Fear Factor - Season 3

NBC (ended 2012)


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Episode Guide

  • The 15 Most Outrageous Moments
    In this season finale episode, Joe Rogan counts down the top 15 Fear Factor moments from the past three seasons in front of a live audience.
  • Championship (3)
    Championship (3)
    Episode 29

    The final four contestants compete for $100,000 and the title of Fear Factor Grand Champion. In this episode, finalists must swim through a tunnel submerged in frigid water; transfer worms, roaches, and dead rats by mouth; and flip a car off the roof of a three-story parking garage.

  • Championship (2)
    Championship (2)
    Episode 28

    The Fear Factor Tournament of Champions continues as twelve more winners from this season return to compete for aMazda RX-8 sports car and $100,000. In this episode, contestants must drop from a helicopter and swim to a raft faster than their opponents; the men must eat disgusting food items from past episodes while the women must retrieve dead mice by mouth; and the final four contestants must retrieve flags from a wet platform full of holes as it pitches and rocks high above the ground.

  • Championship (1)
    Championship (1)
    Episode 27

    The Fear Factor Tournament of Champions kicks off as twelve of this season's 24 winners return to compete for a Mazda RX-8sports car and $100,000. In this episode, contestants must race head-to-head to drop their opponents through the floor of a box suspended in midair; milk a goat by mouth; and escape from a Plexiglas box hanging beneath a helicopter.

  • Go Cart Chicken; Fear Factor Basketball; Water Rotisserie

    Contestants must race a go cart down a track suspended in midair without going off the end; drink blended worms and roaches; and unchain themselves from a rotisserie platform that repeatedly dunks them in water.

  • The Making of Fear Factor
    Go behind the scenes of making the Las Vegas episode, including how the stunts are tested, who thinks of those yummy treats, and preparation of stunts happens.
  • Miss USA Edition
    Episode 24

    Miss USA contestants must hold their breath while suspended upside-down underwater; eat fermented squid guts after retrieving them from a tank of fish scales; and balance on top of a swerving tanker truck.

  • Las Vegas Show
    Episode 23

    In this Las Vegas episode, contestants must swing on ropes high above Fremont Street; play a slot machine to determine how many fish, sheep, and cow eyeballs they must eat; and slide down the face of the pyramid-shaped Luxor Hotel. The winner must bet $25,000 of their winnings on a hand of blackjack.

  • In this four-stunt episode, contestants must hang upside beneath a helicopter and collect flags as the helicopter flies over a line of flagpoles; have their arms pierced by needles; eat stinky cheese covered in maggots; and crawl on a horizontal flagpole 10 stories high.

  • Contestants must climb up a rope beneath a helicopter; eat cow snout, spleen, and spinal cord; and balance on a narrow beam as it drops down the side of a building.

  • Animal Moments Show
    Animal Moments Show
    Episode 20
    This 30-minute clip show had highlights from animal stunts featured in the first three seasons of Fear Factor. Clips included worms, rats, snakes, bulls, bees, attack dogs, alligators, Madagascar hissing cockroaches, and scorpions.
  • Flatbed to Flatbed; Worm Coffin; Tumbler

    Contestants must jump a car from one flatbed truck trailer to another, untie a rope while buried alive in worms, and navigate around large holes in a spinning tumbler suspended over water.

  • Save Your Spouse; Roach Transfer; Couples Hang

    In this couples episode, one team member must rescue the other from an underwater box, couples must transfer cockroaches by mouth, and the men must hold onto the women while suspended upside-down in midair.

  • Vertical Two Square; Electric Eels; Helicopter Rodeo

    In this all-female episode, contestants must cross a spinning balance beam suspended over water, transfer electric eels by hand, and hold onto a barrel as it swings beneath a helicopter.

  • Bobbing in Blood; Tomato Hornworms; Skunk Tunnel (Gross-Out Edition)

    In this all-gross episode, contestants must bob for plastic rings in a tank of cow blood, eat tomato horn worms, and collect dead skunks from a pitch-black drainage tunnel.

  • In this blizzard-themed episode, contestants must run on top of a large wheel suspended in midair; eat a bile-based Fear Factor pizza topped with coagulated blood sauce, rotten cheese, red worms, and fish eyes; and unchain themselves from an underwater platform.

  • Contestants must cross a set of spinning monkey bars; eat a Fear Factor breakfast consisting of balut eggs, liquified pig liver, and silkworm cocoons in brine; and cross a balance beam on stilts.

  • Contestants must balance on top of a large pipe and roll it across a pair of beams; transfer dead rats by mouth; and escape from a car after launching the car into a swimming pool.

  • Contestants must free themselves from shackles while hanging upside-down beneath a helicopter, eat horse rectum, and walk a large balance beam structure suspended in midair.

  • Scooter Plank; Deer Balls & 100 Year Old Egg Nog; Trapped Under Ice

    In this Christmas-themed episode, contestants must ride a motorized scooter across a balance beam suspended in midair; eat reindeer testicles and drink 100-year-old egg nog; and retrieve a candy cane from the bottom of a pool covered with Plexiglas.

  • Drowning Closet; Ostrich Egg; Merry-Go-Round

    Contestants must escape from a vertical tube as it fills with water, drink a raw ostrich egg, and walk on a spinning balance beam structure suspended in midair.

  • Dog Attack; Gas Chamber; Car Carrier Drive-Thru

    Contestants must run through a maze guarded by attack dogs, outlast competitors in a room full of tear gas, and drive a car up into the back of a moving car carrier.

  • Helicopter Flag Snag; Slugs; Build-A-Bridge

    Contestants must drop from a helicopter and swim to a raft; eat live slugs and drink cow bile; and cross a "bridge" between two rooftops using only three movable wooden slats.

  • Contestants must rescue a dummy from a burning building, lie covered in scorpions, and outlast competitors on a vertically spinning climbing wall suspended in midair.

  • Contestants must cross a series of balance beams suspended in midair, walk on broken glass with bare feet, and stand on the hood of a car suspended in midair before dropping the car onto a target.

  • Speedboat to Helicopter Ladder; Worm Transfer; Car Thru Building

    Contestants must climb up a rope ladder hanging beneath a helicopter, transfer worms by mouth, and crash a car through a building.

  • Stage Coach Drag; Fish Dinner; Pipe to Pipe to Pipe

    Contestants must climb up a cargo net being dragged behind a covered wagon; eat fish sperm, egg sacs, liver, or a combo plate of the three; and walk across slippery pipes suspended in midair.

  • Traverse the Dam; Bee Headed; Watery Coffin

    Contestants must cross a tightrope above a dam; get covered with over 200,000 bees; and escape from a box submerged in water.

  • Contestants must release flags from a see-saw platform suspended in midair, eat animal penises, and cross a series of swings hanging over 100 feet above the ground.

  • Big Foot; Snake Tank; Floor Drop (Celebrity Edition)

    Celebrity contestants must try to start a car before it is crushed by a monster truck; retrieve pucks from a tank full of snakes; and transfer as many flags as possible inside plexiglas box suspended in midair before the floor drops out.