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  • Even though the last review was written 7 years ago..

    I absolutely love this show. It's brilliant and always has me in stitches.
  • I considered it an absolute classic for a while, but after a while the characters became a little boring and nothing was developing!

    Of course, this is great British humor, and this is what British humor is like, and this is what it is supposed to be, but still, a good joke is good still good after a few hearings, but not after two seasons... The characters are great, the whole Craggy Island is great, but absolutely nothing is going on, the plot is based on the same type of behavior of 3-5 main characters, and after maybe 10 episodes I stopped watching, although I have it on DVD. Most likely, if I once feel like it, I will take it out once again and have a good laugh at Father Jack's Feck it!", Dougal being a total loser and those other priests whose name I forgot who are always competing with Craggy Island etc. but not for a while...
  • Even before Chirpy, Burpy, Cheap Sheep" to after "Kicking Bishop Brennan up the Arse", every episode is a definate entertaining 1/2 hour of laughter.

    This show is an absolute hoot. It is a show that, had the actor not sadly passed away, I would begin a letter writing campaign to bring it back. It is a favorite in my house.

    The 3 Fathers play so well off each other (including Father Jack, who hardly says anything but FECK DRINK! GIRLS!"). The plots are way out there, and there are quotes from this show that, if you have seen the episode, can bring a watcher to tears laughing just by speaking them. Even before Chirpy, Burpy, Cheap Sheep" to after "Kicking Bishop Brennan up the Arse", every episode is a definate entertaining 1/2 hour of laughter.
  • One of the best...

    Father Ted, what a show. It's hilarious, witty, and ridiculous. The casting is superb, the humour is spot on. Over the years, this great show has provided me with none stop laughter, the writing is genius, the story is genius, the show is genius. It's sad that the show didn't last longer, of course we all know why it didn't, but to see more Father Ted would have been excellent. I love how Ted is the level headed one, surrounded by maniacs, but deep down, he's just as crazy as them all, it's a heart warming show that I still tune into when it's on More 4.
  • one of the best comedy shows ever!!!!

    Father Ted is one of my favourite comedy progs around. ted, dougle, jack and mrs doyle are great charcters and will have you in stiches. the fact that they are priests and it basically takes the piss out of the catholic church is funny in itself. The best episodes have got to be the eurovision song contest one and kicking bishop brennen up the arse. The bit with ted and dougal in their music video for their song for eurovision with the horse cracks me up every time. Mrs doyle and her classic line 'would u like a cup of tea father, ah go on go on go on go on' never gets old, and dougals stupidness makes me laugh so much. Father Ted is great but pity they didnt make more series of it.
  • A comedy following the antics of 3 priests living together on Craggy Island.Father Ted (Dermot Morgan) was sent there as punishment and lives with Father Dougal (Ardal O Hanlon) and Father Jack as well as their housekeeper Mrs.Doyle who makes the tea.

    This has to be one of the best tv shows ever to come from Ireland and is just so hilariously funny.It is full to the brim with typical Irish humour and jokes.The stories in each episode are just so funny and original.The writers really hit gold with this comedy and everyone was devastated and shocked when lead star Dermot Morgan passed away from a sudden heart attack.I am sure of the fact that every single Irish person has watched at least one episode of this influential programme and has enjoyed it.The jokes are very hard to understand unless you are Irish and know what Irish life is like and how things work in the country,but I'm sure everyone would find it funny nevertheless.It really makes a mockery out of Irish priests and vicars and is just so ridiculous you have to love it.
  • the best thing to ever come out of Ireland!!!!!!!!!

    you really need to be from ireland/engaland to understand how risquè this show was. At the time the catholic church was still prominent in ireland and ripping the piss out of priests and nuns was definately not the done thing!!!!!! So much so that no production team/tv station would take it on and the writers had to go to CH4( uk channel) for it to be produced. It does justice to the irish sense of humour and it has to be said that alllllll the lead characters, ted, dougal, jack and ms.doyle, were incredible. The plots were hilarious- the milkman sleeping with housewives and then trying to kill dougal, kicking bishop flynn up the ass, the eurovision song contest(my lovely horse is famous) and soo many more...... it truly is a classic and is underappreciated in the states..
  • anyone can enjoy

    i used to enjoy other sitcoms that were totally different and only realised how good this show is as i got older and became more adapt to the jokes. this is my favorite show of all time and being irish myself i feel a special connection between the ireland portraed and the real one and to be totally honest there is not that much differance. it is a bit over the top but whats wrong with that its better than most new comerdies
    and the really sad thing is that i dont belive there will be anything like it ever again treasure this it will go down in history as one of the best comedy shows
  • This show is a comedy classic

    Father Ted in my opinion is just pure comedy gold
    The characters are so funny they are almost cartoonish the way they are so over the top.
    i like the way father ted makes fun of religion in a funny way and not in a offensive way
    I just love this show and it is such a shame no more can be made after the untimely death of Dermot Morgan who played Father ted

    This show in my opinion stands shoulder to shoulder with other British comedy classics such as Blackadder and Monty Pyhon
  • Father Ted is about 3 priests living in the west of the amazing country of Ireland. It can only be descibed by one word... brilliant.

    Once again we Irish have proved we can be funny aswell. Our sporta may stay only in hurling and gaelic football but you can't deny we have prouced amazing shows. Father Ted looks like it is about 3 typical priests buut thats far from it. Father Ted played by the brilliant Dermot Morgan(R.I.P.) is an addicted gambler, Father Dougal Maguire(Ardal O' Hanlan), well he is as far from a prist as possible. Lets just say he isn't very smart and he odesn't even believe in the Catholic faith. He is brilliant, every body loves him. And then there is everyones favorite Father Jack (Frank Kelly) even though all he does is sit on a cair and drink people lovehim. His vocabulary is limited to 'drink' and a few more whike everyones favorite has to be 'that would be an eccumenical matter' I am positive once you see this you will love it.
  • The funniest comedy ever created.

    Whenever I'm asked to list my favourite comedy shows of all time, I have to think about which show consistantly made me laugh the most. Father Ted always wins out, time and time again.

    No matter how many times I watch each episode, it simply never seems to age. To make a great comedy, someone always has to be offended and in Father Teds case it was obviously the Catholic Church. Not all of the comedy was based off poking fun at Catholics, but it always always hilarious when it was.

    Each character is funny in thier own right. If the was a Kramer/Zoidberg of the bunch of course it's father Jack, who always gets a laugh simply by speaking. But Father Ted was always the one trying to hold onto that last bit of sanity as he attempted to keep things in order (all the while trying to benifit himself in some way). Dougal of course is the charming dimwit who gets a laugh by never seeming to understand what is, and isn't appropriate in any given situation. Mrs Doyle of course is a riot every time she shows up to offer a nice cup of tea...

    Every episode of this show will have you in stitches, and if it doesn't, I can only assume you're a big prude who doesn't know how to take a joke.

    Although it was tragicly cut short by the death of it's lead actor, Father Ted went out on a high note and remains my favourite comedic show of all time.
  • Funny!

    'Father Ted' was without question Channel 4's finest ever creation. Hilariously funny in every way and had classic performances from Dermot Morgan as the estranged Father Ted and Ardal O'Hanlon as the childish Father Dougal. I also loved Mrs Doyle with her 'Go on Go on Go on'. The series also had some classic and memorable moments and was always laugh out loud and is without question a cult classic. Which made Dermot Morgan's the day after filming the final ever episode even more tragic. Dermot really made this show what it was. Funny, humourous and great to watch. His death brought the end to the life of a comic genius and one that will never be forgotten. 'Father Ted' was the greatest. It will live on.
  • Haha, Go on Ireland!.........

    Yay father Ted is a great show.It's hillarious and it's Irish so we're really proud of it.Go on Ireland.I really love it because of the stupid comedy in it.Lots of things just don't make sense and thats just hillarious.I love the whole cast.They work really well with each other.I specially love Doogle.He always makes me laugh.He just has so many stupid things to say and is slow.He does the funniest things.And I love Ted because he's always there to correct him.I also love Jack because of his drink problems.It's like he only knows a few words:Drink, Girls,Feck.Haha.He's funny too.I really love the show and it's sad to know that it won't be on again.
  • A great crazy comedy.

    Father Ted Crilly (Dermot Morgan), a shamed priest condemed to Craggy Island where he must put up with the insane locals.
    Father Ted has some great characters such as Father Jack (Frank Kelly), Father Dougle (Ardal O'Hanlon) and Mrs. Doyle (Pauline McLynn), each of which have there own fantastic comedy style.
    Father Jack has made four words funnier than they have ever been, "DRINK", "GIRLS", "ARSE", "FECK". These one word lines always managed to to put me hysterics.
    Father Dougle was village idiot with a mental capacity of a child, so he was the obvious one to always cause trouble for Fater Ted.
    Mrs. Doyle was the faithful house maid that did what ever the priests needed her to do, and is always providing tea with the legendary phrase "Ah, go on. Go on, go on, go on.".
    This is a great show thats like no other, I love watching the repeats.
  • A comedy about 3 priests living on a small island of the west of Ireland called Craggy Island.

    "Father Ted" was created by Arthur Matthews and Graham Linehan. It is a very funny show that tells the about the misadventures of three priests and their housekeeper.
    Fr.Ted Crilly (Dermot Morgan) is a 40 something year old priest who wants to escape the embarassment of the island and live in Las Vegas, Fr.Dougal (Ardal O'Hanlon) is a young priest who has difficulty contemplating the difference between reality and dreams and has a goldfishes memory making him the butt of most of the show's jokes, Fr.Jack Hackett is an alcholic priest of late age who spends most of his time sitting in his chair screaming out one syllable words like: GIRLS! DRINK! FECK! ARSE! and occasionally locking people into his dirty knickers hamper, and Mrs.Doyle is the housekeeper who isnt happy unless the kettle is boiling and people are drinking a cup of tea. Shes is known to coax people into drinking her tea by saying "Ah go on! over and over again until they take and then she likes to follow the tea with a mountain of sandwiches. Togheter the four main charachterssort of bounce off each other and get stuck in rather weird situations. Other well known charachters in the show are Bishop Leonard "Len" Brennan (Jim Norton) who Fr.Ted fears and hates. He fell in love with a woman in California and she produced a child as shown in the Series 1 episode "The Passion of St.Tibulus" when Fr.Hackett find a tape of him canoodling in the sand with his lover and son. Ted, DOugal and Jack use this as a bargaining tool so as Len will not send them to secluded parts of the world so as to escape the embarassment they cause him. Other well known episodes he appears in are "Kicking Bishop Brennan up the arse" when Ted has to kick him up the arse as part of a bet he lost. Another two well known charachters on the show are the local shopkeepers John and Mary O'Leary who appear as a sweet couple but constantly shout at each other, call eahc other names, lock one another in cupboards and on one occasion Mary shot John in the head and he broke her foot. The charachters I think are what makes the show what it is. A great show although in some episodes the laughs are few and far between.
  • funniest program ever

    this is the best irish comedy ive seen. ts just sio funny the way the craggy island priests hae a grybgde againts the rugged island priests sand the two are exactly the same. the plot isgood and the comedy is great the actors do well and the places its filmed are good too they are perfect enviroment where uw ould find a prest. its a pity dermot morgn =is deador we would be seeinga lot more of this great show. people you have to watch it its brilliant. and it is very realistic becaue it sort of depicts how irish priests really live adn i think its great when ted gets those fantasys of his of being rich.
  • A all time classic show ahead of it's time and amazing altogether brilliant show Father ted is the greatest.

    Amazing classic and probly the greatest show ever made.it follows the lifes off three catholic priest father ted crilly,father dougal mcguire and who could forget father jack hackett along with there crazy house maid mrs.doyle at time s they can have some great adventures well as great adventures as you can have on a unknown ireland off the shore of ireland.you probly won't get get me if you have never seen the show but for feck sake why did it have too end.
  • God Bless Father Ted.

    Father Ted is my favourite comedy of all time. You can forget crappy Friends, Joey and Little Britain- Father Ted offers great comedy for all, ok it may have some oddball comedy that only a few people get- but Im one of those people. The only problem with the series is that there are only 3 seasons- due to the untimely death of Dermot Morgan (R.I.P). All 25 episodes have a special place in my heart, and they are all bloody good.

    Father Ted is about a group of priests that live on Craggy Island. The island is a god- forsaken hell hole with only a north; south and east side (the west side of the island broke off in a storm.) The island is populated by many eccentrics and its only place of interest is The Holy Stone of Clonrichert, which is basically a small rock on a pedestal. The series is centred around 4 main characters who live in Parochial House. They Are-

    Father Ted Crilly – Father Ted dreams of a parish in Las Vegas and a life free from embarrassment. Nut in the meantime he is also trying to remain sane on Craggy Island, and to find maybe a hour free from embarrassment.

    Father Dougal McGuire- A simple young man, whose sun, is always shining in his world. God only knows how he became a priest.

    Father Jack Hackett- Old and Crusty, and obsessed with booze. He says little, but when he does you’ll know about it.

    Mrs Doyle- The housekeeper of Parochial House who is obsessed with tea.

    And that about sums it up. The series is based on their (mis)adventures and is hilarious, leaving you crying with laughter, the episodes now have cult status and deserve their place in comedy heaven, along with Dermot Morgan. God Bless Father Ted.
  • One of the funniest comedies on TV!

    This show is definately one of the, if not THE best comedy on TV. It is such an original idea, three Roman Catholic Priests living on a more or less deserted island, except for the likes of Tom, John and Mary, to name a few. I also love the small but obvious jokes about Prodestants. even if it's just Ted playing cluedo. "Reverend Green in the kitchen with the knife" "Those prodestants up to no good again!" .

    Then there's Dougal Maguire (Fr. Maguire, same name as my parish priest!) the complete and utter idiot. Dougal cannot distinguish reality from dreams, has very little imagination and isnt very decisive, or is he?

    Next we come to Fr. Jack Hackett. Like many of my family in Ireland, Jack is "selectively deaf". "Nieghbours are here" "WHAT?!" "Want some food" "WHAT?!"
    "Want some Guiness?" "Yes Please". DRINK!

    And last, but not at all least, we have Mrs Doyle. Apparently exactly like my own grandma, Mrs Doyle probably reflects someone in everyone's family. Watch Father Ted. Go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on. GO ON! WATCH IT!
  • One of the best comedies out there and worth a watch.

    Whether your American, Irish, British, religious or not, you have to watch Father Ted as it pokes fun out of everything it can, from a dirty movie which the church tried to ban, which then becomes the most successful film on the island.
    Father Ted is set on the isle of Craggy Island, "If your moving away from it, your going in the right direction" and is one of the three priests that lives there, the other two being the drunken Father Jack, and the third, the gormless Dougal.
    Each episode was written to a high standard and do not disappiont you when you watch, and will make you laugh out at different moments in each, may it be Ted hanging onto a plane landing gear within the living room, or Father jack being affected by a leap year and becomes a kind and caring person.
  • This show is just great! Father Jack is a work of genius!

    Ah Yes I remember. It all started in the mid 90's. Mrs. Doyle is just brilliant because she brings the best out of any episode.
    You have to feel sorry for Father Dougal he's just like a big kid would says not the most cleverist of things at time but is an great character.
    Father Jack he says little but funny and brilliant lines and is one of the best characters on television.
    Father Ted underneath it all he does care and means well but he feels trapped and needs a change but really he likes where he is.
    This programme is fabulous!
  • Ireland, Craggy island. Three priests are stuck on it! Ones a drunk, ones stupid and ones just funny!

    The best thing on CH 4, it is simply THEE BEST! It's funny, smart, well acted, well written and the intentional slapstick leaves you laughing forever! It is the most original thing I have ever seen. And then there are the running gags like Miss @#~£&^-- Doyal. You never hear here firt name. And when she tries to get off the window sill and always falls off! HA! Jack, the dunk, is all ways jumping out of the window and drinking toilet duck! Doodle, the stupid, is always getting into trouble. E.G. In Speed 3, he is a milk man who has a bomb on his float, then suddenly, 'Look, Ted! There's a big bunch of boxes in the middle of the road!!!' Excelent!
  • One of the true classic Irish sitcoms

    DRINK!!!!!.... GIRLS!!!!!..... FECK!!!!!!!

    What more can be said for this incredibly funny british sitcom. Every time i see it on BBC Canada I roll with laughter. You just have to luv the antics of the whole cast. Fathers Ted, Dougal and Jack are brilliant together and you add Mrs Doyle as the topper. This show can not be duplicated anywhere...... Just shows the true human side of life, and i bet these situations have happened.

    And i stand corrected it was an Irish Sitcom first shown in the UK... Funny all is said was i enjoyed it on BBC Canada where it lives in reruns...SHEEEESH
  • Absolute disgrace. So far over the top it should not have got past the first episode.

    Rugged countryside scenery is about all this one has going for it. Okay so I'm going to be seen to be prudish - so be it. There was a time when we could laugh at the clergy gently and rest assured they would come up as good moral people in the end. Not so this lot who are without redeeming qualities, scheming with the worst of motives in mind. About all you can learn from watching this is crime doesn't pay. A bishop once said his scripture class kids told him they knew all about Christians because they watched Father Ted. All I can say is: God help us!
  • Hairy Japanese Bastards!

    Oh man this show has it all. I love everything about it. To me Father Ted is all of the best moments of Seinfeld, the Simpsons and Strangers with Candy all rolled into one. The humor even though based in Irish culture, transcends any national borders.
    I definitely recommend this as a purchase.
  • Great Mood Booster

    Why do I watch this program? Is it because of my Irish origin? Is it because The comedy is over the top and not too far fetched or (Spoiler)is it because of ted's and Dougal's ability to recieve 3 bishops and have one leave as a hippy, one leave with a holy stone where the sun don't shine and one leave dead? If im feeling depressed, I watch this, if I want a small laugh, I watch this, If I want a big laugh, I watch this, If I want to watch old drunken priests get their bidding by shouting out one syllabol commands, I watch this. This is great stuff. A viewing is recommended for all ages everybody, everywhere so just watch it alright?
  • Genius

    Whoever thought of a show about nothing in particular, starring three guys (2.5?) who just happen to be dressed as priests is a genius.

    YOu expect satire on the state of the church, but the religious aspect of their job is merely coincidental. And therefore hilarious.

    Brilliant characters. Ludicrous situations. Pure genius.
  • Who would have thought priests were so damn funny?

    Father Ted is a classic. No one say otherwise.

    It is about three neurotic priests who live on a remote island off the coast of Ireland with their obsessive tea-making house keeper.

    There is Dougal, the stupid priest whose IQ is roughly 4. He says wonderfully thick things and manages to get Ted in trouble frequently.

    Fr. Jack is constantly drunk and often humorously violent as he sits in a mouldy chair in the corner, often coming out with pearls of wisdom such as "Drink! Feck! Arse! Girls!"

    Mrs Doyle wonders about the parish house forcing cups of tea on people telling them to "go on go on go on go on!"

    Then of course there is Ted, who compared to the rest seems quite sane. Still he has a knack for trouble and has some brilliant one liners.

    With a great main cast and brilliant secondary characters, Father Ted has some classic episodes such as Speed 3, The Mainland, Hell, Night of the Nearly Dead, Kicking Bishop Brennan Up the Arse and many more. It is insanely funny with a great cult following.

    Truely excpetional comedy show.
  • Dougal and Ted...the new dumb and dumber.

    I watched this show religously back in the 90's and it still remains today one of my all time favourite show's. The comedy is unique and each character brings a laugh. It was sad to hear of Dermot Morgan's death shortly after season 3 ended. This show would have been even more successful had it continued and Morgan lived on.

    3 preists on an island living in a parish house with housekeeper Mrs Doyle. Ardal O'hanlon plays Dougal, the one who "entered the church with a magazine competition." Every episode brings a different situation on the island and they often are rivaled with 3 other parish priests who are uncanny to the three on Craggy island.

    From everything from a drunk, silly, gambling, insane, priests and insulting a polish pope, this brings some of the best humour to television.

    Highly recommended.
  • You'll laugh so much you'll cry - and religious or not, I defy anyone to be untouched by this hilarious show.

    What a brilliant comedic creation, and what a tragic waste to lose such a natural comedic talent as Dermot Morgan (Father Ted Crilly). Apart from his excellent stand up comedy routines, I do not think that Ardal O'Hanlon has ever been able to do anything remotely as good as this programme. The priests, their fellow islanders and visitors all add to the mayhem, and even when you think you kknow what's coming next, you still have to laugh anyway, because the acting and delivery is first class. This will always be watchable, for as long as it continues to be repeated on television - truly a classic.
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