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  • Father Ted is one are Ireland's best television exports.

    Father Ted is Ireland's number one comedy sitcom, even though it has been off the air for quite some time. Incredibly funny, with perfect timing, Father Ted has everything it takes, and then some, to make a world class sitcom. Unfortunetly the main character died of alcoholism, which resulted the end of the show. Even still, it plays in repeats all over the Emerald Isle, and all over the world. Although the show has quite a limited cast, only having four main characters, each character is so rich, deep, and true. They reflected the 'Old School Ireland." It's a mirror into what Ireland used to be, which makes it such a hilarious show to watch. Father Ted, 10 out of 10 for originality, hilarity, and excellent acting.
  • One of a very few shows which gets better each year

    Father Ted is one of the few shows which continued to improve each and every season.
    The first time I saw this show I was channel surfing and came across what had to be the funniest episode ever, "Speed 3" where Father Dougal had taken over the milk wagon duties. The only other show which made laugh as hard as Father Ted was the original 'Coupling '.
    There were many classic epsiodes which even after watching them time and time again continue to make me laugh as it were the first time I ever saw them.
    This is one show I had no problem buying all 3 seasons on DVD as it is one show which can lift your spirits real quick.
    This is a show which had many more greats ahead of it if it were not for the untimely passing of Dermot Morgan shortly after Season 3 had wrapped up for the year.
  • Insanely funny

    I never thought a show about three priests and a tea obsessed cleaner would have much in the way of entertainment but Father Ted is a different animal,largely thanks to this shows crazy approach to putting its characters in bizarre situations and surrounding them with an insane supporting cast.
    The cast is perfect but it is the storylines that drew me in, with Ted attempting to be true to his faith whilst an underpinning lust for money and a deep rooted desire to break free from the church and live the high life - all the while held back by Dougal and Jack - make him almost a sad story in an otherwise crazy universe.
  • Brillaint! Utter genious!

    This show is about three priests living in a parish. One priest, Father Ted Crilly, wants fame and doesn't realy think of religion. The second priest, Father Dougal Maguier, is'nt the sharpest tool in the shed but he means well (most of the time). And finally the third priest, Father Jack Hackett, is an old priest who is always drunk and a complete alcoholic. He can smell a bottle of alchol a mile off. He's also famous for his three lines: Feck, @r$e, Drink!!!!!

    Father Ted was cutting edge. It's humour was unimaginable! Everything was perfect and so was the performances that especially of Dermot Morgan. But the character Father Jack Hackett steals the show most of the time. Hilarious character, hilarious show!! You gotta see it!
  • Cutting Edge Irish Comedy with Cutting Edge Irish Writers and Cutting Edge Irish Actors. The best thing since sliced bread.

    "Feckin Womens Knickers" - Fr. Jack in 'A Chritmassy Ted'.
    I remember when I first saw 'Father Ted', I laughed so hard I nearly cried. Now, when I watch the re-runs on dvd, I laugh so hard I nearly wet myself.
    Many a day I have spent with my friends quoting the three priests and there housekeeper, usually always ending in the above quote from Fr. Jack.
    'Father Ted' never gets old, no matter how much you watch it and some of the jokes will go on to be quoted for centuries to come.
    'Father Ted' was the beginning of something new, however it was unique and no other show has managed to capture the hearts of the viewers in the same way.
  • For those who have missed this show , i say have a little faith you won't be disappointed

    One of the all time great comedy shows, while produced by a british company, Father Ted used some of the cream of Irish comedians Dermot Morgan, Pauline McLynn and Frank Kelly where all well established in there own rights. But with the addition of Ardal O'Hanlon this quartet made what could have been a deeply insulting show into one of the funniest things on telly in years, and while a funny religious show may seem like an oxymoron i implore any who have not seen this to do so now. While the untimely death of Morgan cut short this classic, the series that exist are a must see for everyone
  • Surely the best priest-focused sitcom of all time!

    Father Ted shouldn't work, but it does. A sitcom about three priests living on an island? Leave off. But it really does work. It's one of Channel 4's finest achievements and is the greatest Irsish comedy series of all-time.

    The premise is simple: the show follows the lives of three somewhat unusual priests living on a relatively barren island (Craggy Island). The writing and characters are where the show the really shines.

    The creations of Father Ted, Father Dougal and Father Jack are three of the finest comic creations to ever grace our televisions. Each of them are hilariously funny in their own unique way, from Dougal's love of rollerblading to Jack's constant obsession with drink to Ted's money laundering. The seconday characters - Mrs. Doyle, the housekeeper; Bishop Brennan, called tocheck up on them; etc. - are also oustanding, particularly Mrs Doyle and her penchant for home-made tea.

    The writing of the show is consistently hilarious - the show is witty, clever and subversive - and utilises both verbal and physical humour throughout. The episodes are consistent - there's no weak episode in the 26 that were made - and this stands out as one of the greatest TV shows of the '90s.

    Highly recommended.
  • Irish (although technically British) comedy at its best

    This is by far the best TV show ever made in Ireland. I especially love its stupid humour and all the off-the-wall, unbelievable things that happen to Ted and Dougal. I often forget that Dermot Morgan is dead when I watch it.

    Father Jack is brilliant as well. My favourite scene with him is in "Chirpy Burpy Cheap Sheep" when he is dancing around with a little girl and puppies throwing flowers out of a basket on February 29th because of the leap year and then after he return to normal, he vomits and wipes his mouth with one of the puppies! Disgusting but hilarious!

    Mrs. Doyle's best line is "Imagine him standing there with his lad in his hand, wanting you to degrade yourself! Get a good mental picture of that now, Father!"

    My favourite episode is "Kicking Bishop Brennan Up the Arse". Okay maybe a bit obvious but it's great!
  • That would be an ecumenical matter

    This is one of the best shows to come out of the BBC. Dermot Morgan plays Fr.Ted Crilly, a priest exiled on Craggy Island, which is supposedly off the west coast of Ireland. Ted got caught letting some of the church money “rest” in his bank account. Ardal O'Hanlon plays Fr. Dougal Mc Guire, a new priest who is afraid of nuns, and doesn’t quite get the whole God thing. Frank Kelly, who plays Fr. Jack Hackett, who can’t be trusted in the real world, because he like to roam around during the night in the nude, and his whole vocabulary consists of four words "Drink, girls, arse, feck". Pauline Lynn rounds out the cast as Mrs. Doyle, their slightly crazy housekeeper. Farther Ted is one British comedy that is well worth getting the DVD’s
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