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  • A wonderful animated series that is fun for the entire family. Sadly overlooked and misunderstood by both viewers and the media.

    Father of the Pride had everything going for it. The series came from the same people who brought us the smash hit film franchise Shrek. It had the same levels of CGI wizardry and the unique sense of humour that Shrek was so successful at. Network NBC embarked on a relentless pre-season campaign to create awareness, and its launch was heralded by the network the future of television animation.

    So what went wrong. Perhaps it was the mixed response from the industry press. Many critics merely saw Father of the Pride as a tired attempt to cash in on the success of Shrek. A perhaps flawed view as the series itself was much different from the green ogre. Could it have been the decision to air the first episode in August, well in advance of the traditional start to the new fall season, when viewers might not be expecting to be watching television in the last days of summer.

    Maybe it was an error to start the series by airing the episodes out of order. Indeed, the first episode aired was the fifth in production order. The episode What's Black and White and Depressed All Over? is not a bad episode, but not exactly the strongest to start with. Obviously the pilot episode will be geared best to introduce viewers to the characters and the universe they inhabit. Or maybe it was the incident that almost killed Roy Horn a few months before the series went to air.

    All are interesting possibilities, but they still don't seem to explain why Father of the Pride failed to catch on with viewers. Perhaps it is just one of those series like so many others, that despite their high quality and talent involved, they simply fail.

    Which is an absolute shame as Father of the Pride is a brilliant series. It may not be as cutting edge as some sitcoms, but it blends a mixture of adult and family humour. While not exactly reaching the levels of South Park, it can be surprisingly mature with it content. But it does so in the knowledge that younger viewers will not have a clue what they are talking about, which leaves the adults free to chuckle.

    One of the real strengths of the series is the mix between the daily life of Siegfried and Roy, and their animals living in the Secret Garden sanctuary. It is quite amusing that Siegfried and Roy lead a very bizarre and unusual lifestyle. The types of adventures they go on are in stark contrast the normality of the animals. Larry and his family experience the same problems as most other sitcom families do.

    Personally I find the shenanigans that Siegfried and Roy to be hysterical. From Siegfried's hostility to The Today Show's Matt Lauer, to their trip to a local 7-Eleven and on to their attempts to compete with the hottest new magical acts in Las Vegas. The enthusiasm that they exhibit towards even the most mundane things and the unique humour they hold, never fails to raise a smile on my face.

    Meanwhile, Larry and his family are well above your average sitcom family. They may be white lions, but they are nonetheless the same as every normal family. They experience the same problems and situations we've seen a thousand times in hundreds of other series. Father of the Pride actually manages to make them more real and relevant.

    But the real strength of the show is the wealth of voice talent that bring the characters to life. It is hard not to see John Goodman in Larry. Every nuance and gesture of Larry is easily recognisable to anyone who ever watched him on Roseanne. Larry is the atypical 'dad' who loves his family but sometimes finds it hard to be around them. Cheryl Hines seems to have become the poster mother type. He voice adds a calmness to Kate, but also a strange sexiness to her character. She can sometimes be stern, but other times gentle and reassuring.

    Orlando Jones is perfect as Snack the Gopher. The tiny rodent friend of Larry who is virtually the devil on Larry's shoulder. Perhaps doing more to get the lion into trouble than even Larry's own bad judgement. Carl Reiner is also well suited as the arrogant but also failing Sarmoti, the former head lion and father-in-law to Larry. His dismissive attitude to Larry is not different than most other sitcoms, but when push comes, he will help Larry if it means that his daughter and grandchildren can be happy.

    The chaos of Siegfried and Roy is brilliantly brought to life by the duo of Julian Holloway and David Herman. It is hard to think that they are not the real Siegfried and Roy. Although you can understand that both men are mere caricatures of their real selves.

    The series is also boosted by the vocal talents of numerous celebrity guest stars. Kelsey Grammer does a great turn in one episode, while Lisa Kudrow plays the depressed female giant panda Foo-Lin. Eddie Murphy's turn as Donkey feels about the only misfire in the entire series. It seems that his appearance more than any other thing was used to dismiss Father of the Pride as a cheap Shrek knockoff.

    Father of the Pride is an intensely witty series that is gorgeous to look at in all its CGI finery. If feels wonderfully original and unlike anything you ever seen on television. It deals with some of the most traditional staples of sitcoms like racism, drugs, rivalry and sex. But also goes to the absurd with questions over whether eating your neighbour is acceptable.

    Frankly Father of the Pride is one of the finest sitcoms to air in the past decade of television. Its demise is to be lamented as its loss is made more apparent with each viewing of an episode.

    What makes Father of the Pride stand out is the fact it is intensely funny, but also has a heart. And you will be hard pressed to find a show that can combine both so well.
  • Two things killed Father of the Pride. The channel and the price. The humor and the production quality was, and still is, top notch.

    Father of the Pride was one of those shows that was simply destined to die. Not because of production quality. Dear lord I just about died on some of the jokes on the show (Not kidding. I was coughing I laughed so hard on the last scene of "The Siegfried And Roy Fantasy Experience Movie") and the animation, for the time, was first rate. No first off it was on NBC....The family station. It catered to the wrong crowd. Simply put America still doesn't get that animation does not automatically equal family friendly. This show is easily in the vein of Family Guy and South Park...if not worse, or better depending on your point of view. No If this had been on the cartoon network this would have been an entirely different ballgame.
    Second was price. At 1.6 million per episode and something like 9 months to develop an episode it simply was too much. Now in 2008 I'm willing to bet the price would be much more reasonable. But at the time.....the price killed the show.
    But again, the humor while very much adult in a wink wink nudge nudge way that any child would NEVER get, was blindingly hilarious. Quote "OK ladies. Its time to love our special flowers. Everyone, take out your hand mirrors" *Larry dives through the plate glass window in horror.* I spent 20 minutes laughing as I slid off the couch onto the floor.
  • the show is ok but there our other adult animations i perfer

    This show is about a siegfried and roy and the life of there show lions. The show is ok but the sex jokes and stuff like that just wasnt funny. plus they had it be the replacement of fracier so that really didnt help it with promtions. The show at times was just plain lame and painful but it never was as bad as the atrocious lil bush or tom goes to the mayor on adult swim. Plus the john goodmans voice was probably the most annoying voiceover there has ever been on an animated show. but besides that it is a decent show.
  • Nothing but a comercial

    Father of the Pride was a tired and unoriginal from day 1.

    Dreamworks not only produced the show they were the main sponsor. That's why it's the longest running animated show on NBC.

    With a budget of 1.6 million dollars per episode, one would expect a decent show. Instead we have the TV equivilant of Ishtar, unfunny and unwatchable. Add to this the constant commercials for Shrek II. 1 min and thirty seconds of each break went to Shrek comercials and "promos".

    Dreamworks should be ashamed. Did they have that little faith in Shrek II? This just goes to show that on TV money talks and quaility gets kicked out the door. Shame on NBC and shame on Dreamworks.
  • Father Of The Pride is an adult Dreamworks Animation series.

    Father of the Pride is a real jem. Each episode may have been over one million dollars to make but their money was certianly spent well as this is the best animations for a TV series i think i've ever seen. Many people may slag Father of the Pride but I don't think it deserves it with quirkey jokes and a special appearence from Donkey and many other famous names like Lida Kudrow, Danny Devito and Kesly Gramer. This show is great and has possibly the best concept for an animation i've seen since Simpsons, and i definatly think it's one of the best!

    It's great!
  • The show follows a Pack of Roys White Lions that work in their Las Vegas Show. It shows many things however being that this is a cartoon it has many adult view issues and plots with many hidden messages. Much like Family Guy.

    Overall this show was a pretty good show, I found so of the lines to be mildly funny. The Characters themselves where very likeably. John Goodman provided the voice for the Lead lion, which was refreshing hearing him be funny after being over shadowed by Roseanne. However one of the Best things about this Show was the theme, Viva Las Vegas which again was sang by John Goodman. The show it's self had many underline meanings like gay, drugs, sex and droping out of school. But in many whats this is like the mild version of Family Guy meets Disney's Jungle Cubs. (which if you think about it is pretty funny all in it's self.
  • This a CG-animated sitcom that aired on TV for a short period of time. It's FUR-ocious!

    This show was the first of its kind. It's not everyday you see a computer-animated sitcom on TV, especially when it was made by the people who brought us the Shrek movies. I liked it especially since it has big cats (such as lions, tigers, leopards, etc.) as the main characters of the show. The first time I saw it, I enjoyed every minute of it. I am the kind of guy who likes animal characters (such as Garfield, Sonic the Hedgehog, Scooby-Doo, etc.) a lot. I recommend this show for anyone who loves animals and fine computer animation. A must-see for almost anyone.
  • "Face off: The Siegfried and Roy Story"<br /> <br /> Bob Saget, Latenight with Conan O'Brien

    I liked Father of the Pride. I think Dreamworks is a great animation team but this show got screwed. What might of happend was people thought it was a kids show screwing it in the ratings but I thought this was a great show. Hopefuly it will be back it was funny.
  • adult animations can only go so far before the get stale and sadly father of the pride crosses that line

    although its a clever idea the overall show trys to much to be funny and not enough time on the story.Yes its the simpsons thing again adult cartoons were funny at the start but they lose there way there the warm and hearty aswell as funny simpsons and then theres the laugh out loud no morals southpark. Sadly father of the pride is neither of them its lacks the adult humor of southpark and the funny and cleverness of the simpsons, and again its the same characters in the family the fat lazy father and the caring mother along with the son and daughter its been done to death now.They seem to have worked to much about the clever 3d animation and not enough on the characters and plots.
  • funny.

    i have only watched 5 episodes of this hilarious tv show (but since there only is like 12 episodes thats almost half of the entire series) and it's really entertaining and it follows the lives of lots of different animals that work in the circus. I think they cancelled this show because it costed to much to make just one episode. It costs 1.6 milliom dollars for just one episode but thats because it is done in cgi animation (like the movies shrek and finding nemo). In fact donkey from shrek was in an episode of father of the pride.

    overall: a decent show.
  • Larry the white lion is head of a family of white lions, in Las vegas, living with Seigfreid and Roy. He likes spending time with the family; his wife Kate, the oldest kid, Sierra and the youngest, Hunter. Oh and the father in-law, Sarmoti.

    This defentily the show for any family to watch; considering thats what its all about. Larry the lion, head of the pack; is the couch sort of guy who likes sleeping, spending time with the family and of course, getting freaky with the wife; Kate, the serious sort, who like to keep the cool between the family, especialy the husband and her father. Unfortunatly its the two kids that get caught up in it all: Sierra, the go-to girl that really likes the boys, and Hunter, the disapointing son, of the family. Oh...and not forgetting, Sarmoti, the old star, that really cant help it when he see's Larry.
    This program basics around all the real things the happen in a family; rehab, drugs, stealing, family crisis's, you name it, it happens!
    I would have to recommend this program series to anyone. All in these little 30 minute shows, you'll laugh your socks off!
  • This show stared a white lion family- Larry, his wife Kate, their two kids Hunter and Sierra, and Kate's father Sarmoti, and of course, Siegfried & Roy.

    This CGI-animation show was about Siegfried & Roy's Las Vegas act which stared Larry the white lion. His wife, Kate, is also part of the show along with her father Sarmoti and Larry and Kate's kids Sierra the daughter, and Hunter the son. Snack, Larry's best friend hangs out with Larry. Sarmoti, the head lion was replaced by Larry, and he becomes the star of the show. In every episode, someone from Larry's family faces a problem and so does Siegfried and Roy. Each episode too $1.6 mil. to make and 9 months to produce. I have the Complete Series on DVD and I hope they bring it back.
    *This is my 100th Review*
  • This show could have opened up our eyes to CGI-animation comedies, if NBC would have given it a chance.

    I loved this show, I have it on DVD so I can watch this show whenever I can. I have shown this to a lot of my friends, and they all said that they wished they would have known about this show when it was on tv. This show is just so funny and when you watch it, you will feel like you too live in Sigfrey & Roy's "Secret Garden." Yeah, it is unrealistic, but that is a major factor in what makes this show so funny, along with talking animals! The CGI-animation is amazing and all the characters and plots are laugh-out-loud hilarious. This is definetly one of my favorite comedies of all times and always will be. I think this show was ahead of it's time, and I think if it was shown at a different time, maybe even a different channel, I would be better. If wish NBC could just bring it back with a snap of fingers, but buy the DVD and watch it all you can and just laugh-out-loud!
  • A Show that should never have been cancelled

    It was a shame that this was cancelled. I never seen the first 4 or so episodes at first but I now have the DVD which was a great purchase. The first episode I seen was the donkey episode and well what can I say it had me in absolute stitches. The queer version of donkey had me on the floor, I mean I always thought what can be more annoying than a talking Donkey, well there's your answer.

    I have a fairly shock proof sense of humour but when I seen that bed scene with the huge "bra", I was shocked, because that isn't what I was expecting from the programme. Sure I was expecting it to have adult humour in it, but not that adult. It was shown at a 7.30 time slot over here and I agree that it should be shown later when the kids are in their beds.

    Sarmoti was my favourite main character, the things that he says, and the fact that he can get away with it!

    My favourite episode was, Road Trip, this is the episode where Larry forgets his anniversary because it coincides with Jimi Hendrix's Birthday. Larry remembers that it is his anniversary too late and Kate has already her way to Little Bavaria for the Weekend. He then goes after her by taking a Hike over the Nevada desert with Sarmoti, where they meet the 'guide' Tommy the Coyote. It was soo funny this episode, Tommy was great and he is probably one of my favourite characters that appeared in the whole series, I wish that he had been in other episodes, because he WOULD have made a good main character!

    In my opinion the show was only cancelled because of money grabbing network officials, who would not know a good show if it hit them on the face!

    It was much more widely accepted over here than it was over in the United States. I have to comment though that not many people I know watch it, every time I ask someone they always say something like "Whats that?" or "Never heard of it!"

    It would have been more to do with the time slot that it was shown over here though. It was shown at 7.30 on a Sunday night, the same time that Coronation Street is shown (A very popular soap over here).

    Any way I loved it and would have loved to have seen another series!
  • a witty, intelligent, adult comedy animated show that had no reason to leave air with star studdedcast voice lists and original guest star such as eddie murphey and david spade. please bring back.

    the best animated show i have ever seen rivalling with only family guy and futurama. and they brought family guy back, bringing futurama back and they better bring father of the pride back. this is a review by dacripcrapples thank you for your support in helping us bring back another much needed animated show back on the air.
  • excellent show

    Bring it back...!!! I give them two thumbs up and some! They say I need to put in at least 50 words or more to review this show. There are no other words that comes to mind except to bring back the show. Would you please be so kind to honor my request... lol
  • Father of the Pride is the most expensive show in tv history and is also the best show ever! If you enjoyed Shrek and Shrek 2 you will certainly enjoy this series! Please give Father of the pride another chance.

    This show is clearly the best show ever and not because I believe that but because it was the most expensive show ever! You see tv is doesn\'t want to spend money so they suck in people to end up watching reality shows because they don\'t have to spend much money on stars. So they bring average people that will go on the show for nothing and thats wrong. People pay so much for tv and they should expect to get the best out of it and I really encourage anyone who finds the show in the slightest bit of interest whatever it is whether its the animation the comedy or a true animal lover they should buy or rent Father of the Pride is the Greatest show in History!
  • Father of the pride in spain? When?

    this serie is spectacular and my question is the next: when will arrive the serie to my country, spain? please if someone know something tell me, sorry for my english. I know that the serie arrived to mexico and other countries, i need kwnow if the serie will be translate to spanish. Goodbye!!!!
  • Great.

    This has to be my favorite show of all time. Great plot, great characters, great animation, it's just too much. I honestly think this show is the greatest show that has ever aired on TV. It was too young, If only the episodes didn't take that long to create. Bring It Back!
  • Father Of The Pride

    This is another of my favourite shows. It is a shame that it ended too soon. Only lasted a few months and now its gone. Probably the shortest cartoon running but this show is still brilliant though even though they don't make them anymore. I wish they do more episodes.
  • Father of the Pride is a show about the animal Kingdom witht he occasion visit by Sigfreid and Roy.

    Father of the Pride is a show about the animal Kingdom witht he occasion visit by Sigfreid and Roy. this show was so under-rated that it was cancelled without the first season finishing. this show was so funny it was a show that didn't grab the audience it was aimed for people didn't think it would last so they didn't watch which caused it's cancellation.. it should be givin a second chance!
  • Great Show...

    Father of the Pride was a great show, but I can understand why it was canceled. When a show takes $1.6 million to make 1 episode, that’s like $20.8 million for the 13-episode season they need to see some return on their investment. If they can't at least make that much plus a profit from each episode it wont be worth it to them to make. I personally loved this show and if it were still on I would never miss an episode. It had a kind of seriousness and humor that other animated showed don't have. Maybe someday when the animation technology is faster and less expensive there will be more CGI TV show of this quality.
  • A very expensive ho-hum show.

    If you are a fan of computer animated movies shuch as Shrek, Finding Nemo, Shark Tale, Robots, or The Incredibles then there is a chance you will enjoy Father of the Pride. Father of the Pride was a very short lived computer animated t.v. series that was to adult for kids and to childish for adults. The show cost over one million dollars per episode to produce and there simply was no audience. Father of the Pride stars John Goodman and is about the exotic white tiger family that lives in Las Vegas. Even though I was excited about this show I was kind of happy to see this show fail because I am someone who loves 2D animation. Ever since Toy Story the world has been caught in the 3D hype and 2D has been ditched. I am hoping that one or two more failures will get the right people to realize that it is the quailty of the script, not how it looks. Father of the Pride is not a horrible show and there are many fun guest voices that appear. I recommend giving this show a rental.
  • The shows about cartoon lions and how they live in the real world. But their world is nothing but animals.

    I dont really get this show. I never realy watch it. I think it got cancled or its coming back im not sure. But this show was so cute. The lives of animals and how they communicate. Showing Lions going to school ahnging out with friends. LoL so cute. I miss this show. But I didnt realy get what it was deeply about.
  • A great show. Why did it have to go?

    Father of the Pride was another ingenious invention brought upon the NBC network. With the incredible wit and timing this comedy kept me coming back for more, until it got cut. The reason still not known by myelf but I beleive it was one of the best shows of the year. Although Father of the Pride is no longer with us it will always be in our mind and an incredible source of laughter.
  • So many bad shows still on, and this one gone- it's a shame

    I do not know why this show did not take off. I watched it religiously, and bought the DVD collection. It is funny no matter how many times you hear the monkey say that he "tore his rotator cuff flinging poo". That is just hilarious. Shows like "Joey" continue to remain on the air, and that show is completely uninteresting! Joey's character was good in a supporting role, but not as the main character. Just like Kremer from Seinfeld would not have made a good main character. I believe Father of the Pride should be brought back, and put into a decent time slot... I do not think enough people saw it- it only took one episode for me to be hooked.
  • "Classic" is not the word

    This is simply the best new comedy series to come around in a long time. John Goodman was an inspired choice to play Larry. Okay it may a little similar to a few of his other characters but that doesn't matter because I doubt he's played a lion before! I love Sarmoti as well. Everything he says to Larry is so appropriate and horrible. The worst thing he did was to tell that lioness voiced by Jennifer Coolidge (Bobby from "Joey") that Kate was a druggie who ran off and left him to take care of Hunter just so she would go out with him! No wonder his family aren't his biggest fans.

    Siegfried and Roy are also brilliant. I especially love the one where they hire Martin Scorcese to direct the film they want to make about themselves because they think he directed "Star Wars." It was also hilarious when Scorcese was fired and Roy left because Siegfried wanted to include mermaids and magic powers. I loved it when Ben Kingsley auditioned to play Roy over the phone and Siegfried got him to describe his expressions.

    Unlike people in America, I am glad to say that I got to see every episode because I live Ireland and have Sky One. They are all brilliant with no exceptions.
  • I really enjoyed this show and I'm glad other people did like this 3D animation show as well. I wish it would be the same for the show Game Over. I wish serously that people give that show a second chance as well as Bringing is bach like this one.

    This show was very well made. I see no reason that this show had to end so suddenly. They did say that each episode takes months to create. I wish there would be an a lot faster way to create each episode to fix the problem. The show was made prefectly. The animation was top notch, the plots are really good, the characters are very well and prefectly made and they had some of the best voice actors. I do wish this show comes back on air in the near future.
  • NBC's Father of the Pride is unbelievely good!

    NBC's Father of the Pride is unbelievely good! Casting people like John Goodman as Larry has got to be one of Dream Work's greatest ideas. Since I'm a big fan of Dream Work's animation, Shrek and Shark Tale, I would definetly love this show. The best thing about this show is that Siefried and Roy came up with this idea for a show. I don't know why they wanted a show like this, but they got their show.

    Celebrities voices, such as Danny DeVito and David Spade, is great for the show. I don't know how Dream Works got some very famous celebrities, but they got some good ones and perfect choices. Before NBC removed Father of the Pride from their site, I saw interviews of Orlando Jones and some other voice actors from this show. Orlando Jones said "It's Shrek and Toy Story in one great show." I bet he loved this show, and maybe he is a little disapointed that NBC had this show cancelled.

    I know there are some fans and haters of this show out there. I don't care who you are or if you hate this show, but I think this show is so funny. If NBC is listening, bring Father of the Pride back!
  • Absolutly my favorite show ever on tv. The actors they useed for larry's family is perfect or should I say perrrrfect.

    Father of the pride is a show about a family of white lions who "work" for Seigfried and Roy. The show takes plase in Seigfried and Roys secret garden in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    I remember seeing adds for it during the olympics and wishing it would come tomorow. Most of my friends said Quote "I would never watch that kids show" all i had to say back to them just watch it...
    Only one of my friends watched the first episode he loved it and so did I. I belive father of the pride should have NEVER even talked about being cancled.
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