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Fear Itself

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You have nothing to fear but Fear Itself.

A horror/suspense anthology series, Fear Itself brings some of the genre's most respected writers and directors to the small screen.

Theme Song: "Lie, Lie, Lie" by Serj Tankian

Fear Itself was produced by Lionsgate in association with IE Indy TV.

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  • every episode is a new and different horror movie.which is great b/c it dont end on a cliffhanger.

    the show as great acting.

    the show even has good writing.

    the horror in each episode is amazing.

    someone people complain about this show,but i think the show is very good.

    this is the type of show on a dark,boring or rainy night you pop this in.and you enjoy what u see.

    the only problem is some eps are better than others.

    other than that this show rocks.

    its a shame it only lasted 1 season.
  • Not a great show but certainly worth the weekly summer dose of horror on tv it promised. Each week we were treated to horror from a different directors and expectedly we got different results each week.moreless

    Not a great show but certainly worth the weekly summer dose of horror on tv it promised. Each week we were treated to horror from a different directors and expectedly we got different results each week. I would advise one to judge this show on the basis of being one of the few horror outlets on network tv. For me with the limited resources and content flexibility they had to work with they came up with some real gems. The program also showcased some of tv's best and brightest actors who always brought a great performance to sometimes lack luster stories. As a summer show I think this would've been great and a lot better than reruns or reality tv.moreless
  • It exploits our fears.

    Fear Itself is a great show. It always leaves me questioning my own outcomes. I find that more often than not, I'm wrong about something in the show. I love it! I like the suspense and the horror in every episode. I love how we see many of our fears played out in front of our eyes. This isn't another show that centers around one supernatural being -- it ties in many of them. I just started to watch episode eight, and I'm really upset that it's on haitus. I really hope that it comes back.

    I personally love Family Man, and New Year's Day.moreless
  • Show is somewhat decent, only because I enjoyed very few of the episodes from the whole season.

    Well, most of the episodes were predictable and some were just plain bad. A few of the bad ones (very bad) were "In Sickness and in Health" (acting was horrible), "Community" (WHAT??? This episode was so bad, the story, the characters, absolutely everything), and "Something With Bite"(I think this one was worst out of them all, and thats politely putting it into words). Some of the ones I actually enjoyed were "Skin and Bones", "Echoes" and "Family Man". "Skin and Bones" was very scary; I absolutely loved it. "Echoes" and "Family Man" tell incredible stories with an amazing end.

    In conclusion, some were good and some were bad, but overall a decent show.moreless
  • Better than watching a 2-hour long horror bust.

    Fun show which crams fairly intricate stories into a short format- much is more satisfying than watching a full horror film only to determine it was mindless after its over. production values are impressive, the writing is decent and they actually use noteworthy directors (Mary Harron, John Landis) and some memorable actors (Brandon Routh, Rachel Miner. I am happy to hear that even after NBC dropped it, that FEARnet picked it up and is apparently making new episodes. I didn't expect it to hold my attention; was pissed that instead of free on-demand movies, I was getting some anthology show, but I've been pleasantly surprised.moreless
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