Father of the Pride

Season 1 Episode 10

Sarmoti Moves In

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 28, 2004 on NBC

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  • A creative display where the Dreamworks crew show that Father of the Pride is a traditional sitcom - the "Father in Law moves in" episode. Keep watching. Despite being a cliche in sitcoms, they make it extreemely original.

    Now Sarmoti is due to move in, how is Larry going to feel about his arch nemesis being under his nose all the time. And how is Sarmoti himself going to feel about it? And Kate knows it too. Everyone knows Larry and Sarmoti are going to quarrel except Siegfried and Roy. When Sarmoti moves in, the new stresses Kate is put under eventually cause her to explode and tear up Sarmoti’s most prized possession; his zebra rug, which was his first kill and his last connection to his home, Africa.
    Meanwhile, Snack has been making a video about the lives of the animals in the compound to make up for what he did to the elephant Chutney’s house and to make the big bucks for himself.
    During their show, Siegfried and Roy decide to help people in need, and go to the Mirage to find some people to help, because with it being a casino, there would be plenty of people needing help, right? Well, Roy finds himself a Greek in a tank top and decides to avert a fashion disaster while Siegfried finds a broke man who has just lost everything at blackjack, and decides to help him win it back, but will his highly unconventional blackjack methods add another person the “bankrupt” list?
    When Larry and Kate arrive at the watering hole they realise that they need to replace the damaged rug, and fast. That’s when they spot a lonely zebra singing to himself. Snack drops by and realise their grand scheme could make a huge sum for him in his video. Larry and Kate decide to go and suss him out and take him home with them but will Larry get too attached to him?

    (This review was originally written for my site at http://www.fatherofthepride.tk. )
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