Father Ted

Season 2 Episode 6

The Plague

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 12, 1996 on Channel 4
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Episode Summary

Rabbit-phobic Bishop Brennan pays a visit to investigate reports of Father Jack sleepwalking naked. Unfortunately Dougal has overrun the house with rabbits, and a Terry & June-style farce ensues as Ted and Dougal attempt to keep Father Jack in bed, and the ever-multiplying rabbits away from the bishop.moreless

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  • Hilarious.

    This episode is incredibly funny, with Dougal accidentaly infesting the house with rabbits. And then Bishop Brennen comes over to visit. My favorite line ever in any show ever is in this episode("God, I'm such an eedjit. I got the shorts, on me head." Says Father Ben's version of Dougal as he enters the room with a pair of shorts on his head.).

    Sure, it may not seem that funny in writing, but it's good on T.V..

    Ted's crappy excuses to Bishop Brennen are also great, explaning why there is rabbit poo on the floor, saying it is caviar for him. A great episode of Father Ted, but then again, aren't they all.moreless
Jim Norton (I)

Jim Norton (I)

Bishop Len Brennan

Guest Star

Pat Shortt

Pat Shortt


Guest Star

Paul Wonderful

Paul Wonderful

Eamon Clancy

Guest Star

Tony Guilfoyle

Tony Guilfoyle

Fr. Larry Duff

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The security cameras pick up Jack running into the front door ofthe parochial house, which is locked with three other locks in order to keep Jack in. We don't see those locks in any other episode.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Dougal: Come on Sampras.
      Ted: What did you call him?
      Dougal: Sampras, like Pete Sampras.
      Ted: Why?
      Dougal: Well, you know, rabbits, tennis, you know that whole connection there.

    • Dougal: Oh wow! It's like a big rabbit rock festival!

    • Brennan:Um... Crilly what is this?
      (points to big pile of rabbit droppings on the floor)
      Ted:That's um....Caviar
      Ted:Yes, well it's not everyday we have a bishop around, so we thought we'd get the Caviar out.
      Brennan:Right so what you've done is, you've spread some Caviar down there so i can get on my hands and eat it off the floor.

    • (When thinking of a name for Dougals rabbit)
      Dougal:I've got one. You see how he's got big floppy ears flopping all over the place? Well why don't we call him Father Jack Haggit.
      Ted: (sarcastically) Perfect. 'Father Jack' it is.
      Ted:Oh nothing Father. Dougals just named his rabbit after you.
      Dougal:Are you alright 'Father Jack'?
      Ted: He's not talking to you. He's talking to the rabbit.
      Dougal: I think 'Father Jack' needs a Drink.
      Jack:DRINK DRINK!!
      Ted: Lets give him water.
      Jack:WATER!? FECK!
      Ted: It's getting far to confusing.
      Dougal: I've gotten use to calling him 'Father Jack'. Cant we call Father Jack something else?
      Ted: Alright then 'Flipper' 'Flipper the priest'
      Jack: YES!

    • (Ted answers the phone)
      Bishop Brennan: Crilly, It's me.
      Ted: Oh feck!
      Bishop Brennan: What?
      Ted: (in French accent) Who ees thees? Zere is no Creely 'ere.
      (Ted hangs up)
      Ted: God almighty! I just said "feck" to Bishop Brennan!
      Dougal: Oho! He won't like that!
      Ted: It might be alright though. I disguised my voice so he'd think he dialled the wrong number.
      (The phone rings, Ted picks it up)
      Bishop Brennan: Crilly.
      Ted: Ah, Bishop Brennan. I think you must have got the wrong number when you called there.
      Bishop Brennan: Shut up, Crilly, just shut up!

    • Bishop Brennan: (to Ted) What would the following words suggest to you: "Jack", "sleepwalking" and "bollock naked"?

    • Bishop Brennan: (to Dougal) You address me by my proper title, ya little bollocks!

    • Ted: Well, we'll have to do it in shifts; get them out of the house and as far away as possible.
      Dougal: Why can't we just leave them here?
      Ted: Because, Dougal, my nerves are shot and I won't be able to relax until the only rabbit left is the one sitting in your head working the controls.

    • Dougal: C'mon Ted,think. Where's the last place you'd think I'd put them?
      Ted: (slowly, really trying to think like Dougal) I suppose that the last place I'd think you'd put them would be...would actually be...Bishop Brennan's room.
      Dougal: Bingo! Think about it Ted- I put the bunnies in the last place he'd ever expect to find them! In his own room- he'd never look there!
      (Ted runs out of the living room)

    • Bishop Brennan: And you have...? (holds up a noosed bit of thick rope)
      Ted: Ah, yes. The rope. (Both men chuckle.) I'd like to see him chew through this.(Both men chuckle again, then, Ted mutters to himself) Again.

    • Jack(to Ted, staring shocked by the rabbits): Hey,hey,hey you!
      Ted: Yes Father?
      Jack(incoherent noises): Rats!
      Ted: Yes, Father; we can see them as well.
      Jack: Hairy Japanese bastards! (gets up and walks out of the room)

    • Ted: Screams at the sight of all the rabbits.
      Dougal: What's wrong Ted?
      Ted: Rabbits!
      Dougal: Wher- oh wow.

    • Dougal: (about his rabbit, to Ted) Do you think he wants a drink?
      Jack: (smiles) Drink! Drink!
      Ted: Maybe we could give him some water.
      Jack: Wa-tair?! Feck!
      Ted: Dougal, this is getting far too confusing.
      Dougal: Ah, Ted, I've got used to calling him 'Father Jack.' Can we not call Father Jack something else?
      Ted: Great! What do we call him? Flipper? Flipper the Priest?
      Jack: Yes?!

    • Dougal: You see the way he's got big floppy ears there, floppin' all over the place? Why don't we call him 'Father Jack Hackett'?
      Ted: (sarcastically) Perfect. Father Jack it is.
      Jack: What?!
      Ted: Nothing, Father; Dougal's named his rabbit after you.
      Jack: What?!

  • NOTES (1)


    • Bishop Brennan: Yet again I'm dragged away from my warm fireside to deal with the cast of Police Academy.--refers to the movie series about sad-sack and atypical police officers.

    • Dougal: Look at this one. He looks like that fella...Harvey Keitel.--refers to the American actor.

    • Father Ben was a wonderful, self-referential fake-out start; using the Regular theme and aerial footage then cutting to Father Ben footage.