Fear Itself

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 24, 2008 on NBC

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  • A couple wishing for a better house so they can start a family moves into the "perfect" community only to discover it's dark secrets.

    Bobby and Tracy are a couple who wish for a better life complete with kids, but they live in a bad neighborhood and cramped apartment. At a dinner party their friends Scott and Meryl tell them about a great community called the Commons. The only reason they didn't choose to live there is because Scott didn't like the snobbish neighbors. When they go to check it out Tracy is immediately smitten with it: the posh houses, the well-dressed people, the friendly greetings, etc. Bobby is concerned with not being able to afford it. The head of the community explains some of the rules and how they came to be, expressing several times that they are all happy neighbors who look out for each other. Thinking they'll never be accepted let alone afford it, they fill out an application. Low and behold, they're accepted and quickly move into their new home (which surprisingly came fully furnished because the previous owners had to move overseas suddenly). They settle in and Tracy is just beside herself with how wonderful everything and everybody is. She makes new friends who tell her to do anything possible to keep the house (and that means hurry up and get pregnant). Bobby is slower to settle in, and has a growing feeling that somthing isn't quite right. This is amplified by several incidents involving their neighbors including a TV channel that seems to suggest there are cameras in everyone's house. Soon enough, they're informed that part of their agreement included getting pregnant within 6 months of moving in. Offended, Bobby suggests they leave but Tracy doesn't want to. Bobby calls Scott who tells him that the agreement is legal although bizarre and encourages him to grab Tracy and run. Bobby has Scott check into the previous owners' whereabouts but he comes up with nothing: they either died or have gone into hiding. Just when Bobby decides to take Tracy and leave she discovers that she is pregnant. Now the real fear begins when they realize that their house is bugged too and they are informed that they cannot leave. Several more incidents within the community convince them to hatch a plan to leave while under the guise of a hospital visit. Bobby has Scott take Tracy to a safe house and comes back to the community with Meryl in disguise. Their ruse is discovered and Meryl is taken away while Bobby is drugged and questioned. He manages to escape and makes it all the way to the highway when Scott and Tracy pull up in a car. He runs to them expecting them to all make a run for it, but Tracy and Scott instead help the community recapture him, explaining that the community is their home now and soon he'll be happy there. He screams in terror as they drag him back into the community and the gates lock. Some time later (maybe 5 years?) Tracy is talking to a newlywed couple hoping to move into the house of their dreams and start a family. It just so happens that they have a house (fully furnished!) available and the previous owners had to move overseas suddenly. Tracy is standing next to her young son and is pregnant again. She tells them they'll love it here, it's a perfect place to raise a family. The last shot is of Bobby in his house staring out a window at Tracy and the new couple with a look of fear, misery, and sadness. When the camera pans down we see that Bobby's legs have been cut off and he is in a wheelchair.