • The Bus to Nowhere
    Episode 22
    Betty has been depressed for over a week. No one has been able to cheer her up. Betty seems to be facing a personal crisis and is searching for the meaning of life. She reads a story that Bud has written for school about searching for the meaning of life by going on a bus and taking it to no where in particular. What happens when she decides to make Bud’s story her reality?moreless
  • Bud, The Wallflower
    Episode 21
    Bud is depressed because he has not been invited to the Sadie Hawkins dance at school. He decides to plan a camping trip.
  • The House Painter
    Episode 20
    The Anderson’s are getting their house painted. This starts a moral discussion and the family wage a bet. Betty and Jim are having a discussion about responsibility and pride in a job well done versus the old mighty dollar. Jim feels the man he has hired to paint the house has his own personal business and wants to sincerely to thought of as a man that does quality work. Betty is sure the man is more driven by money. Jim makes a bet with Betty. Jim will make an offer to the painter to use cheap quality paint in exchange for earning some extra money. If the painter accepts the offer Jim wins. If he turns down the offer Jim loses. Jim is so sure that he will win that he offers to by his wife the needed second car if he loses. Will the family get a second car?moreless
  • 1/18/56
    Jim refused to buy a formal dress for the dance for Betty because it cost too much money. He insists that if she wants the dress, she can earn the money herself. Betty goes out and gets a job. She earns the money and buys the dress. She has not allowed anyone to know where she is working. Jim and Margaret are getting concerned on several levels. One is the fear that she no longer needs them now that she can earn her own money. The other concern is where is she working? What happens when her parents spot her in her uniform?moreless
  • Betty's Brother
    Episode 18
    Because of the large age difference between Kathy and Betty, it was been easy for Kathy to be proud to have a sister like Betty. Bud is close in age to Betty and now is attending the same school. It is tough for him to follow after Betty. She is known for being an outstanding student. Bud has lost his self-confidence and identity. In a response to the situation his behaviors change. He starts acting out which includes starting fights. The principal, Jim and Margaret are confused with the change in his behaviors. No one has a clue what is wrong?moreless
  • Jim, the Tyrant
    Episode 17
    Jim has had a bad day at work. When he comes home from the office his mood is amplified when the family ignores him. He responses with a kick jerk declaring that the family is lacking in discipline. He affirms his statement stating that it would take a tyrant to get the family back on track. The next day Kathy has a bad day. She is annoying the other family members. Her general behaviors a inconsiderate. It make matters worse she breaks a window. How is tyrant Jim going to respond?moreless
  • Betty Hates Carter
    Episode 16
    Jim has decided to play match maker for his daughter for an upcoming ball. He sets up a blind date with her. He has chosen a young man, Carter, who is the son of a business associate. Betty is anger. She did not ask to go to the dance. She did not ask to be set up with a blind date. Betty decides that to pay Dad back she will make sure the date is a flop. She tries hard to be repulsed by Cater but will repulsion leads to attraction for the couple.moreless
  • Bad Influence
    Episode 15
    Bud has a new friend. Unfortunately, his new friend is a kleptomaniac and Bud gets blame for his friend’s actions.
  • Stage to Yuma
    Episode 14
    Not a FKB episode at all. Robert Young tells us at the beginning that "the family is on vacation this week"(lucky them) and then proceeds to introduce what is clearly meant to be a Western pilot for an entirely different show. The Western craze had just hit American TV at about this time, and Young wanted to get aboard the stagecoach. In this case, however, it's a good thing he missed it because this pilot stinks.moreless
  • 11/30/55
    Margaret's recent predictions have convinced that family that she has psychic powers.
  • Bud, the Ladykiller
    Episode 12
    At school a dorky classmate of Bud’s has a crush on him. Bud is repulsed by Dora. He feels she is down right embarrassing to be seen near. He makes some rude comments to get rid of her. His parents find out what he has done and insist that he do the right thing and apologize. Dora maybe a geek, but she is not stupid. She does not accept his lame apology. Now Bud is really in trouble. He will be punished if he can not get her to accept his apology. What can Bud do to show her that he really means it?moreless
  • Spirit of Youth
    Episode 11
    Betty, Bud and Kathy are convinced that Mom and Dad are very old. Jim and Margaret take it in stride until the go to Jim’s class reunion.
  • Father Is a Dope
    Episode 10
    Jim becomes paranoid after watching a family sitcom on television. On the sitcom a father is about to take a hunting trip and they manipulates the dad into staying home. Jim has a trip planned with his neighbor to go hunting. Jim is sure his own family is going to prevent the trip with the same tricks as the sitcom family.moreless
  • The Big Test
    Episode 9
    For once in his life Bud has studied hard for a big test. When he gets the highest grade in the class, he is accused of cheating.
  • Advantage to Betty
    Episode 8
    Betty is excited her tennis team has made the championships. She and her doubles partner, Jula, are in the play offs. A reporter from the local paper wants to take a picture of the team. He is drawn to Betty and takes a picture of her alone. His photo of her makes all the newspapers. It makes it appear that she is the number one player for the team. The best player on the team is actually Jula. How will their match go with the tension mounting between the girls?moreless
  • Kathy Makes Magic
    Episode 7
    Kathy has trades a friend her skaters for a magician's box. She starts practicing magic. Though mishaps she thinks that she has turned the cat into a bird. Bud and his friend begin annoying her about her magic tricks. She gets mad at them and decides to cast a spell on them to make them die. Meanwhile Bud and his friend are out in back trying out their first taste of smoking cigars. They both end up feeling pretty sick. Kathy sees them getting sick and is sure Bud dying because of her.moreless
  • New Girl at School
    Episode 6
    There is a new girl at school and it is love at first sight for Bud Anderson. The only problem is that she is dating his best friend.
  • Woman in the House
    Episode 5
    Jim wants to invite a friend of his over to the Anderson home. The friend is married. The problem is that Jim's friend's wife makes Margaret uncomfortable. How will the Anderson's resolve this issue?
  • 9/21/55
    Bud is upset because he has lost a job to another boy. The boy has faked his resume to get the job. Bud can not see past the results of this young man's actions. Bud decides that a little creative writing would get him the next job.
  • Lessons in Civics
    Episode 3
    The county wants to build a new highway right through the old community hall. Jim is upset. The building is a historical monument. In addition, it holds personal memories from his youth. The family joins together and helps organize the town to try and save the old community hall. Can they successfully save the historical site?moreless
  • 9/7/55
    Jim feels that his children need to work out their own problems. He feels if he has a private life for himself, they will have to work out their problems independently. Complications to his plan quickly occur.
  • 8/31/55
    Bud thinks he can earn much money fast by selling sauce-boats. He goes into business fast but soon finds that it is harder than he thought. He wants to give up. Jim feels that there is an important lesson to be learned here. Jim insists that Bud stay with the job until he has sold all his quota of sauce boats.moreless