Fear Factor

Season 3 Episode 2

Counter Balance Beam; Weenie Roast; Swinging Rope Bridge

Aired Unknown Sep 30, 2002 on NBC

Episode Recap

Stunt #1: Counter Balance Beam
Contestants would have to release up to 12 flags from the edges of an 8-foot by 24-foot see-saw platform over 100 feet in the air. The two men and the two women to release the most flags the fastest before falling would advance to the next round. The others would be eliminated.

Kenny was first. He got 5 flags in 16 seconds flags before falling. Waco, a former Marine, was second. He grabbed flags while falling, and released 7 flags in 28 seconds. John was next. He released 5 flags in 14 seconds. Kenny was eliminated. Katherine was first for the women. She got 5 flags in 17 seconds. Gina, trash talker extraordinaire, was next. She grabbed flags while falling, and got 7 flags in 19 seconds. Jordan was last. She got 5 flags in 27 seconds. Jordan was eliminated.

Stunt #2: Weenie Roast
Contestants would play a matching game to determine whether they would have to eat the penis of a deer, elk, bull, or water buffalo. If they got the deer or elk penis, they would have 5 minutes to eat it. If they got the bull or water buffalo penis, they would have 10 minutes. Contestants who ate their animal penis within the time limit would advance to the finals.

Waco was first. He ended up having to eat the bull penis. He had 10 minutes to do so. He finished it with no problems. Katherine was second. She got the deer penis, and she would have 5 minutes to eat it. Despite disgusting remarks from Gina, she was able to finish it. Gina was next, and got the water buffalo penis. This was the largest one, and she would have 10 minutes to eat it. She started gagging before she even put it in her mouth. She gagged and dry heaved all the way through it, but managed to finish it. Since only the elk penis was left, John had to eat it. He finished it in the 5 minute time limit, and everyone advance to the finals.

Stunt #3: Swinging Rope Bridge
Contestants would have to cross a series of wooden swings suspended over 100 feet high. The contestant to make it across the 'bridge' fastest would be the Fear Factor Champion.

Gina was first. She could not step from swing to swing and had to waste time figuring out a strategy. She discovered that she could sit down and move from swing to swing. Her time was 16:07. John was second. He copied Gina's strategy and made it to the end in around 5 minutes. Unfortunately, he got tangled and fell at the last swing. He was unable to pull himself up. John was eliminated. Waco was next. He immediately sat, and got across in 4:02. Gina was eliminated. Katherine was last. She was unable to make it off the first swing before Waco's time passed. Waco was the Fear Factor Champion.

Waco Hoover (Winner)
Gina Huerta (2nd place)
John Wehrle (3rd place)
Katherine Leonard (4th place)
Kenneth Greene (5th place)
Jordan Bohm (6th place)

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