Fear Factor

Season 6 Episode 1

Heist Fear Factor

Aired Daily 2:00 AM Dec 06, 2005 on NBC
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Heist Fear Factor

Teams must climb out of a helicopter flying 90 miles per hour and collect flags from a cargo net; crawl through a tunnel containing rats, tarantulas, sewage, and fire; and "steal" up to $1 million in gold from a submerged armored car. A family is challenged to retrieve keys from a box of snakes in this week's Home Invasion.


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  • It\'s hard to recap reality shows; there is so much stuff going on with no plot. But I will still touch on a few things about the return of Fear Factor.moreless

    There is something about Big Muscle Guys and Girls on this show. Any faithful viewer will know by now that most muscle guys who come on the show are all bluff and bluster, but really, no substance. Something always manages to bring them down. Last night was no exception. It was a Million Dollar Heist edition, where four teams of two worked through three stunts. There were two eliminations, and one of the teams that made it to the final two were a brother and sister: both extremely buff and a little cocky (not the sort of annoying cocky that is usually on).

    Their last stunt was to dive underwater and retrieve as many gold bars and gold coins as possible. Whoever brought up the most kept all. And, guess who won? Heh.

    The buff woman couldn\'t stand the water pressure, and couldn\'t propel herself downward when she went under. The guy, for all his strength, couldn\'t carry very many gold bars. Just goes to show you: workin\' out helps but it ain\'t everything.

    For the record, the less-buff couple brought up over $220,000. The buff couple only managed to bring $50,000 to the surface. The winners left with over $275,000 - that\'s not a bad days work!


    I read in an article that this season\'s Fear Factor is going to be more about the stunts and less about the gross eating. From the two-minute preview, it sure as hell looks that way. Two things about it that stand out in my head:

    On another couple\'s edition, they will be trapped in the Bates Motel. How cool/fun is that? One shot featured the woman trapped in a shower that sprayed blood, and the guy had to hack through a door. I\'m not a horror movie fan because I don\'t like to get scared, so I think this is probably a very good stunt idea.

    The other is that couples will have to give each other a Fear Factor haircut. Oh. My. God. I would NEVER do that. EVER. If you do not win, you leave the show with NOTHING. NOTHING AT ALL. It would kill me because I\'m very competitive, but I work as a professional and have to work in the public. So, eating bull testicles? Maybe. Losing my hair? No Way!

    And speaking of bull testicles... I read somewhere that one reason they are taking out the gross stunts is because they don\'t want the viewers to see the same thing over and over again. I disagree with this one - not that I want to personally eat anything gross, but that\'s over 70% of the show in my book. I compare it to \'Fart Jokes\' - there\'s not a man alive who doesn\'t laugh at the sound of a \'Fart\' or a \'Fart Joke\' even if they\'ve heard it 10,000 times. I can\'t explain it... but it\'s true! And, I believe it\'s the same thing for eating bugs and anything else gross. I think the viewer tunes in because they can\'t believe that the producers have found another person idiotic enough to eat or roll in something absolutely gross. Ask Howard Stern. Aside from some variety, he absolutely talks about the same stuff every single day and it works - he knows his audience!

    One more thing. I completely forgot to mention the new Home Invasion part of the show! Joe Rogan and his crew will stop by your house unexpectedly and give you the opportunity to win a $5000 \'Capital One\' credit card. Can I just say that this stunt was harder than the rest of the show. Mentally anyway. This stunt involved a mother and son team. They each had to put their hands in a box of snakes to retreive a key to unlock their credit card. Again, this is something I WOULD NOT do. These snakes were biting, and I don\'t mean they could bite, I mean they WERE biting! In no way would I do this for $5000 - although, it may keep viewers as I will certainly watch to see who WOULD do it for only $5000.

    Overall - I\'m still a HUGE FAN of the show ( http://fearfactorcouple.blogspot.com ), but with the new format (more money, more extreme stunts and less gross eating) I wonder if they will get more applicants but possibly less viewers. But with that said, I believe that many people will look forward to next weeks show. It\'s called the Blind Date episode. The producers pair eligible bachelors with eligible women who have never met. And, one lucky woman gets paired up with a man straight out of a Jeff Foxworthy joke (he could easily be one of my relatives so I can say that). And, he looks familiar - he\'s been on Fear Factor before or some other show acting like a fool. -- I look forward to seeing how this guy fits in the mix! This guy is no spring chicken and he has no muscle what-so-ever. Hell, he has no teeth! I can not miss this show!moreless

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