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  • Um... fine.

    I really like Bill Cosby, so I have to give the show points for simply being created by him.
    The episodes that I've seen were amusing and sort-of funny, but not anything spectacular that stuck in my mind afterwards. But they were entertaining, and pretty good. The family is loveable enough, and it definently has a nice Cosby Show-ish ring to it. You know, like if they took the Cosby show, subtracted a few kids, and animated it. And I love the Cosby show, so this isn't a bad thing.
    However, as I watched, I couldn't help feeling that there was something missing... but I couldn't put my finger on what. All I knew was that something was not there: it was missing some important ingredient.
    Overall show grade: B-
  • For a comedy show, it isn't very funny, but it's not as bad as some say.

    I watched a few episodes. It wasn't very funny. The characters seem to be a copy of the Cosby Show characters. This show seems to be an unfunny copy of the Cosby Show. The Cosby Show was a great show, though. The plots are pretty good, but they could have done more with them, though. A few episodes were good, but that's about it. I won't say the show completely sucks, though, because it has some good points. Sorry to those who like this show, but I just don't.
    The jokes are unfunny to me, the characters are bad, the plots and animation is okay. I'd give this a 5. Cosby Show was/is better. I think this show could improve on the jokes and characters.
  • Just good, not great but good.

    A series about a father/husband and a mom/wife raising three kids. Show is a animated series of "The Cosby Show", the show is just good, not great but still good. The show has the same plot as the Cosby Show, but the Cosby isa classic nothing could beat that, but in about 10-12 years a lot of people that lovd this show, will look back and say thaet loved this show and it's the best classic ever.
  • Fatherhood is an animated show that involves two parents trying to raise their kids the best way possible and giving them moral tips along the way.

    I think this show is very informative and pretty interesting. I love to see what the Bindlebeeps would do next. I think it is boring at times but it still an average show. However, I don't think it belongs on Nick@Nite. My favorite characters are Roy BindleBeep and John Kurtz!
  • I really like this show! Very likable.

    I love to watch this show! It is your normal, average comedy about a family with those average happenings and problems turned into Cosby style. Myself knowing this is based on Mr. Cosby's bio, It's got to be good! I would reccomend this to anyone who needs a great laugh.
  • well, it has no point whatsoever people, unless you're like a 40 year old man that watches nick at nite and has no life.

    well where shall i start. this cartoon makes no sense. but the only good point of this cartoon is the square chin lady. shes the mom of katy or whatever's friend. she has glasses and looks stupid. she appeared in the episode when the dad wants to be alone and stuff and all those people were at his house. thats the only funny part of the show.
  • Anyone who can call this a re-creation of The Cosby Show requires serious medical help...

    Anyone who can call this a re-creation of The Cosby Show requires serious medical help.

    The plots are unoriginal and corny. The characters are shallow and stupid. Norma and Arthur have no true chemistry. There are no truly funny, engaging, educational, informative, or interesting parts of the show.

    It can pass 30 minutes by, but so can poking ones eyes with sharp objects. Perhaps I'll do that next time it's on.
  • Comedy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How the heck could this be a comedy, it's not even close to funny!

    I never even thought it would be a comedy! This is the worst try for a comedy ever! Also it is very, very, very boring. In my opinon this is not a good show, instead watch Full House or The Fresh Prince of Bel-air. I gave it 0.1 because I can actually live through this.
  • tHIS SHOW IS ABOUT THEIR FATHER talking care of his children and his family, hen p[ry around her daughter biuess looking if she has dated any other boy. This show is wasted of life sorry I Dont mean to swear but this syck like *** so.Bill cosby could do s

    dont even watch this show is children and his family, hen p[ry around her daughter biuess looking if she has dated any other boy. This could Dont mean to swear but this syck like *** so. any other boy. This show is wasted of life sorry I Dont mean 3
  • Good

    I like this show alot cause it gives me everything i want to see its very good and something i like to watch this show has good and bad point about it but its ultimatly good entertainment for me and my friends and family it i think its a good show with informative and insightful situations that people can relate to in there own way , This is a show that i caould watch without flipping the station to find what else is on , i recommend anyone to atleast watch it once to see if they like it like i do
  • Another terrible Bill Cosby show that sucks

    well well well as if little Bill and Fat albert was not enough to drop Bill cosbys Career down the tubes. he was not the greatest but now he has sucken to an all time low.

    Fat albert the movie did terrible in box office and credicts did not like it and i agree with them 100%.

    Father Hood is a disgrace to televison with no good stroy line or anything just another show about bill Cosby and his dull life who really cares about Bill's life iam mean all he wrote is about him me me me is all bill cosby is he is so pridful even though the stuff he writes are complete crap.

    Cosby should retire becuase all he ever did is make this world a worse place
  • it was no fat albert but it pretty good for a family comedy

    Family friendly, funny and sexy. And on top of that, it comes from Bill Cosby.that angie is fine and her mon is good looking to the father reminds me of my dad (he a cosby fan too)the family is familiar 2 girls and a boy a dog and two loving parents this shows the same stuff of other comedys, but it's still funny
  • A series about a father raising his children and his relationship with his wife.

    Without the single slightest inch of humor on this show, you'll think this show was made for teen health to stop boys from having sex, showing you what could happen. Honestly I don't see the point of making a show such as this on Nick @ Nite, or maybe even making this show at all. Sure, you have the seriousness, but this even looks like a rip-off of Disney's hardly bearable Proud Family cartoon. Keep in mind the Proud Family is attempting to make it funny, other than recording simple events in animation.

    However, I will give this show some tips for trying to make a drama on a cartoon. Which I will say is extremely difficult, the Incredibles of 2004, Ice Age of 2003, people would have strutted angrily away from the theateres if Ice Age was just a documentary for the Discovery channel in animation. Its simple really: animation must have humor to keep it alive. Without the humor, there isn't any thing people want to come back to every weekday.
  • Fatherhood is a painfully bad sitcom even in the 90's it wouldn't be any good. With the cosby name though they put this garbage on and hopefully with this and that horrid bland movie fat albert that they don't trust that lazy, stupid fool Cosby.

    Nick-At-Night has beeen known for its re-running of classic shows like Fresh Prince and Full House, this being its first original program.

    Fatherhood is the basic family cartoon, but unlike the ones out there now(Family Guy, American Dad, The Simpsons) Fatherhood tries to aim at the more family feel already tapped with cartoons with King of The Hill. Though what King of The Hill brings in realism, Fatherhood is a show with annoying and bland characters and typical 90's bland stories.

    Fatherhood does nothing for the genre both animation and sitcom, in fact it mocks it and drags it down back to its cruddy roots. With this show it almost proves to everyone the family sitcom is dead.

    There may be somethings they got right, hell it ain't cause of good old cosby. The animation is decent and some of the vo's are well-made but anything that cosby touched was wasted on his unorignal talent and horribly bland sence of humor.

    This show is trash, Cosby knows its trash(hopefully) but its even more crap that everyone sticks the man's name on everything he's involved with like he's amazing and ingenious. He's the total oposite which just totally stuns me, how people could still respect this man. After a movie and a series, all this shows me is that not only that cosby is making bad things, there horridous, unorignal and tasteless, like him.

  • I would call Fatherhood a "desperate attempt to bring original programing to Nick @ Nite." The show following the Bindlebeeps which are an upper class African American family just living their lives with a bunch a cheesy sitcom storylines.

    I think this is one of the most depressing show's I've ever seen. Now I will give it credit for trying to be funny and cutting-edge (for Nick @ Nite) but it is just too over hyped. Bill Cosby is the mastermind behind this project and I've you've seen this show as well as his hit sitcom "The Cosby Show" you will notice there are a TON of similarities. I find it the Bindlebeeps EXTREMELY similar to the Huxtables and that only makes the show even less original. Have you guys seen the ads for this show?!? I find the ads totally horrid because it makes the show look like the EXTRAVAGANZA. This show frustrates me...it tries so hard to be so great that it just faults and NOTHING ELSE.
  • If you looking for a new funny cartoon, Fatherhood is not the one you are looking for.

    Fatherhood Review
    By: StarFry64

    Bill Cosby has made a new original animated show for Nick @ Nite, the late night program showing old shows like Full House and Fresh Prince. Well Fatherhood is about a normal family filled with situations. Arthur is the man of the house, who is silly and nice, but at times he can be very stern. Norma is nice, but stern and has to control her children and the father. Angie is a 16 year old and the oldest child out of the family. Angie is smart when she tries, but she only gets average grades, because she cares about makeup, music, and of course boys, more than studying. Roy is the middle child of the family. He slips out of his parents care. Roy also likes sports and video games. Katherine is the youngest out of her family. Katherine's favorite stuffed animal is a bunny named Mr. Bummy. She has trouble keeping secrets, and she asks a lot of questions.

    In many episodes there are tons of situations and the father and mother always whine about this. There isn't any humor in this show which may dissapoint fans of the Cosby Show. But the 3D stuff and the animation in this cartoon looks great. Overall, this isn't a cartoon you are looking for to laugh.

    5 out of 10