Season 1 Episode 2

Take My Daughter... Please

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jun 22, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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Dr. Bindlebeep and Norma are awakened in the middle of the night by a bear in their garage. As animal control officers set about removing the bear, they realize their car is gone. Just after reporting the car stolen, the two discover that their daughter Angie is missing from her room. The mystery is solved moments later, when police officers return Angie to the house. It seems that high school student, James, had talked Angie into slipping out and taking the car. The incident prompts, Dr. Bindlebeep and Norma into discussing peer pressure with Angie.moreless

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      • Roy: There is a bright side to all this.
        Angie: What?
        Roy: This makes me look REALLY good.

      • Mrs. Bendlebeep: What were you and James doing in the car?
        Angie: Well...
        Dr. Bendlebeep: Angie, let me smell your breath. (He smells her breath) I KNEW IT!
        Angie: What?!
        Dr. Bendlebeep: You ate the chocolate I had in the car.

      • James' dad: Bendlebeep, your daughter nearly cost James everything he has going for him last night! He is a major football star and every college in the state is trying to recruit him. From college football, he'll go on to a professional football team, making millions of dollars. Would you say that is a lot to lose?
        Dr. Bendlebeep: Yes, I'd say that is a lot to lose.
        James' dad: Good. Now keep that trouble-making daughter of yours away from my son, because James...
        Dr. Bendlebeep: IS A SELF-CENTERED BRAT, which as a member of the school's teacher board, I am fully aware of! And if you even bothered to come to ONE parent-teacher conference, you would also know that your son has problems! He is constantly late to class, gets in fights with his teachers, and never does his homework! And finally, you should know that it was not Angie who lured James out last night, IT WAS THE OTHER WAY AROUND!

      • (Dr. and Mrs. Bendlebeep open the door to see Angie with two police officers)
        Angie: Hi.
        Officer: She claims to be your daughter.
        Dr. Bendlebeep: Never saw her before in my life.
        Angie: DAD, PLEASE!

      • Arthur: (To Angie) You are grounded until you're 37, and give me your cellphone.
        Angie: What?!
        Arthur: I said, give me your cellphone. Can you hear me now?

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    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • The title of this episode is a takeoff of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air episode, Take My Cousin...Please

      • Arthur: (To Angie) Gimme your cellphone.
        Angie: What?!
        Arthur: I said, gimme your cellphone. Hear me now?
        The "hear me now" line is taken from the popular cellphone company, Verizon.