Father Ted

Season 1 Episode 1

Good Luck, Father Ted

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 21, 1995 on Channel 4
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Episode Summary

Ted gets his chance to be on TV when he is to be interviewed by a magazine programme. But 'FunLand', the most pathetic travelling fair ever invented has come to Craggy Island, and while Ted is distracted with Father Jack, Dougal seizes his moment of glory.

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  • brilliant episode

    “Good Luck, Father Ted” is the brilliant first episode on this brilliant show. We are introduced to the main characters as well as a few minor ones (Tom). Father Ted gets a chance to appear on the TV show “Faith of our Fathers.” This is Ted’s chance to find fame and fortune and get away from Craggy Island, but his plans are stopped with the arrival of the worlds worst fun fair- Fun land. This is a brilliant episode with many laughs, these mainly come from the stupid Dougal and Alcoholic Jack. But the best laughs are when Ted goes to Fun land, this is due to the stupid attractions they have there, like a cat spinning round on a record, “The Crane of death” which is a normal bench, being picked up by a crane with no safety nets or anything. Overall a brilliant episode.moreless
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Gerard Lee

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Pat Shortt


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Mark Murray


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Patrick Drury

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Rynagh O'Grady

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • After the broadcast of the first episode, the network received just two complaints: one criticising it for being too anti-Catholic Church, and the other criticising it for being too pro-Catholic Church.

    • The theme tune to Father Ted was written by Neil Hannon. It was later given lyrics and became Songs of Love on their album Casanova.

    • The character of Mrs. Doyle is based on the mother of writer Graham Linehan.

    • The role of Father Ted was originally to go to co-writer Arthur Mathews, but it went to Dermot Morgan after the writers saw an earlier performance of his as the character Father Trendy.

    • The lamps either side of the door are not there in some scenes.

    • The theme tune is by the Divine Comedy, and there is a real full song of the Ted Theme called 'Songs Of Love'

    • When Jack and Dougal are both on the Whirly go Round, you can see a crew member's hand spinning the wheel on the right hand side of the screen.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Father Jack: (referring to Dougal) That gobshite again? Is he ever off the telly?

    • Mary: Titface! Y'have a face like a pair of tits!
      John: At least that's one pair between us.

    • (Talking to Dougal at Funland.)
      Ted: You're supposed to be taking Jack for his walk.
      Dougal: Well erm, the cliffs were closed for the day.
      Ted: How can the cliffs be closed Dougal?
      Dougal: OK no, it wasn't that. They were gone.
      Ted: Gone? The cliffs were gone. How could they just disappear?
      Dougal: Erosion.

    • Mrs Doyle: Now...(pouring Jack a cup of tea)...and what do you say to a cup?
      Jack: Feck off, cup!

    • Ted: Uh..Dougal..there's uh..some shaving cream there.
      Dougal: No, there's not, Ted, no, your grand.
      Ted: No..on you.
      Dougal: Oh..where exactly Ted?
      Ted: Just there, below your ear.
      Dougal: Here?
      Ted: Yes and there's...uh..there's a bit more...
      Dougal: Gone?
      Ted: No, there's still just a tin....Dougal, its all over the place!
      Dougal: How on Earth did that get there?...I didn't even shave this morning!

    • Tom: Father...I've killed a man.
      Father Ted: Er, well, we'll talk about that later, Tom. Right now, I'm going to be on the telly!

    • Dougal: Spider-Baby- It's got the body of a spider, and the mind of a baby.

    • Ted: So...let me get this straight. You were up on an old man, riding him around and whipping him. For an hour.
      Dougal: Yes.
      Ted: You realise that image will stay with me for the rest of my life?

    • Father Jack: What is that gobshite doing on the television?

  • NOTES (4)


    • In the scene where Father Ted (Dermot Morgan) has his fortune read for the character that he plays; 3 cards of death showed up. Exactly one day after the filming for the third season of the show ended, Dermot Morgan suddenly died of heart problems.