Fear Factor

Season 6 Episode 13

Family Fear Factor #3

Aired Unknown Jul 11, 2006 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode featured four parent-child teams competing at Universal Studios Orlando.

Stunt #1 (Helicopter jump zip line)
The parents would have to jump out of a helicopter 200 feet over a lagoon. Once in the water, they would have to climb up onto a platform and pull a lever to send their child racing down a zip line. The parents would then have to swim to a buoy, collect a flag, and then free their children from the zip line harness. Both parent and child would have to swim back to the platform and both would have to post flags to stop the time. The team to complete this stunt slowest would be eliminated.

Kelly and her daughter Nicole were first. Things went smoothly until Kelly forgot to unhook one of the clips on Nicole's harness. This ate up some time, and they completed the stunt in 2:01. Carvena her daughter Aeriel were second. Carvena took a long time climbing up onto the platform and releasing Aerial. They did not have any trouble with the harness, but Carvena swam somewhat slowly and had trouble pulling herself up the second time as well. Their final time was 2:47. Kevin and his son Collin were next. They had no problems and completed the stunt in 2:02. Dan and his son Steel were last. They also had no problems and completed the stunt in 2:01. Carvena & Aeriel were eliminated.

Stunt #2 (Stationary Electric Fish Bike)
The parents would have to peddle a stationary bike that shot dead fish at their children. The children would be wearing large plastic overalls in which they would have to catch the fish that were flying at them. While the parents were peddling the bike, they would receive periodic electric shocks what would increase in intensity as time went on. The team to collect the most weight in fish within the time limit would win the Fear Factor Unleashed video game and $20,000. No one would be eliminated in this stunt.

Kevin & Collin were first. Kevin endured the shocks the entire time and Collin caught 173 pounds of fish. Kelly & Nicole were next. Kelly had a hard time finding the right speed at which to peddle in order shoot the fish to where Nicole was standing. The shocks also made her let go of the handlebars and stop the fish shooter a couple of times. Nicole had not been able to catch enough fish. Dan & Steel were last. Dan peddled at the right speed, but Steel bent his head down to keep the fish from hitting his face. This deflected some of the fish. Their final weight was 114 pounds. Kevin & Collin had won the Fear Factor Unleashed video game and $20,000.

Stunt #3 (Dr. Doom ride flag grab)
Parents would have to stand on a beam 200 feet in the air and swing their child out to grab hanging flags. Once the child had collected all the flags, the parent would have to jump off the beam to stop the time. The team to collect the most flags fastest would get to choose which team to eliminate.

Dan & Steel were first. Dan had trouble swinging Steel out far enough to grab the flags at first, and Steel had trouble pulling them free once he could reach them. Steel eventually got all the flags, and they completed the stunt in 6:43. Kelly & Nicole were next. Kelly did not push Nicole hard enough, so Nicole did not have enough momentum to swing back so that Kelly could push her again. Kevin & Collin were last and quickly got the hang of the stunt. They got all 6 flags in 2:26. They chose to eliminate Dan & Steel.

Stunt #4 (Van obstacle course)
The parent would be driving a van through a narrow barricaded obstacle course while their child stood on top of the van and grabbed hanging flags. Along the way they would go over bumps, have buckets of slime and lard dumped on them, and be hit by high pressure water hoses and foam blowers. The team to collect all four flags and drive through the box wall at the end of the course fastest would win the $50,000 and be Family Fear Factor Champions.

Kelly & Nicole won a coin toss and chose Kevin & Collin to go first. At one point where they had to back up after the van windows were covered with sludge, Kevin took a while because he kept backing into the wall of the barricade. They completed the rest of the stunt with no problems. Their time was 2:20. Kelly & Nicole were next. They took more time positioning the van and grabbing the flags. Kelly had no trouble backing up, but she drove past a flag and ate up a lot of time going back to get it. The second time Kelly had to back up, she got stuck and could not get turned around before time ran out. Kevin & Collin were the Family Fear Factor Champions.

Home Invasion Stunt (Bobbing in fish)
Competing in this stunt would be the Castillo family of Las Vegas, Nevada. One person would have one minute bob for up to five rotten fish in a tank of fish sauce and put the fish in the hands of family members. For each fish they retrieved in the time limit, they would win $1,000 from Capital One.

John, the dad, would be bobbing for the fish and the kids would be holding them. He managed to pull out 4 fish in one minute, and won his family a $4,000 Capital One credit card.

Kevin & Collin (Winners)
*$20,000 and the Fear Factor Unleashed video game
Kelly & Nicole (2nd place)
Dan & Steel (3rd place)
Carvena & Aeriel (4th place)
Castillo Family (Home Invasion)
*$4,000 Capital One credit card