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Nick @ Nite's first animated original, Fatherhood takes an optimistic look at the problems, rewards and comedy of family life. Based on a book by Bill Cosby, the richly animated show shows the life and times of Dr. Arthur Bindlebeep, a high school professor, loving husband, devoted son and father of three. Dr. Bindlebeep is an experienced teacher, but he's always learning from his 3 kids, Angie (16), Roy (12), and Katherine (6), about what it takes to be a good father, real-life communication and himself. Meanwhile, Dr. Bindlebeep is surprised to find out that his parents, Lester and Louise still have a thing or two to teach him. With his wife, Norma Bindlebeep, Dr. Bindlebeep gamely tries to sort out the complications of parenthood, without losing his sense of humor. Characters Bios Arthur : The Father: He's what this show is all about! He's the man of the house, who is silly and nice, but at times he can be very stern. Norma : The Mother: Mrs. Bindlebeep is nice, but stern. She has to control her children... and the father. Angie: Angie is 16 and the oldest child out of the family. Angie is smart when she tries, but she only gets average grades, because she cares about makeup, music and of course boys more than studying. Roy: Roy is the middle child of the family. Like many middle children, he slips out of his parents care. Roy also likes sports and video games. Katherine: She is the youngest child out of the family. Katherine's favorite stuffed animal is a bunny named Mr. Bummy. She has trouble keeping secrets, and she asks a lot of questions. Rated: TV-G


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  • Um... fine.

    I really like Bill Cosby, so I have to give the show points for simply being created by him.

    The episodes that I've seen were amusing and sort-of funny, but not anything spectacular that stuck in my mind afterwards. But they were entertaining, and pretty good. The family is loveable enough, and it definently has a nice Cosby Show-ish ring to it. You know, like if they took the Cosby show, subtracted a few kids, and animated it. And I love the Cosby show, so this isn't a bad thing.

    However, as I watched, I couldn't help feeling that there was something missing... but I couldn't put my finger on what. All I knew was that something was not there: it was missing some important ingredient.

    Overall show grade: B-moreless
  • For a comedy show, it isn't very funny, but it's not as bad as some say.

    I watched a few episodes. It wasn't very funny. The characters seem to be a copy of the Cosby Show characters. This show seems to be an unfunny copy of the Cosby Show. The Cosby Show was a great show, though. The plots are pretty good, but they could have done more with them, though. A few episodes were good, but that's about it. I won't say the show completely sucks, though, because it has some good points. Sorry to those who like this show, but I just don't.

    The jokes are unfunny to me, the characters are bad, the plots and animation is okay. I'd give this a 5. Cosby Show was/is better. I think this show could improve on the jokes and characters.

  • Just good, not great but good.

    A series about a father/husband and a mom/wife raising three kids. Show is a animated series of "The Cosby Show", the show is just good, not great but still good. The show has the same plot as the Cosby Show, but the Cosby isa classic nothing could beat that, but in about 10-12 years a lot of people that lovd this show, will look back and say thaet loved this show and it's the best classic ever.moreless
  • Fatherhood is an animated show that involves two parents trying to raise their kids the best way possible and giving them moral tips along the way.

    I think this show is very informative and pretty interesting. I love to see what the Bindlebeeps would do next. I think it is boring at times but it still an average show. However, I don't think it belongs on Nick@Nite. My favorite characters are Roy BindleBeep and John Kurtz!
  • I really like this show! Very likable.

    I love to watch this show! It is your normal, average comedy about a family with those average happenings and problems turned into Cosby style. Myself knowing this is based on Mr. Cosby's bio, It's got to be good! I would reccomend this to anyone who needs a great laugh.

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