Fear Factor

Season 7 Episode 5

Roach Coach

Aired Unknown Jan 09, 2012 on NBC

Episode Recap

Stunt #1 (Drowning cage)
Teams would have to complete an underwater cage rescue. Both of Person A's arms would be bound with metal cables to the floor of a metal cage. As the cage was lowered into the water, Person B would have to jump into the water and use wire cutters to cut Person A's restraints. Once Person A was free, both team members would have to work together to unscrew the seven wing nuts holding the cage door closed. Once the door was opened, both team members would have to swim to the side of the pool and pull a flag for time. The team that completed this stunt fastest would get to pick the order in the next stunt. The slowest team would be eliminated.

Roommates Antonella & Jenna were first. Antonella would be in the cage, and Jenna would be rescuing her. Jenna was having trouble cutting through the wire and quit around 45 seconds, claiming that she was concerned that Antonella was out of air. Antonella & Jenna were eliminated. Co-workers Zuleika & Raman were second. Raman was in the cage, and Zuleika would be rescuing him. Zuleika also had trouble cutting through the wire, and Raman ran out of air and quit after she failed to cut the first wire after about 40 seconds. Zuleika & Raman were eliminated. Friends and former male cheerleaders James & Louis were next. James would be rescuing Louis from the cage. James was able to cut through both wires within 20 seconds, and they managed to unscrew all the wing nuts and complete the stunt in 1:18. Tia & Bobby, an engaged couple, were last. Bobby had been selected to be a Fear Factor contestant back in 2003, but he had to turn down the offer because he was picked up to play football for the 49ers. Tia would be in the cage, and Bobby would be rescuing her. After Bobby cut the first wire, Tia immediately reached over and started turning the wing nuts with her free hand. Bobby cut through the second wire, and they both worked the wing nuts. They completed the stunt in 1:24.


Stunt #2 (Fear Factor roach coach)
Teams would have fifteen minutes to consume a meal consisting of live insects (either Madagascar hissing cockroaches or lubber grasshoppers), rat hair tortilla chips, and blood salsa with live maggots. Since only two teams remained, no one would be eliminated in this stunt. Instead, the team to eat their meal fastest would win $5,000 and the ability to pick the order in the next stunt.

Since James & Louis got the best time in the previous stunt, they would get to pick the order in this stunt, and they would also get to choose which insects each team would eat. They chose for Tia & Bobby to go first, and their meal would include Madagascar hissing cockroaches. Tia was unable to eat the roaches, so Bobby tried to eat them all. Tia drank some of the blood but was unable to eat the maggots. They both ate a few rat hair chips. They still had uneaten items remaining when time ran out, so they were out of the running for the $5,000. James & Louis were next and chose lubber grasshoppers as their insect item. They finished off the grasshoppers first, and James chugged the maggoty blood salsa. They both ate the rat hair chips and finished their meal with 30 seconds to spare. James & Louis had won the $5,000.


Stunt #3 (Car to bus transfer)
Person A would be driving a station wagon behind a school bus as it circled around a racetrack. Person B would have to transfer 13 flags from the station wagon to the inside of the bus by jumping back and forth from the hood of the car to the back door of the bus. The team to transfer all 13 flags fastest would be the Fear Factor Champions.

Since James & Louis won the previous stunt, they would once again get to pick the order. They chose for Tia & Bobby to go first. Tia would be driving, and Bobby would be transferring the flags. Tia stayed close behind the bus and Bobby had no trouble with the first 11 flags. He almost missed the bus on the 12th jump but managed to hang on and pull himself into the bus. He placed the final flag in 2:33. James & Louis were next. Louis would be driving, and James would be transferring flags. Louis stayed a little farther back from the bus than Tia, and James was less coordinated with his jumps and almost missed the bus a few times, but he still managed to move quickly. Their time was 2:19. James & Louis had won all three stunts and were the Fear Factor Champions.


James & Louis
Tia & Bobby
Antonella & Jenna
Zuleika & Raman