Fear Factor - Season 5

NBC (ended 2012)


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Episode Guide

  • Newlyweds at Universal Studios Orlando

    Fear Factor travels to Universal Studios Orlando, where newlywed couples compete in a swimming event that involves being dragged behind jet-skis and climbing ropes beneath a helicopter. Couples must also crush bugs and eyeballs with their mouths and drink the resulting juice, and escape from a car after launching it into a lagoon.

  • N.Y. vs. L.A.
    N.Y. vs. L.A.
    Episode 30

    Contestants representing New York City and Los Angeles must rappel from a helicopter; dig through barrels of lard and a tunnel of ice to escape from a frozen meat locker; and grab flags as they are yanked through a chute of raw sewage and off the edge of a building.

  • Best Friends #3
    Best Friends #3
    Episode 29

    Teams of best friends must cross balance beams in midair while being sprayed with water jets; eat sausages stuffed with bugs, worms, leeches, rotten fish, and bloody eyeballs; and teammates must race head-on toward each other and flip both of their cars.

  • Episode 525
    Episode 525
    Episode 28

    Contestants must escape from a rotating car that repeatedly spins them through water; eat Fear Factor sushi rolls containing bugs, worms, rotten fish, and squid; and collect flags from a high balance beam before being pushed off the beam by a moving wall.

  • Miss USA Edition #3
    Miss USA Edition #3
    Episode 27

    Miss USA contestants must cross balance beams rigged with water jets; pull themselves through a tunnel as fish guts, oil, and worms are dumped on top of them; and scale the outside of a net cage suspended beneath a helicopter.

  • Episode 516
    Episode 516
    Episode 26

    Contestants must use a rope to swing off one semi truck and grab flags from a second truck; drink curdled milk and eat donuts filled with worms, beetles, coagulated blood, or rotten squid; and cross a maze of collapsing beams suspended in midair.

  • Fear Factor Twins #3

    In this four-stunt episode, teams of twins must complete a swimming event that involves dropping from a helicopter and jumping off a speedboat; grind and drink rotten meat after transferring it through a trench filled with cow innards; collect flags after being dropped head-first into a tank; and one twin must rescue the other from a tanker truck filled with water.

  • Reality Stars
    Reality Stars
    Episode 24

    In this four-stunt episode, reality TV stars must crawl across a rope hanging between two helicopters; brave snakes and worms as they race through a gross obstacle course; escape from a spinning underwater cage; and drive over a moving ramp-car as many times as possible.

  • Las Vegas Teams
    Las Vegas Teams
    Episode 23

    In this Las Vegas teams episode, one team member must drop to the ground head-first while the other flips a car. Teams must also drink disgusting Fear Factor cocktails, and toss balls to each other while crossing tightropes 40 stories high. The winners must bet half their prize money on a hand of blackjack.

  • Couples Fear Factor II (7)

    The final three couples compete for the million dollar prize. First, the men must free the women from a box of frogs before both partners drink a blended bullfrog. In the final stunt, couples must climb into a helicopter and crash a car through the back of a moving semi truck.

  • Couples Fear Factor II (6)

    The four remaining couples compete in an eating contest involving various bugs and animal innards. Then, couples cross balance beams atop a moving train, and the women must lean out and grab hanging flags while the men support them with a rope. One couple is eliminated.

  • Couples Fear Factor II (5)

    The competition continues as couples compete in a swimming event that involves jumping off a truck and hanging from a helicopter. Then, couples must run through an electric shock maze while handcuffed together. One couple is eliminated.

  • Couples Fear Factor II (4)

    The five remaining couples must free their heads from boxes of snakes and tarantulas. Then, couples are dropped in water, and one partner must free the other from chains; the couple with the fastest time gets to steal a previously won prize from another couple.

  • Couples Fear Factor II (3)

    The six remaining couples must drive a car onto the trailer of a flatbed truck while the driver is blindfolded and the passenger gives directions. Then, the women must rescue their partners from a tunnel that is repeatedly flushed with raw sewage. One couple is eliminated.

  • Couples Fear Factor II (2)

    The seven remaining couples must stand in a swamp, and the men must toss cow stomaches to the women. Then, couples must drink blended balut eggs before being yanked backwards off the top of a building. One couple is eliminated.

  • Couples Fear Factor II (1)

    Eight couples begin a seven-week competition for various cash and prizes, including a grand prize of one million dollars. In this episode, the men must hold a rope while hanging upside-down under a helicopter, and the women must hang from the other end. Also, couples must transfer large tuna fish across a tank before eating fish organs or live snails. One couple is eliminated.

  • Christmas Fear Factor #3

    In this Christmas-themed episode, contestants must retrieve flags from gift boxes in a submerged living room; transfer gifts across a room guarded by attack dogs; and flip a car into a group of plastic snowmen.

  • Best Friends #2
    Best Friends #2
    Episode 14

    Teams of best friends must swim through an underwater tunnel, transfer leeches by mouth, and run on barrels suspended in midair.

  • Thanksgiving Show
    Thanksgiving Show
    Episode 13

    In this four-stunt Thanksgiving episode, contestants must climb a net being towed by a ship; eat disgusting Thanksgiving side dishes, such as maggoty mashed potatoes and sheep brain pie; free themselves from a weighted ball while underwater; and collect flags from beneath a ship.

  • Co-ed Models
    Co-ed Models
    Episode 12

    Male and female models must swing around a circle of swing rings hanging beneath a helicopter; use their mouths to collect bugs from sticky ropes; and swim up into an above-water tube with 1500 gallons of water vacuum-packed inside.

  • New York 100th Episode

    Fear Factor travels to New York City for it's 100th episode. Contestants must traverse a cargo net on the underside of tram, eat a blended rat, and scale a wall suspended beneath two helicopters.

  • Siblings Fear Factor #2

    Teams of siblings must free themselves from a spinning platform beneath a helicopter, free their heads from a box of spiders, and release disks from an underwater platform.

  • Halloween Episode #2

    In this Halloween-themed episode, contestants must cross a beam while being zapped with electricity; eat a Fear Factor witches brew containing tarantulas, scorpions, and bug guts; and escape from a tumbler full of bugs.

  • Contestants must unchain themselves from a wheel that repeatedly dunks them in water; drink shots of blended bugs and fish eyes at a Fear Factor bar; and balance on a surfboard suspended beneath a helicopter.

  • Contestants must crawl on horizontal flagpoles jutting out from giant dump trucks; retrieve a box of live sand crabs from the ocean before eating the crabs; and release flags from a rolling car suspended over water.

  • Babes, bikinis and The Roadkill Café

    In this all-female episode, contestants must free themselves from a platform swinging beneath a helicopter; eat maggot-covered animal organ meat; and navigate a series of rotating balance beams suspended over water by jumping from beam to beam.

  • Best Friends
    Best Friends
    Episode 5

    Teams of best friends must complete an underwater box rescue; bob for cow tongues in lard and fish oil; and one team member must line a ramp car up with a flatbed truck while the other drives a sports car up the ramp and onto the truck bed.

  • Jet Ski to Float Plane; Eel Helmet; Donkey Kong

    Contestants must crawl on the pontoons of a seaplane over a thousand feet in the air; free their heads from a box of moray eels; and collect flags from a three-story balance beam structure by jumping from the beams to an elevator platform.

  • Couples #2
    Couples #2
    Episode 3

    Couples must escape from a submerged limousine; transfer mouthfuls of blended fish, roaches, and beetles; and escape from a hanging car before dropping it down the side of a building.

  • Favorite Winners
    Favorite Winners
    Episode 2

    Former Fear Factor winners return for another shot at $50,000. Contestants must ride a bike across a narrow plank between two speeding semi trucks; crush mouthfuls of tomato hornworms over a glass and drink the resulting juice; and walk across a see-saw suspended in midair.

  • Couples Reunion
    Couples Reunion
    Episode 1

    The top five couples from season four's Couples Fear Factor series return for a rematch. Couples must transfer flags between two platforms as the platforms slide further and further apart; escape from an underwater cage; transfer squid ink by mouth; and launch a jet-ski off the roof of a building.