Fear Factor

Season 4 Episode 32

Dual Heli Beam Walk; Fly Shake; Hop the Train

Aired Unknown May 03, 2004 on NBC

Episode Recap

This special Second Chance episode featured six past Fear Factor contestants who had gone home losers.

Stunt #1: Dual Heli Beam Walk
Contestants would have to go back and forth across a beam hanging between two helicopters. They would have to transfer up to 6 flags from one side to the other before falling into the water below. The two men and the two women to transfer the most flags the fastest would advance to the next round. The others would be eliminated.

Alyssa was first. In her last appearance on Fear Factor, she quit when she had to eat buffalo testicles. She fell off the beam after transferring 4 flags in 1:55. Mandy, who previously completed on Fear Factor's first Christmas special, was second for the ladies. She transferred all 6 flags in 3:55. Gina, known for her obnoxious trash talking and eating a water buffalo penis on her first episode, was last. She fell after getting 5 flags in just under 4 minutes. Alyssa was eliminated. Carmen was up first for the men. He was famous for the worst wipeout in the history of Fear Factor. While attempting to jump from boat to boat, he had slammed off the side of the second boat and gone cart wheeling through the water. He claimed to have been training intensely since his last episode. He transferred all 6 flags in 7:09. Michael was second. He was also known for his trash talking skills. He had lost on his last episode because he paused to show off during the final stunt. Before doing the stunt this time, he ripped his shirt off to make fun of Carmen. He dropped a flag, so his final score was 5 flags in 3:02. Eric was last. On his last episode, he had failed a roof-to-roof jump because he was wearing loafers that took away from his traction. He did not wear his loafers during the stunt this time, but he fell after getting 4 flags in just under 4 minutes and was eliminated.

Stunt #2: Fly Shake
Contestants would have to suck blended maggots from a bowl and spit them down a large straw into a glass filled with flies. After filling the glass, they would have to drink the blended maggots and flies. The three contestants to do this fastest would advance to the next round. The slowest contestant would be eliminated.

Carmen was first. He was the only contestant who had never eaten anything on Fear Factor. Michael was screaming the whole time while Gina was gagging. Carmen sucked down the shake in 2:19. Mandy was up second. On her last episode, she had to eat reindeer testicles and 100-year-old eggnog. Despite the trash talking of Gina and Michael, Mandy drank the fly shake in 5:19. Gina was next. Although she had previously eaten a water buffalo penis, she was unable to drink the fly sake and quit after 12 minutes. All Michael had to do was complete his shake to move on the finals. In his last episode, he had to eat pig uterus. He had a hard time with the shake, but managed to complete the stunt, although he took much longer than Mandy and Carmen.

Stunt #3: Hop the Train
Contestants would have to race a car toward a railroad crossing, hit a pipe ramp, and flip the car over a moving train. The contestant to jump the car the greatest distance would be the Fear Factor Second Chance Champion and win the $50,000.

Since Carmen got the best time in the previous stunt, he got to pick the order. He chose Michael to go first. Michael's distance was 54 feet, 6 inches. Mandy was second and floored the gas. She beat Michael with a distance of 55 feet, 9 inches. Carmen was last and went sailing past Mandy's mark. He had gone from being one of the biggest losers in Fear Factor history to being the Fear Factor Second Chance Champion.

Carmen Taglia (Winner)
Mandy Lane (2nd place)
Michael Thompson (3rd place)
Gina Huerta (4th place)
Alyssa Trupelli (5th place)
Eric Seestedt (6th place)