Fear Factor

Season 6 Episode 12

Reality Stars Fear Factor (3)

Aired Unknown Jun 27, 2006 on NBC

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  • eh, the last 2 were better

    This one was OK, I liked seeing the drunk Lush and the American Idol chick get covered in bugs and tarantualas. Their screams and the empathy I had for their situation was quite amusing. These people did do stuff that many wouldn't for a few bucks. The Apprentice duo was boring and I didn't know who they were because I don't watch that show. I do know who the Lush was from The Real World because she was a lush on The Surreal Life as well. Johnny Fairplay made a short appearence in this episode, wasn't short enough. Overall it was a standard Fear Factor with Reality "Stars". Good show, hate to see it go.
  • Pretty Good Example of the Show

    This was one of the better episodes of Fear Factor.. It fetured "the Miz" who was funny the whole show and one of my favorite people to watch.....the self-proclaimed "puppet master", "cerebral assain"....aka Johnny Fairplay. This wa s a good episode overall. I think that it was a brilliant idea for the producers to bring back Johnny after his team was elimanated. The main reason was probably because they thought that he would rile everyone else up...like he usually does. The home invasion was also one of the better ones. The one family was totally insane in the membrain.
  • Reality Stars get 15 more min of exposure. Was it really needed.

    I was traveling and did not see the second show of this three part series. I so need a TIVO.

    Stunts this show, woman in a tunnel and covered in bugs, while her male partner looks for the key to get them out. Yuck!! The thought of spiders crawling on me wigged me out totally, but those women were troopers. Left to compete were Craig and Tana from The Apprentice, Mike and Trishelle from MTV's The Real World and Anthony and Carmen Rasmusen from American Idol.

    I have to hand it to Craig his strategy for winning the challenge was a good one. Hope they enjoy the TIVO's they won. Johnny Fairplay was brought back to talk smack to the contestants. He is a funny guy.

    Mike and Trishelle ended up winning so hope they enjoyed their extra few min of fame.