Father Knows Best

Season 2 Episode 26

The Persistent Guest

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 07, 1956 on CBS

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  • The Persistant Guest

    A boy in Buds class asks him if he can help him with his homework, Bud agrees and Fred comes home with him. As the two are doing homework, Margaret announces that it's time to eat dinner. Since Fred is going nowhere, he is invited to eat dinner, Margaret offers the boy Swiss steak, mashed potatoes, etc- they can see the boy is starving. Later on that night, Bud is sound asleep and Fred is still there doing homework. Jim tells Fred to call his home and get permission to stay the night. The boy pretends to call home but his finger is on the button. The next morning, the family is awakened by smells of breakfast. As they all go downstairs, Fred has cooked bacon, eggs toast and coffee. He set the table and the family comments on how delicious the meal is. Later on Kathy is playing with Fred as the doorbell rings, one of Betty's friends is there to return her coat. She sees Freda and says with a mean voice "Oh! You've got him now!" and tells the family how Fred sponged off her family the week before and he told them he lives in an old abandoned bus. Jim angrily tells the girl that Fred was there as an invited guest and hasn't sponged off them, Kathy gives Fred a hug and Betty angrily tells her to get out of their house. Fred tells the family that his mother left him when he was younger and his father died. Fred was living in a old bus until someone bought it, the poor boy had nowhere to live. Jim calls his friend and tells him to bring his wife and to come over. After the couple arrives, Jim tells them since they are childless and would love to have a son as fine as Bud. Jim tells them about Fred, telling them how he's smart and a good cook and a hard worker and after calling the boy into the room, he is dressed nicely and the couple takes Fred home with.
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