Fear Factor

Season 6 Episode 2

Blind Date Fear Factor

Aired Daily 2:00 AM Dec 13, 2005 on NBC
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Blind Date Fear Factor

Contestants must team up with a stranger for a chance at $50,000. Teams must remove flags from a boat suspended beneath a helicopter; escape from a tank of large crabs; and transfer pegs inside a box of ice before the floor drops out. A family is challenged to transfer hagfish by mouth in this week's Home Invasion.


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  • Fear Factor episodes have been rather bland for the last couple of seasons. This episode was an exception, the contestants actually had personalities and the stunts were new.

    Fear Factor episodes have been rather bland for the last couple of seasons. Typical episodes would feature big breasted women and muscle men with no personalities eating rotten squid, worms, and stink beetles, week after week. The stunts would be based more on physical strength and stomach strength than Fear. This episode was an exception. I have been wanting Fear Factor to try the Blind Date concept for some time, and I think it worked out well.

    A lot of the contestants stood out, especially Mike, the self-proclaimed “country bumpkin” from Alabama. Another plus to this is episode is that the contestants interacted with each other quite a bit. There was a lot of that in the older episodes, but in the newer episodes the contestants usually keep to themselves and only talk trash behind each others’ backs.

    Aside from the contestants, I thought the stunts were pretty original. In the first stunt, contestants were in a boat that was lifted out of the water by a helicopter. That looked like a neat stunt, and it was pretty different from all the other helicopter stunts. Instead of eating the same old slop that has been featured on countless past episodes, contestants were locked in a tank full of large crabs. The only other episode that featured a stunt involving crabs was one where they had to eat tiny sand crabs. It is nice when they base the stunts on fear rather than basing them only strength or disgust. The last stunt was also pretty cool, although I did not really see how much fear factored into it. Even so, being buried up to your chest in ice has to be painful. I liked the huge splash it made when contestants were dropped into the water with all the ice.

    Overall, I though this episode was interesting and stood out from the more recent episodes. The show has been going downhill lately, but perhaps this episode is a sign that Fear Factor is going to turn things around this season.moreless

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