Fear Factor

Season 6 Episode 12

Reality Stars Fear Factor (3)

Aired Unknown Jun 27, 2006 on NBC

Episode Recap

This episode was part 3 of 3 in a series featuring five co-ed teams of contestants featured on reality shows competing for a grand prize of $150,000.

Stunt #5 (Spider Dive)
The women would be locked to a sled by their wrists, waist, and ankles and the men would have to turn a crank to send the sled through a tunnel. The sled would stop at three points. At each stop, the men would have to search through a tank of ice for canisters, and the women would have to retrieve a key hanging from the tunnel with their teeth while tarantulas and crickets were dumped on them. When the men retrieved the canisters from the ice tank, they would have to pry them open, get a key, and use the key to unlock a lock to send the sled further into the tunnel. After unlocking the third lock, they would have to crank the sled back to the tunnel entrance and use the keys the women had retrieved to unlock their restraints. The team to complete this stunt fastest would win two Tivo's with lifetime service and $20,000. No one would be eliminated in this stunt.

As an added surprise to this stunt, Joe opened up a trashcan to reveal that Jonny Fairplay would be present for this stunt to heckle the contestants. Anthony & Carmen were first. Anthony got Carmen to the first stop and found the canister relatively quickly. At the second stop, Anthony took a little longer finding the canister. At the last stop, Anthony took too much time trying to locate the canister and was pulled out of the ice box at 17 minutes due to the danger of hypothermia. Mike & Trishelle were next. When Trishelle reached the first stop, Mike found all three canisters at once. On the second and third stops, all he had to do was go into the ice, open the canisters, and get the keys. This strategy worked out well, but Mike hesitated unlocking Trishelle when the spiders tried to crawl on him. They completed the stunt in 7:54. Craig & Tana were last. Craig also found all the canisters at once and did it more quickly than Mike. This gave Craig & Tana a significant lead and they completed the stunt in 5:26. Craig & Tana had won two Tivo's with lifetime service and $20,000.

Stunt #6 (Hanging car ball toss)
Partners would be standing on the backs of cars suspended from cranes over 100 feet in the air. As the cars moved father apart, one team member would toss balls to their partner who would have to catch the balls and clip them on to their belt. After 90 seconds, the cars would be released, collide in mid-air, and fall to the ground. The team to transfer the most balls in the time limit would be Reality Stars Fear Factor Champions and win $150,000.

Since Craig & Tana got the best time in the previous stunt, they got pick the order. They chose Mike & Trishelle to go first. Mike would be throwing the balls, and Trishelle would be catching them. Mike started off throwing too softly, and the cars had already separated before his throws reached Trishelle. Trishelle managed to catch 3 balls before the cars were released. Anthony & Carmen were chosen to go next. Carmen missed the first ball, but caught the next two. By that time, the cars were too far apart for Anthony to aim accurately. When the cars were released, their final score was 2 balls. Anthony & Carmen were eliminated. Craig & Tana were last. Tana managed to catch one ball before the cars moved too far apart, but the sun was in Craig's face and he was having trouble aiming. When time ran out, they had only transferred 1 ball. Craig & Tana were eliminated. Mike & Trishelle had won $150,000 and were the Reality Stars Fear Factor Champions.

Home Invasion Stunt (Fish and squid transfer)
Competing in this stunt would be the Rooney and O'Shea families of Delafield, Wisconsin. Two members of each family would team up and transfer gross items including rotten fish, rotten squid, and rotten cheese from a box to a bowl using only their mouths. The family to transfer the most weight in one minute would win a $4,000 Capital One credit card. The other family would win a $1,000 credit card for playing.

Competing for the Rooney family would be Ty and Kelly, and competing for the O'Shea family would be Jeanine and her husband. The Rooneys took the lead and transferred 230.6 ounces of gross items. The O'Sheas transferred 172.4 ounces. The Rooneys had a won the $4,000 Capital One card and the O'Sheas got the $1,000 card.

Mike & Trishelle (Winners)
*Two 3D DI Sea-Doo jet skis
Anthony & Carmen (2nd Place)
*8-Day African Safari to Kenya
Craig & Tana (3rd Place)
*Two Tivo's with lifetime service and $20,000
Jonny & Twila (4th Place)
Jonathan & Victoria (5th Place)

Rooney Family (Home Invasion-Winners)
*$4,000 Capital One Credit Card
O'Shea Family (Home Invasion)
*$1,000 Capital One Credit Card