Fear Factor

Season 3 Episode 12

Inverted Helicopter; Horse Rectum; Sky Walker

Aired Unknown Jan 06, 2003 on NBC

Episode Recap

Stunt #1: Inverted Helicopter
Contestants would be bound by their ankles and hung upside-down beneath a helicopter. They would have to find which of three keys unlocked the lock to their shackles and pull a release cord to drop into the water below. The two men and the two women to complete this stunt the fastest would advance to the next round. The others would be eliminated.

Nicole was first. She popped the lock with the first key and completed the stunt in 15 seconds. Jessica was second. She accidentally pulled the release cord first, and pulled the keys off the tether. She dropped the keys in the water and was eliminated. Holli was next. She had trouble and lost track of the keys a couple of times. She finally completed the stunt in 2:12. Tim was first for the men. He was unable to unlock the lock and ran out of strength. He quit after 4 minutes. Since Toby and Reggie just had to complete it, whoever did it faster would win $1,000. Toby was next. He was also unable to find the correct key, and quit around 3:20. Reggie, who had been talking trash the whole time, was last. He yanked the keys off the tether and accidentally pulled the release cord. He kept trying for nearly 5 minutes, but dropped the keys in the water and was eliminated. Only Nicole and Holli had completed the stunt.

Stunt #2: Horse Rectum
Contestants would have to eat horse rectum. They would get three tosses of a horseshoe to determine the amount of rectum they would have to eat. Each toss would cost them 0, 6, 7, or 8 inches of rectum. They would get to eliminate one toss. All contestants who finished their designated amount of horse rectum in 10 minutes would advance to the finals.

Nicole was first. On her first toss, her horseshoe landed in 7. She chose to keep it, and tossed again. Her next toss was 8, and she chose to eliminate it. Her last toss was 6. Nicole would have 10 minutes to eat 13 inches of rectum. She ate it like it was nothing, and licked her fingers when she was done. Now it was Holli's turn. Her first toss was an 8, and she eliminated it. Her second toss was a 6. Her last toss was an 8. Holli would have 10 minutes to eat 14 inches of horse rectum. She had a hard time, and ate slowly. When time ran out, she still had 2 inches left. Since Nicole was the only contestant to complete the stunt, she won $25,000 and Holli would be brought back in the finals to compete for the remaining $25,000.

Stunt #3: Sky Walker
Contestants would have to navigate a rectangular balance beam structure over 100 feet above the ground. There were shortcut beams in the middle, but they were narrower than the outside beams. The contestant to get all the way around the structure fastest would be the Fear Factor Champion.

Nicole won a coin toss and chose to go first. She started off on the outside 12-inch beam, and chose to take the 6-inch shortcut beam. She moved slowly along the 6-inch beam, and fell when she had to step from that beam to an 8-inch beam. All Holli had to do was complete the stunt to win. She chose to stay on the wider outside beams the whole time. She made to the end of the 12-inch beam without much trouble. On the first 8-inch beam, she went sideways and the beam shook violently. She managed to stay on and rounded the corner to the next 8-inch beam. It also shook, but she managed to make it to the final 6-inch beam. She made it to the end and crossed the finish line. Holli was the Fear Factor Champion and won the remaining $25,000.

Holli Lamb (Winner)
Nicole Sintihakis (2nd place)
Reginald Van Derson (3rd place-tie)
Toby Hewitt (3rd place-tie)
Tim Downing (3rd place-tie)
Jessica Davis (3rd place-tie)