Fear Factor

Season 6 Episode 13

Family Fear Factor #3

Aired Unknown Jul 11, 2006 on NBC

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  • It was an okay show, but the advertisment made it seem like Shaq would be on the show for more then 5 min.

    I have to hand it to this show, it did have a long run, but I think it's finally ran it's course considering they are doing Reality Stars and family and couple shows. I miss when the show had the single contestants.

    I will admit the stunts were interesting. The parent would jump off a helicopter and swim to the platform, hit a lever that would have their child fly in from a zip line. Together the family duo would swim to the platform to clip on their flags.

    One stunt we did not get to see in full detail and I boo hissed that!!! I wanted to see everything. Another stunt was parent would ride a bike and a electric current would increase the longer they rode the bike, sending nasty rotten fish flying to their child. One boy managed to catch 173 pounds of fish!!! Impressive.

    I was kind of expecting the hair to stand on end when the electricity hit the parents hands. LOL

    The show advertised Shaq being on, but he was on for five min at the beginning of the show.

    The final stunt had the parent driving a van, and the child on top, strapped to a pole to grab flags.

    One woman could have won it, but she missed a flag, and another family won. It was a cool show.