Father Ted

Season 3 Episode 4

The Mainland

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 03, 1998 on Channel 4
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A perfectly routine trip to the mainland results in Dougal almost dying from malnutrition, Mrs Doyle being chucked in the clink, Ted nearly being beaten up by Victor Meldrew, and Father Jack joining Alcoholics Anonymous. A chance encounter with old friends Noel Furlong and the St. Luke's Youth Group in some spooky caves spells spelaeological trouble for our heroes.moreless

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  • Ted and the others head to the mainland!

    "The Mainland"

    Grade: A*

    This episode was amazing! It manages to cram quite alot in the 25 minute timeslot of Ted and the others heading to the mainland with quite a few subplots and linking them together amazingly well, and not only being really funny, its very entertaining as well.

    The episode begins with Dougal watching "One Foot In The Grave", with Ted shortly questioning him afterwards about what episode he was watching, but Dougal is confused and just keeps repeating the catchphrase "I don't believe it!" instead.

    Ted, Dougal, and Mrs Doyle head to the mainland. Ted collects his winnings from a horse race, whilst Mrs Doyle is dropped off with her friend Mrs Dineen.

    Father Jack is taken to the opticians and the optician is confused by herself that she concludes that he has perfect vision, but Ted points out that the chart says "DRINK!" constantly and that Father Jack loves saying that word. Ted and Dougal exit to head for the caves, whilst Father Jack is given another eyetest chart, this time saying "**** ****!" instead.

    Ted and Dougal reach the entrance to the caves and see the actor of Victor Meldrew. Ted thinks it would be funny if he says "I don't believe it!" right in front of him, and he dares to do it. He does it and ends up in a small brawl with the actor as a result.

    Ted and Dougal enter the caves and end up lost. They group up with a few people, one of them being the annoying Father Noel Furlong, who doesn't shut up. They get out of the caves in the end though.

    Father Jack, with his poor eyesight (and crows constantly taking them away from him) ends up in an alcoholics anoymous group accidently because of misleading words of "Drink!", and as a result ends up punching a man in the face, sending him to the ambulance. Meanwhile, Mrs Doyle and her friend end up arguing and fighting after complaining about who should be paying the bill.

    At the restaurant, after almost dying of hunger (Dougal), Ted gets a phone call telling them that Mrs Doyle and Jack have gone to prison and that he has to bail them out or wait for a while for them to be released. Dougal interupts him and he is mislead into feeling sorry for the others and uses his winning cash to bail them out, but Dougal says he was trying to tell Ted that his fly was open and he forgot that he had the money.

    The episode ends with the Victor Meldrew actor getting lost on Craggy island and heading to Ted's house looking for directions, and concludes after seeing him open the door with "I don't believe it!"

    One of the funniest and best episodes of Father Ted by far. The Mainland had a good plot, a new setting, some very funny moments, and alot of good plots twindled together. One of the golden Father Ted episodes, and definatly not to be missed.moreless
  • The gang all get in trouble

    They all go to the mainland where Father Javk needs new glasses and gets them stolen by crows, Mrs Doyle and her friend get into a fight over who's going to pay for the tea and Father Ted goes up to Richard Wilson and says "I Don't Believe it!" in which Richard Wilson attacks him. They then go to the caves where Father Ted gets attacked by Richard once again and they get lost with Noel. Noel gets trapped under rocks and Ted and Dougal escape. They then go to free Father Jack, Mrs Doyle and her friend from Prison. Richard Wilson arrives at Father Teds house for some peace and quiet, and when he sees who lives in the house he says "I don't believe it!"moreless
  • brilliant

    Father ted is just so funny. Its the funnisest thing on the planet. You don't have to watch every episode which is really good but its such a shame that it ended. i know that you can catch some episodes on network 2 in ireland but i don't know about america. If you like Father Ted you'll like Scrubs i'd say. My favourite episode is The Mainland. I thought it was so funny that i was on the floor laughing for the whole entire episode!! All arounf i would give the show 10/10 and its really enjoyable and a brill showmoreless

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    • Dougal: Ahh, lets see, I'll have the chicken curry, pilau rice and a can of fanta thanks.
      Policeman: Do you know where you are? You're in a police station.
      Dougal: Oh right. Well, in that case, I'll just have the satay chicken.

    • (Father Jack has accidentally stumbling into an AA meeting, thinking it was a bar of some sort)
      Jack: DRINK!
      (Everyone nods emphatically)
      Jack: DRINK!
      (They nod again)
      Jack: DRINK!
      Group leader: That's it, Father, let it all out.
      Jack: DRINK!
      Ronald: So true, it's so true.

    • Dougal: How come all the rocks are different sizes?
      Guide: Well, you know, rocks are generally different sizes.
      Dougal: Wow! I'm finding out all kinds of things I never knew about rocks.

    • Ted: Once again Dougal, you've made me look like a complete fool in front of real people. Thanks very much.
      Dougal: To be honest Ted, I forgot you had the money. I was just going to tell you...your fly's open.

    • Dougal: Aaaagh! Me tanktop has turned into some sort of woman's bra!

    • Father Dougal: Its a beautiful sunny day, and we're in an opticians, it doesn't get any better than this, does it Ted?

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