Fear Factor - Season 4

NBC (ended 2012)


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Episode Guide

  • Parent-child teams must release flags hanging adjacent to a balance beam; parents must transfer roaches by mouth to free their children from a box of roaches; and the parents must jump off a boat and activate a catapult chair that launches their children into the water.

  • Underwater Tumbler; Bug Body Bag; Dual Heli Wall

    In this all-female episode, contestants must escape from an underwater tumbler; free themselves from a body bag filled with bugs; and crawl across a horizontal rope hanging beneath a helicopter.

  • Dual Heli Beam Walk; Fly Shake; Hop the Train

    Six losing contestants from previous episodes are given a second chance to win $50,000. Contestants must cross a balance beam suspended between two helicopters; drink blended maggots and flies; and flip a car over a moving train.

  • Bound in Chains; Get the Gator; Heli Rope Transfer

    Female models must unchain themselves from a weighted vest while underwater; pull an alligator out of a tunnel; and swing on ropes beneath a helicopter.

  • Team Transfer; Hagfish Transfer; Cable Stand

    In this team episode, contestants are not allowed to sleep for the duration of the competition. First, the men are hung upside-down from a trolly line and must carry the women back and forth between two rooftops. Teams are also covered in slimy hagfish, and must balance on a cable suspended over water.

  • Miss USA Edition #2
    Miss USA Edition #2
    Episode 29

    Miss USA contestants must transfer flags across a tilting platform suspended over water; eat sea cucumbers; and hang from a trapeze beneath a helicopter.

  • Contestants must stand on a moving tanker truck as it drives through a tunnel; eat giant potato bugs; and start a car before a bulldozer pushes the car off a cliff.

  • Contestants must grab flags while dropping down the face of a 65-story building; collect mouthfuls of splattered bugs from a car windshield; and jump from stationary platforms to a rotating balance beam suspended over water.

  • Contestants must wedge themselves inside a spinning box suspended in midair; eat live snails; and jump a car out the back of a moving semi truck.

  • Siblings Fear Factor

    Teams of siblings mustnavigate around large holes in spinning tumblers suspended over water; spit bugs into a meat grinder and then transfer the bug slop by mouth; and one sibling must retrieve a flag from inside a water-filled tanker while the other sibling crawls atop the truck plants the flag.

  • All Female Episode #3

    In this all-female episode, contestants must escape through the bottom of a plastic tube submerged in water; transfer magnets while sitting in a box of snakes and lizards; and walk through a steep tunnel while being blasted with wind and rain.

  • Four Stunt Episode #4

    In this four-stunt episode, contestants must crawl on a horizontal flagpole jutting out from a helicopter; bob in stinky fondue for rotten cheese and eat giant grasshoppers; retrieve keys from a tank of moray eels; and drive one side of a car up a flatbed truck trailer while keeping the other two wheels on the road.

  • Four Stunt Episode #3

    In this four-stunt episode, contestants must release flags from a net stretched between a helicopter's skits; transfer flags between midair platforms before the platforms drop; suck the fluid out of cow intestines; and ride a motorized mini-bike across a balance beam.

  • Couples Fear Factor (7)

    The final three couples compete for the million dollar prize. One team member must help their blindfolded partner drive a car onto the trailer of a flatbed truck; the women are covered in tarantulas and the men must save them; and the women must jump off a speedboat while the men drop from a helicopter, and they both must swim to a raft.

  • Couples Fear Factor (6)

    The four remaining couples must cross a balance beam in midair, and the women must lean out and grab hanging flags while the men support them with a rope. Next, the women must lie covered in rats and chicken feet while the men transfer the chicken feet by mouth. Later, the women are suspended above a pool, and the men must swim down and cut through the wires, dropping the women head-first into the water. One couple is eliminated.

  • Couples Fear Factor (5)

    The couples competition continues as the women are locked in a cage beneath a helicopter, and the men must climb a rope to free them. Then, the men must dive into a flooded garbage dumpster to retrieve canisters of cow stomach and pig uterus, and the women must eat the contents of the canisters. One couple is eliminated.

  • Couples Fear Factor (4)

    The five remaining couples must retrieve cow tails from a gross dunk tank containing cow organs. Also, couples must release flags from buoys while hanging upside-down beneath a helicopter; the couple that releases the most flags gets to steal a previously won prize from another couple.

  • Couples Fear Factor (3)

    The six remaining couples are suspended by their ankles at opposite ends of a spinning girder suspended over water, and they must hang onto each other for as long as possible. Then, couples must use their faces to retrieve coins from disgusting pies before drinking a Fear Factor shake. One couple is eliminated.

  • Couples Fear Factor (2)

    The seven remaining couples must unchain themselves from an underwater platform, and bob for cow hearts in a trough of liquified animal organs. One couple is eliminated.

  • Couples Fear Factor (1)

    Nine couples begin a seven-week competition for various cash and prizes, including a grand prize of one million dollars. In this episode, couples are dragged behind dune buggies; one person must use their mouth to bury their partner's head in worms; and one person must drop from a helicopter and swim to a kayak, and their partner must then pull the kayak to shore. Two couples are eliminated.

  • Fear Factor Twins #2

    Teams of twins must jump from a helicopter onto piles of boxes; one twin is shackled and covered in bees, and their partner must dig through beehives to find the keys to the shackles; and both twins must escape from a car submerged in water.

  • Cable Surfing; Gift Exchange; Lake O' Fire

    In this Christmas-themed episode, contestants must balance on a wet sled as it races down a zip line; eat the contents of mystery gift boxes containing either dragonflies, rotten squid, worm sausage, or cod egg sac; and swim underwater in a lake of fire.

  • Boat to Boat; Worm Wine; Matrix Truck Straddle

    Contestants must transfer flags by jumping back and forth between two speedboats; crush worms with their feet and drink the resulting juice; and walk through the narrow gap between two speeding semi trucks.

  • Family Fear Factor
    Family Fear Factor
    Episode 11

    Parent-child teams must jump between rafts being pulled behind a speedboat; transfer cow tongues through a tunnel of lard; the children must get covered in worms while their parents transfer the worms by mouth; and both team members must race through an obstacle course suspended over water.

  • Truck to Helicopter; Table Clearing; Under the Semi

    Contestants must climb up a rope ladder hanging beneath a helicopter; use their faces to search for combination lock codes buried in worms and blended animal organs; and drive a car under the trailer of a moving semi truck.

  • Contestants must escape from a body bag submerged in water; use their mouths to retrieve roaches and millipedes from a box of worms while hanging upside-down; and release flags from a spinning ledge suspended in midair.

  • Four Stunt Episode #2

    In this four-stunt episode, contestants must rescue dummies from a submerged bus; retrieve cockroaches by mouth before drinking blended cow organs and rotten milk; bob for plastic chips in a pile of cow brains and spinal fluid; and run across a series of balance beams before the beams collapse.

  • All Female Episode #2

    In this all-female episode, contestants are hung upside-down beneath a helicopter and repeatedly dunked in a lake. The ladies must also transfer worms and animal organs by mouth, and run inside a narrow wheel suspended over water.

  • Halloween Episode
    Halloween Episode
    Episode 6

    In this all-gross Halloween episode, contestants must escape from handcuffs in tank full of snakes; eat live stink beetles; and bob for pig hearts in a vat of slime and cow eyeballs.

  • Contestants must hold on to a tow rope as a helicopter drags them through a lake; use their mouths to pop cow eyeballs over a glass and then drink the juice; and jump back and forth between two giant dump trucks.

  • Heli Crawl and Flag Grab; Maggoty Madness; Head on Pipe Ramp

    Contestants must release flags while hanging from helicopter skits; transfer maggots and horse hooves by mouth; and flip a car by driving it head-on into another car with a pipe-ramp attached.

  • Return to Las Vegas (2)

    The Las Vegas competition continues as contestants attempt to jump the gap between two wet taxi cabs suspended in midair; escape from a box of Madagascar hissing cockroaches; and grab flags while being dunked upside-down in a swimming pool. The winner must bet half of his or her winnings on a hand of blackjack.

  • Return to Las Vegas (1)

    Six contestants begin a six-stunt competition in Las Vegas. In this episode, contestants must crawl around a rounded pole jutting off the roof of the Mandalay Bay; retrieve pig kidneys from a tank of piranhas; and eat African cave-dwelling spiders.

  • $1 Million Dollar Edition

    Twelve contestants compete in six stunts for $1,000,000. Contestants must cross monkey bars suspended beneath a helicopter; hold their breath in a tank full of leeches; bob for pig tongues in raw ostrich egg and then eat pig tongues and leeches; transfer flags on a swinging platform over 100 feet in the air; retrieve boots from a tank of rotten fish parts; and launch an ATV off a cliff.

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