Fear Factor

Season 6 Episode 10

Reality Stars Fear Factor (1)

Aired Unknown Jun 13, 2006 on NBC

Episode Recap

This episode was part 1 of 3 in a series featuring five co-ed teams of contestants featured on reality shows competing for a grand prize of $150,000.

Stunt #1 (Demolition Derby)
With one partner driving a car and the other shifting the gears, teams would have to drive a lap around a racetrack and then drive their cars to the center of the track where they would to ram each other until only one car was left in commission. The first team to knock a flag over at the end of the racetrack would win $5,000. The winning team of the demolition derby would get to choose between an 8-Day African Safari to Kenya or a pass on the next elimination stunt. The winning team would have to give the prize they did not choose to another team of their choice. No one would be eliminated in this stunt.

All the teams chose for the men to drive and the women to shift gears. Jonathan & Victoria took the lead in the lap around the track and ran over the flag, instantly winning $5,000. After cars started ramming each other, the teams seemed to gang up on Jonny & Twila and put them out of commission first. Jonathan & Victoria were aggressive and started ramming other cars with the front of their car. Mike & Trishelle were also being aggressive. Jonathan & Victoria were the next team out. Anthony & Carmen backed into Mike & Trishelle and put their car out of commission. It was down to Craig & Tana and Anthony & Carmen. Craig & Tana's car was too damaged to continue, which made Anthony & Carmen the winners. They would get to choose the 8-Day African Safari to Kenya or a pass on the next elimination stunt.

Stunt #2 (Swamp Course)
Teams would have to navigate an obstacle course in a swamp to collect three skulls. First, the women would have to descend into a well and retrieve a skull from the murky water while the men used a rope to help them out of the well. Next, the men would have to crawl through deep mud to retrieve a skull, and the women would use a rope to pull them back to shore. Both team members would then have to row a boat across the swamp and the women would have to crawl into a dark tunnel with an alligator and retrieve the last skull. The team would then have to row the boat back to shore and place the skulls on three posts. The team to complete this stunt slowest would be eliminated.

Anthony & Carmen chose to accept the trip to Africa and give the pass on this stunt to Craig & Tana. Jonny & Twila were up first. Twila retrieved the skull from the well, but Jonny took a long time walking through the mud to get the second skull. Twila towed him back to shore with the rope. Twila did not hesitate on the alligator tunnel and they completed the stunt in 15:22. Anthony & Carmen were second. They were behind Jonny & Twila when they got to the mud hole, but Anthony made his way through the mud more quickly and saved time. Carmen did not have trouble in the alligator tunnel and they completed the stunt in 10:05. Jonathan & Victoria were next. Victoria freaked out in the well when she felt something swimming in the water. She wasted time flailing around while Jonny heckled her. Jonathan was exhausted by the time he was done with the mud crawl. The alligator tried to turn around while Victoria was in the tunnel and she freaked out and left the tunnel. Jonny continued to heckle her from the shore and she quit. As Jonathan & Victoria returned to the shore, Victoria punched Jonny in the arm. When Joe Rogan told Victoria she could not hit other contestants, Jonathan attacked Joe and started a fight. Mike broke it up. Jonathan & Victoria were eliminated. Since Victoria quit, all Mike & Trishelle had to do was complete the stunt. Mike saved a lot of time by swimming very fast through the mud pit. The alligator was trying to turn around when Trishelle was in the tunnel, but she grabbed the skull anyway. Their time was 8:14. Since Mike & Trishelle had the best time, they would get to pick the order in the next stunt.

Home Invasion Stunt (Bobbing in lard)
Competing in this week's Home Invasion would be Sazinsky family of Bristol, Connecticut. One family member would have to retrieve pig feet with their mouth from a tub of lard and transfer the feet to another family member who would spit them into a bucket. If they could transfer five pig feet in one minute, they would a $5,000 Capital One credit card.

Bill and his wife Carol would be attempting the stunt. Bill tried bobbing in the lard and got one pig's foot, but was not making much progress. They switched places and Carol did better at bobbing for the pig's feet in the lard. They managed to get 5 pig's feet in the time limit and won the $5,000 Capital One card.


Sazinsky Family
*$5,000 Capital One credit card

Anthony & Carmen
*8-Day African Safari to Kenya
Mike & Trishelle
Craig & Tana
Jonny & Twila

Jonathan & Victoria